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Today, it was my friend's 18th birthday. She had invited us out drinking. I've never had alcohol before and was very excited. I got a call explaining that she had invited one too many and asked me not to come. People bragging on facebook about what a great time they were having didn't help either. FML
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What a lame excuse. As if one more person makes a difference. FYL OP.


Thats truly a shit excuse for not getting to go out with your friends. "1 extra person" who cares? lol

Wtf are you talking about? Lol...oh wait I live in the wonderful Alberta where the legal age is still 18! Nice! Hahaha...even though I passed that age years ago.... Now for the FML....your friend is ******* shitty. Get new friends. One extra person and she couldn't make room for you? What a ******* bitch. That sounds like a fake excuse anyways. You can reserve for a certain number of people, but I doubt anywhere would find it hard to accommodate a SINGLE extra person. Especially a place that is allowing an 18 year old to have her birthday there, with those fresh young adults drinking and most likely being rowdy.

I am confused, the OP's location is the UK? So why are we discussing Canada?

wait, canada isnt in the UK o.O you guys are lieing to me to make me fail my geography test. how will i pass 7th grade with help like this :(

I honestly had the exact same thing happen to me on saturday, except I've had alcohol before!!

the first time I got drunk I was 10 haha Winn!!

I was just replying to the post above mine. @114.

wait wat and 10 is waaaaayyyy to young to get drunk thts not a win just saying thts more stupid

**** her. Have a party next time and dont invite her.

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why her dad?? thats nasty... hey guess what because u didnt invite me i slept with ur old dad... wow great revenge... but maybe her boyfriend or brother then we will see "today, one of my friends slept with my boyfriend/or brother because i didnt invite her to drink with me on my 18th birthday"

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I agree. Honestly OP the "one to many" excuse was her way of telling you she didn't want you there after-all. Maybe some of her other friends found out you were going and complained about it. regardless, you're "friend" shouldn't have uninvited you and I really hope you aren't talking to her anymore

Orrrrrrr get some new damn friends where you are the Situation

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Yeah OP's confusing me... I'm on the app so I can't tell OP's age but either: 1) They're old enough to buy alcohol in which case just go buy some, dipshit. Why wait for a party? 2) They had to wait for the party because they're not old enough. Either way there's always a solution to the alcohol part. Sorry about the friends though :(

exactly what I was going to say. don't beat yaself up op about people who don't matter or don't care

What a lame excuse. As if one more person makes a difference. FYL OP.

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maybe you should learn to read before you start telling what it SHOULD or SHOULDN'T say....really though, does it matter. This is FML not first grade.

18? Your too young to be drinking anyways.

Just because the drinking age in the U.S is 21, doesn't mean it is the same in every country! :P

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Yeah the US is the only country that has a drinking age of 21... most are 18... and I believe france's is 14

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Notice the words "United Kingdom" next to OP's name.

America's drinking rules dont apply to every other country in the world, wow.

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I was going to make the same observation, but great point!! someone told me that in other countries they allow there children (not too young I hope) to sip wine at dinner. and wine is really good for you...especially Ginger wine

the legal "drinking" age in the UK is FOUR! however you have to be 18 to buy it.

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#12 didn't say "you're younger than the drinking age". They said 18 is too young to drink. Learn to read. And 18 IS too young to drink. Most already act like idiots without alcohol. We've had 2 in this area die in the past couple weeks - get drunk, wander away. 1dead of hypothermia, one drown in a tiny creek. Nothing good can come from teenagers getting drunk.

18 is not too young to drink. It's not because some people can't drink responsible, that everybody must be punished. I think that everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they want (like...drinking) as long as they don't harm other people. You can only learn from your mistakes if you have the right to make some. People don't need a government who decides for them what's right and wrong, they can make that decision themself. That being said, I think it's rather pathetic to be excited because of alcohol. It's not that fantastic.

IMO, if you're old enough to die for your country and vote for who runs it, you're old enough to drink.

