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Today, my boyfriend was telling me about accidentally punching his best friend in the face. As he was acting it out he ended up punching me and giving me a bloody nose. FML
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now you know your boyfriend will tell the story of how he accidentally punched you in the face to someone else. this will result in another punched face. somebody needs to stop this vicious storytelling cycle before the whole world gets punched in the face.

imanethesmart 0

Is your boyfriend's name Chris Brown?


Melkezidech 0

A cup of Ramen makes it all better.

YDI for standin in arms length of him. 

ILikePopCorn 0

haha, i think that he just made up the whole intire story just to be able to punch you in the face. that or you have bad luck. but i go for the first one. ;-)

Fatalally 4

There's nothing wrong with it if you yell surprise. Surprise! * Back's up slowly...runs away screaming* lol

michael32123 0

agreed with 59.. he Chris browned ur ass

cellycrunk 16

how many times must he repeat this story before he realizes he's going to hit people everytime? :)

Foxracingluver 0

second.... not that it matters hehe

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Keep on trolling, trolling trolling for the world to change, one day our trolling generation will rule the FML population Sorry a John Mayer song was on as I was posting this... OP, next time stand a metre away from your boyfried when he tells you stories.

xHabsfanx 0

Now that I read my comment, I think it would make more sense if you stand a couple more metres away..well unless you want to get punched again.

tokintot07 0

you're right #2 it doesn't matter. and OP that's probably what happened to his bestfriend..

nutycowboy 3

that should have punched him back!!!!

damnit.. You're the definition of troll, aren't you, #2 ?

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and ur a sad little poser aren't u #10?

I actually consider myself a pretty happy poster.. :) See?