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Today, I lay in bed reflecting on my fiancé's complaint about my lack of displays of affection. I felt terrible, so I rolled over and hugged him in his sleep. He's a fully trained martial artist and his immediate reaction was to try to snap my neck. FML
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expertsmilee 26

Judont want to startle the guy apparently.

Don't be surprised, no affection so he probably didn't expect that it was you


expertsmilee 26

Judont want to startle the guy apparently.

BlockOfRedStone 25

I honestly stopped taking Martial Arts when I was young because of this reason. You're taught merciless self-defense - reasoning that if your life is on the line then you should deal a quick lethal move subconsciously - and frankly that didn't sound very appealing to me.

Not really because in some cases that can save your life

Don't be surprised, no affection so he probably didn't expect that it was you

those were my thoughts. if youre going to start showing affection begin while he's awake.

I was going to like your comment...then I saw 69 likes. Haha. But totally agree.

That happened to a friend of mine. After being away in the Navy for a year and a half his wife thought she'd be loving and give him a morning ******** the next day to wake him up/welcome him home. He forgot he was home. He blacked her eye.

thenetflox 4

I like how you worded this as though if she gave him more attention he wouldn't have suddenly tried to snap her neck in his sleep. It sounds more like he has control issues, people in martial arts train in self control and learn that fighting is last resort. I'd say sleep in another bed for now.

thenetflox 4

I'm not one to just say "dump them" but atleast make sure you're safe. OP should tell him how she wants to be more affectionate and if they're going to do that in bed then he needs to learn some self control first. It'd suck if he had a nightmare or something and hurt you by accident :(

I assume he meant be affectionate while he was awake. Not grab him suddenly out of his sleep.

Maybe you should show affection when he's awake... You know... So he doesn't accidentally kill you.

Tell him you would improve, but it's kind of a...pain in the neck. tee hee

Next time just grab his junk, an attacker would never grab your junk as a way to subdue you

you'd be surprised. If someone is fighting they'd do whatever they must to win, including shots to the genitals. How about just grab him while he is awake.

some people sleepwalk, some sleeptalk, and apparently some sleeppunch.

Like Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. :)

And now his complaints will probably be met with you rubbing your neck and pouting ?