25 please stop stereotyping. 18 isn't to young to drink I'm 18 and hardly drink and never make a fool of myself. oh and FYI you can be any age to drink to much and do something stupid... just saying

lol no he isn't. The drinking age is 18 in every country that isn't as freaking uptight as the USA (i.e: all of Europe, Canada and South America)

@25 i don't believe being older makes you wiser with alcohol, adults do some pretty stupid stuff. i.e abuse? alcoholics who don't take care of their kids? perhaps it's you "adults" who effect the lives of children and people around you who shouldn't be drinking. And if you argue not all adults are like this. I argue not all teens are like this. There's also the fact most adults have started drinking at the same time if not earlier then 18 yet they are the functioning people of today.

32 - couldn't agree more! 34 u forgot Australia :) 35- thanks u put what I wanted to say perfectly!

oh another bone to pick with 25 u say 18 year olds are teenagers still? sorry to burst your bubble but where I live we are classed as adults :)

i was going to add something, but honestly you guys pretty much covered it! i live in a city of perpetually drunk 18+yr olds (students) and due to our not being dumbasses, no one has died in a verry long time also i love that in #25's story one drowned in a creek... how very country :P also for the record, when i was (underage) drinking in the country, not one of us died then either... no one wandered off alone, and if they had, we'd realise and go find them, and no one was stupid enough to fall in any bodys of water.... perhaps #25's area is demonstating the importance of natural selection....

Sorry to burst your bubble leeshxx but you are still a teenager when you're 18 (eighteen) noticed the "teen" in the end? Of course you can be classed as an adult in many ways but still be a teenager. In Sweden you're convicted as an adult when you're 18, you can vote, and yes you can buy alcohol, but you have to be 25 to pay as an adult on the bus and you can't buy alcohol with a higher % then 3,5 outside a bar if you're younger then 20. You're classed as an adult depending on what you do.

that's all well an good for Sweden but none of that applies in Australia, which is where I live. oh and noted that 18 has teen at the end but the law says 18 is the age when u are classed as an adult? just saying

I agree - 18 is too young to drink. (I'm 19, my age is not clouding my judgement). Other countries have really strict alcohol laws. U.S. is actually really lenient and shouldn't be. If our laws were more strict, I wouldn't have a problem with a lower drinking age. It just seems like driving drunk only gets you a slap on the wrist.

Different country different rules.

So by 18, by your standards, one is "old enough" to drive, get married, have sex, take out a mortgage and damn well VOTE but its too "young" to drink?

I'm going to be bold and declare that alcohol should be outlawed worldwide. Sure it has health benefits, but the risks outweigh the benefits, as many more people have been killed due to alcohol than have been saved. Discuss. This should be fun.

Oh no. Nonononono. Doc you don't know what you have started.. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

48 - Then maybe you can go and start a petition about it. We don't care. The guy you're arguing with is right, in technical terms. There are many places around the world who may call you an adult at 18, but you certainly don't have all the responsibilities of being an adult. The 'teen' at the end of the word tells us a lot... the fact you're getting all worked up about this tells us more. I also strongly agree with Doc.

If I can own a house, pay taxes, marry, drive, join the armed forces and die in doing so and be tried as an adult I get to have a beer to contemplate how much easier life was as a child. In the U.S. you can be executed at 18, so why can't you have a beer with your last meal? It is not the age that reflects maturity, age is but a number. If you are educated on the risks of alcohol and are aware of risk management then your age isn't going to change a thing. For Christ's sakes I know 25 year olds who still seem to believe that after downing enough alcohol to pickle a horse that if they throw up or eat a single piece of bread they will magically be sober enough to drive, that doesn't work by the way. We had a former State Premier, Governor to you non-Aussies, come out and say that having a few mints will sober you up and allow you to drive home, he must be about 60. Doc does have a point, as usual, but to go to the extreme of banning it due to it's overall negativity? I don't think so.

