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  SoIFML  |  0

well, as it changed what i actually said which was "I was expecting an important phone call and didn't want it to go to the answer machine"...
why would i be lonely when i'd just come home from being out with mates? douche.

  TheZarola  |  10

SoIFML, I don't know if you really are the OP, but either way, shut up. You've been posting butthurt comments. If you didn't want anyone to comment negatively, you shouldn't have put up your FML.


  Awesomehobo44  |  3

Well, I wouldn't really say he was lonely. He could have been expecting an important call, so got up in a rush. But I still think he could have found the time to at least move his computer off his lap, and move the guitar out of his way. It's not like the phone rings once and goes to voicemail. He's at least got some time till it stops ringing.

By  VenomSiphon  |  13

Holy crap, you're from the Isle of Man? That sounds like the most badass island ever. Full of dudes playing football and shooting stuff and watching porn and pounding brewskies.

  SoIFML  |  0

To VenomSiphon: haha, sorry man, it's actually pretty shitty and small over here. And nathan5, there is obviously a speed limit. Just not on the mountain road... and if you' ve never actually been here, even during the TT, then please don't pretend you know what you're talking about.

By  0opsie  |  6

If it was important they would've left a message or called back.

  vocaloidtiger  |  12

Gibson's more expensive.

I own a fender of my own, and I'm the one who mostly plays my mom's acoustic, made by Martin & Co.

Martin & Co. = The best quality acoustics, period.