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By  Selena_is_back  |  7

YDI for having legs. I should've known that letting you keep your legs would lead you to do bad things... it's all my fault. I HATE YOU OP!!! curse you!

P.S. send me your legs by express mail.


what's with all the jerks? Both of the girls are "bangin" .. ;) To be honest, you must have a very warped sense of perception if you think the one on the left is a "crackhead" .. Go have a wank jackass & stop being such a jerkoff..


wow, someone got offended.. touchy subject? Man, the fact that you know how old she is or the fact she changes her profile picture makes you the creep here. I'm just being friendly.. it's clear you have no idea on how to be anything but a jerk.

  DocBastard  |  38

Aaaaaaaaaand scene! Great job, everyone. Great job. Selena, you were fantastic. Tizzy, very nice, very believable. Ninja, you're beautiful. I loved it. LOVED IT. Ok, take 5, get a nonfat soy half-caf mocha latte. We start shooting again in 5. Seriously, great job out there everyone. You're all beautiful.