I agree with Doc, but banning things does more harm than good. Though I will apparently be the first to point out that at 18 your brain is still developing and alcohol doesn't help. Period. That being said, OP you sound kind of pathetic; ditch your ****** friends, learn how to have a REAL good time, and if you're still hung up on booze ask your parents. Or get it yourself, I don't know how it works in the UK.

here it's allowed to dring by the age of 18 (some stuff with low percentage of alcohol even by the age of 16) and I truly think it's okay the way it is. They don't get drunkmore often the the one above 21 and they don't cause more drink&drive accidents than the older ones etc. Why should you be allowed to have sex, drive a car, marry, sign stuff BEFORE you're actually allowed to drink. Don't tell me a 16year old with a sports car is less dangerous than a 18 years old with a beer bottle...

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Sorry Doc but the United States already tried that and we saw how that worked...

one thing is idiots that happen to be 18, an an other is regular 18 year olds.

Doc, I agree with you in theory. Only, however, in theory. First off, every country will never agree to such a thing. I mean drugs that are illegal in some countries are legal exports in others. Also, if it is outlawed, (again, in the case of the USA) many people will decide to make it at home, and that can get very dangerous. So, I wish it were possible and logical, but unfortunately, it's not.

omg.... word less. do you really think that the end of the word has to do with the age classification? I bet you are not 18, but just someone who lost it's time not only at school but throughout his life so far.

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We're classified as adults at 18 too, but we're technically still teenagers:p

ok... for this saying that the end of the word classifies you..., guess what! English I not the only language and in others the end of that word does not have anything to do with "teenage" just simply the number 8. so no, if it ends in "teen" it does not mean you are a teenager.

in Saudi Arabia, the drinking age is NEVER (the legal one, anyways :-D)

in Saudi Arabia, the drinking age is NEVER (the legal one, anyways :-D)

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65 is right. United States, 1920's. Tons of smuggling and "bathtub gin".

That would be right if you were from the US. eh?

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Lol obvious troll is obvious. I can't believe so many people fell for this!

And the problem is not drinking, because having 1, 2, or 3 beers is not that bad, but when you get shitface now that's a problem.

Ballesteros1992, don't be stupid or naive. I'm assuming by the "1992" in your username that that is the year of your birth, in which case you are either 18 or 19. English is the language we are speaking here, so the ending of the word has EVERYTHING to do with it. The definition of "teenager" is "A person between the ages of 13 and 19", so an 18-year old IS a teenager. Full stop. That being said, it's all semantics. There are some 18-year olds who are barely mature enough to match their socks in the morning, and there are others whom I would entrust with a machine gun in order to fight for and protect my country. And there are some 40-year olds whom I wouldn't trust with watering my plants.

In my country (Denmark) the youth are known for drinking waaaayy too much. Down at the age of 12. Here you have to be 16 too buy beer, 18 to buy booze and tobacco produkt, and be served alcohol in a bar. but we have to be 18 to drive a car.

I agree I'm 18 and barely drink at all I don't care for it I see no point you can have just as a good time with friends when sober

47, teenager is just a term we english-speaking folk coined to be a synonym for adolescent, because many of the ages end in teen... Then most people forgot about the origins and assumed teenager was right and so they think that at 19 you stop being a teenager, but really it's just whenever your law states that you're an adult... BITCH

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not in UK you ignorant ****

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Wow. Do any of you actually know the reason the legal age is 21 in the US? It's because until then your brain and liver aren't fully developed and it can cause more health problems and longterm damage before then. At least if you are going to all whine and complain you should know the facts and argue them correctly.

in australia still a youth till 25

There are risks and dangers with everything in life, the fact of the matter is, at age 18, you can CHOOSE. Why the hell do you need the government to choose for you? Especially when they would happy let you choose to join the army at age 18, or vote for the future of the whole country.

still a youth till 24ish......just sayin

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73, not all of Canada has is 19, a few provinces have the age limit at 18

Ignorant much? sometimes I swear Americans think they are the only race that matters therefore feel thier ignorance is justified.

if you think 18 it too young to drink then don't drink?

SL9008 accually its 21 in the US because one of Ur old presidents desided that any state that had a lower drinking age then that would get no more infrastructure money. Most states were 18 before that. and it's not 21 that Ur brain stops developing it 25

#124: I really hope you're younger than 25.

