By Me - 20/12/2010 06:22

Today, I went horseback riding with this guy I like. I asked him to help me get on the horse. I slipped, and while trying to keep my balance, I kicked him in the face. FML
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Apologize and tell him you'd be happy to give him a kiss on the bruise you just gave him.

way to make an ass out of yourself


way to make an ass out of yourself

Yeah, #1's right. FHL, and you're a moron for kicking him.

The mane issue here is that the OP shouldn't have been horsing around.

ahhhhhh >.< no but really they should stop playing around

Something tells me this will happen again in the future. In bed.

77- MMFWCL ;)

Was it really that hard to get on a horse?

Was it really that hard to get on a horse?

I'm Almost positive he understands that you didn't do it on purpose. not much of an FML.

what does "coment moderated" mean??

I think he deserves some tail... just saying...

that's what I was thinking

kiss it better. :) see where that leads you

guy: *smack*WTF u dirty ho op:*falls to the ground*

forgot about dre

purple monkey dishwasher

well without even meaning it you just scored a way into his pants! turn that frown upside down ;)

How is kicking him in the face score a way into his pants?!

no overweightninja, when a girl kicks you in the face, it does not mean she wants to get into your pants. I am very sorry.

Apologize and tell him you'd be happy to give him a kiss on the bruise you just gave him.

Haha, I'd forgive for that.

FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!

You have the best pic.

YDI for having legs. I should've known that letting you keep your legs would lead you to do bad things... it's all my fault. I HATE YOU OP!!! curse you! P.S. send me your legs by express mail.

Wia girl, you're way cute.. x

Sorry :p you must get it alot.

Not really lol.

and you look like an asshole.

No idiot. You can ask everyone here which one I am. I'm the one on the left.

she got offended

lol fail he asked if u were the one on the left and u went all "no idiot I'm the one on the left"

I don't have to prove anything. He's just annoying and a creeper.

Read the third FML, it says how much of an asshole he is.

what's with all the jerks? Both of the girls are "bangin" .. ;) To be honest, you must have a very warped sense of perception if you think the one on the left is a "crackhead" .. Go have a wank jackass & stop being such a jerkoff..

Tizzzy, did someone stick a flaming tampon up your ass?

Coming from a guy who takes pictures of himself posing infront of the mirror?

Since he has nobody...

wow, someone got offended.. touchy subject? Man, the fact that you know how old she is or the fact she changes her profile picture makes you the creep here. I'm just being friendly.. it's clear you have no idea on how to be anything but a jerk.

Lol.. that was an interesting conversation. I think this tizzy guy and the fat ninja should go out sometime, they make a great pair.

Aaaaaaaaaand scene! Great job, everyone. Great job. Selena, you were fantastic. Tizzy, very nice, very believable. Ninja, you're beautiful. I loved it. LOVED IT. Ok, take 5, get a nonfat soy half-caf mocha latte. We start shooting again in 5. Seriously, great job out there everyone. You're all beautiful.

Lol DocBastard. Pease enlighten me, what will happen for the dramatic twist?

Alright great. I could use a nonfat soy half-caf mocha latte. I'll be back in 5.

Ok I'm back. Whats next?

quite entertaining!