I'm 19 and I've been drinking since 15 I'm just pointing out the US law has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics and doc would you also like to "ban" prescription painkillers, hot dogs, and cars since they all have benifts but there risks outweigh them

130 - I see no benefit to hotdogs. Mystery meat can never really be a good thing. Moving on, why are we all arguing over whether we're adults at 18, 19 or 25? The fact of the matter is, you're all arguing a pointless argument. I wouldn't be surprised if the lot of you (besides Doc) were under the legal age. You all sound like a bunch of whinging idiots trying to sound more mature than you really are. One guy up there said that it's not your age that dictates your maturity. Damn right. I remember when I was 17... even though I would still be considered "youth" when I turned 18, I felt damn good knowing that in some ways, I'm considered an adult. I made it to 18 only to realize that it's no different and no one really gives a shit whether you're considered an adult or not. /end pointless rant

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Thanks Doc I always wanted the chance to join the mafia! Now with booze illegal I'll get that chance!

136 ur 20, that doesn't mean everyone else is lower then u. u are two years older then me so what? your saying everyone else grow up and this is all pointless if so why are you commenting on it? now please remove the pole from your ass and stop being so stuck up. :)

136 I'm above the age, congratulations in being a condescending idiot. Get off the Internet you ignorant cretin. As good as Doc'd idea is the aforementioned bootlegged liquor will come into widespread consumption, which will be more risky than what we have currently. At least alcohol production has controls now. More people would die because of the toxins in home made booze.

157 - Hey asshole, pretty sure I said "I wouldn't be surprised if...", not "you all are under the age of majority". Learn to read. Kay, thanks. Clearly I've never met you and can only gather an opinion through these posts. Leesh - I'm not exactly saying I'm "above anyone else". I'm saying that age doesn't dictate maturity, but since I'm older than you whining teenagers, I'm showing that there are some cases in which age does equal maturity. I'm by no means saying I'm better than everyone; I know I'm not. But with the way you and a few others are acting, it's easy to believe I'm better than you. You also need to learn to read. Both statements were stated clearly enough in my last post. I feel like we need ohthebloodygore in this conversation.

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#48 Re-read my post, I'm just saying that you're still a teenager which is the ages 13-19, you can still be an adult. #66 Teenager doesn't mean that you're a child, it's just a technical term for the ages 13-19 and the word "teenager" come from ending in those numbers. And I'm not 18, I'm 21. #69 I'm very well aware that English isn't the only language. I'm actually from Sweden and here it's actually the same way, you're a "Tonåring" and it's the ages 13-19 because those numbers starts with "Ton". But if it would have been between the ages 13-17 you would have been a "Tonåring" until 17 but still a teenager until 19. #97 It's your assumption that you stop being a teenager just because you becomes an adult that's wrong, just because you're classed as an elderly and get a whole lot of discounts you're still an adult. Works the same way with teenagers. If you're a Jew, you become a woman after your Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, does that mean that Jewish women never becomes teenagers? .... Bitch?

leesh, your birthday on here says 11/01/93. Now, I wasn't a math major in college, but last time I checked, that makes you 17.

no that makes me 18 11th January 1993.. please look up I'm from Australia not America we date things differently.

161 u think ur better then people just because of a few comments on the internet? if so you are extremely narrow minded and ignorant. you are talking about maturity and how much more mature you are then everyone else. when are you going to start showing it?

161 my point still stands, you are still ignorant, condescending and by your own admission making assumptions with no real grounding. I wasn't saying that your comment was directed at me, it was more FYI I am not under the age. The comments after that were more general musings than in relation to me. Maybe it is you who should learn to read, "kay"?

Well done 168, are you and 12 related? I'm just wondering as you both assume that the world operates in the same way as the US, just so that you are aware it actually doesn't. Many countries use a dd/mm/year set up, many have different ages for a legal drinking age, we have different driving ages and we can also spell, just so you know.

I was waiting for some idiot to post that. It's 18 here in the UK, and 16 in some countries such as Austria.

We'll agree to disagree because quite frankly, I don't care to carry this argument any further. I interpret at least some of who you are through your posts. There's no denying that. You do the same for me. If you think I'm a bitch, that's fine by me, kids.

kids? your still a youth love stop trying to be condescending :).

I'm actually not still a youth. Sorry to disappoint. It's you're*, by the way.

it says that the birthday girl is 18. not how old the author of this fml is

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agree. teens arent mature enough for alcohol.

187 by some nations' standard you actually are. You are 20 aren't you? Which makes you under the age in America, here in Australia you are still considered a youth until about 25. If we are going to start jumping to conclusions over the way people post I would take you to be an immature, arrogant, conceited with a mild case of egocentricity. Because you are 20 you believe yourself to be better than many on this site, well you aren't. You are a conceited and presumptuous child, go away. As you may have noticed earlier in one of my comments I said maturity is nothing to do with your age, you would do well to realise that. Just so you are aware by 17 I had my pilot's license, finished school in the top 10 percent of my state (we don't have a national curriculum in australia) and was accepted into multiple universities. Oh and I was working at a university where I was the youngest staff member by a measure of my own lifetime. Now tell me that I was immature simply because I wasn't the grand old age of 20.

Furthermore at age 18 a person is legally allowed to command an aircraft as a pilot carrying passengers to earn a wage, but by your comments they are clearly immature and should not be allowed to have a drink after a day spent flying passengers about. Hmmm, I think you may be slightly off on this one. Just to clarify the 21 age limit has nothing to do with making sure young adults mature well, it was imposed before any research into the effect of alcohol on maturing people was done. So if you could abandon that miserly lifeboat that holds up the shambles of that argument, that would be fantastic.

193, thanks very much, I'd say the same if you weren't from NSW... Just kidding...

192 - While that's true, I'm from Canada. I am above the legal age of majority here, and I am no longer in my "teens", therefore I am not part of the youth. That's fine, by the way. You can think what you want about me; I'll do the same about you. I only believe what's been proven to me. You can't argue there are a lot of idiots on this site. Do you think being repetitive gets your point across more? It doesn't. You don't need to repeat yourself 30 times. It's just a waste of space. I realize, as said, that maturity is not dictated by your age; did you care to read that part? Just because you think I'm not "mature" by some standards or whatever doesn't make it true. Just because I think you two are moronic doesn't make it true either, yet I'm free to think it, aren't I? You are acting immature on here, and without knowing that history of yours, why wouldn't I think that? What makes you think that I'd be able to tell you're mature if you're being moronic on here, yet you have all those credentials? If DocBastard, who has many credentials, decided to be an immature asshole on here, I'd still think he was being immature with his posts despite his credentials. Had this thread not occurred and you had spontaneously told me all this crap you'd done, sure I'd think you were mature. However, there is more than one page in a book.

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If you were only in it for the alcohol it wouldn't be that great anyway.

Precisely, the legal age to consume alcohol in the United Kingdom is in fact, 18.

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The legal age to BUY alcohol is 18. At the age of 16 you can legally enter a bar and just can't buy the drink yourself. As an additional, unrelated note: America's drinking age is 21 because most of your brain has developed by then. By 18, the lobe that makes decisions is fully formed, but a lot of the rest is still forming. By 18 you're able to make decisions, but drinking too much before 21 can cause the brain to stop forming. Thus the scare, and why America's drinking age is so high. It's kinda like communism. Sounds good on paper, doesn't work in reality. Ya think we'dve learned from Prohibition...

You're wrong. The frontal lobe develops well into the mid twenties...and that is where your inhibitions and decision making skills are. So should everyone wait til 25 to drink? Or smoke? Heck...even to marry or vote you need those should everything be made illegal until at least 25? Ridiculous.

The legal age to consume alcohol for a non-medical reason in the UK is five. The laws about when you can purchase it vary with the type of drink, if you're buying it with a meal, and even what part of the country you're in.

Even if the law says you're allowed to drink with a meal at age 16, trust me, 99% of pubs wouldn't serve you anyway.

they wouldnt serve you, you cant buy it. Theyd be serving your parents.

135; nope, most bars wouldn't serve your parents either if they thought it was for you.