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Today, my girlfriend bought several bottles of Potassium Iodine pills and a gas mask, due to the radiation scare from Japan. We live in Texas. FML
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no offense but ur gf may be a retard

I hope your gf is hella hot to make up how dumb she is.


no offense but ur gf may be a retard

start to worry when she brings builders in to quote on the fallout shelter. But when the radiation gets there she won't sound so crazy anymore eh?

yeah and when aliens attack the guy wearing aluminum foil won't seem so crazy either

no, he will still be crazy. the foil stops the national baseball league from reading your thoughts

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I love Fallout new Vegas ;) you are right about the radiation 50 caps and you are set;)

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She clearly is thick. It never occurred to her to read the labels did it? Taking iodine without having been exposed is a really bad idea. Plus the experts, who know a fair bit more than this dipper, have projected the winds to carry the radiation to the northern part of the North American continent, if it gets there that is.

better safe then sry except the sodium part

#40 if the powerplants blow, it's without a doubt going to hit North America.. and considering we have the jet stream, it's going to hit the West Coast's of North America (Ie, British Columbia, California.. etc) first, considering their closest.


#40 - Clearly YOU are thick as nowhere in the post does it say she took or planned to take the pills without cause.

110: Experts have already said that any radiation carried across the pacific would be too diluted/dissipated to cause any harm. Even Hawaii is safe from the radiation. Thus there is nothing to worry about.

#110 Talk about missing the point. "When" it arrives it will be so dilute that it will be a non issue. Think about the three dimensional space it will be diluted into while crossing across HALF THE WORLD.

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Y'all are the crazy ones! Your girlfriend is a genius! I can't believe I didn't think of that...

#114 & #115 did none of you do chemisty in school? if it comes over, it'll still be able to harm people, because scientists have said that the half life of the stuff in the power plant is 8 days.. say it gets over here in 24 days, that's still 1/8th of a half life, which is still really harmful. people just don't need to be overreacting by taking iodine pills yet.

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I totally agree. I feel like if we all were going to have issues because of the radiation they would tell us. However, in the event there was no hope, we would never be informed due to the chaos it would cause.

#125, I am a biochemist ... so yes, I understand the "chemistry"; that something with a half life of x will still producing harmful radiation even once it reaches here in its diluted form. But biologically, do you not get how radiation damages you? The high energy radiation create single point mutations in your DNA. These mutations result in the creation of slightly different proteins when such a gene is transcribed. The result may or may not be detrimental. Moreover, your cells have the natural ability to repair such damage to their DNA. the problem only, ONLY arises when damage is done at a rate in excess to the rate at which you can repair. Only then do you end up with enough mutations in produced proteins that your cells can no longer function properly. One radioactive iodine will NOT give you cancer, even if it ends up in your body, in a cell sitting on one of your chromosomes. The amount absolutely does matter, and the amount that will reach the US is negligible.

"IF" the plant melted down we would have trouble.... as it is now we don't. And the pills would only protect against certian types of radiation like theroid cancer so taking them now is stupid because there are a lot of potentional side effects. "IF" the plant melts down than MAYBE it might not be too bad of an idea.

just fall in a vat and gain superpowers.....>.>

#160 the stuff in the power plants in Japan apparently isn't protected against iodine pills anyways. :|

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HunterDanielle, you are almost as dumb as this dudes girlfriend :p

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I'm in Washington so I should be more worried than OP's gf... But I'm not worried :)

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I'm in Los Angeles, where they CLAIM the greatest concentration will be, at least Fox did, so it's laughable. I should be the one in hazmat suits to protect myself from the radioactive wind and rain.. But I was making paper boats, and putting toy soldiers in them, and letting them go into the playground by my house. I got soaked. I'm waiting for my radioactive powers to kick in >=) Hopefully I get something good. I was also gonna take my turtles' and frog tanks to fill them up with "radioactive rain water" and freak out my sister, but, even though I know the water won't harm me, I wasn't sure if it would do anything to Sir Froggy Longbottom, Carl, or Walter, since they're small animals =x I didn't wanna chance it.

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#40, use the right their while trying to sound intelligent, please.

@ #188 ... you're canadian, according to your profile. you're next door neighbours with these 'americunts', and your ancestors probably came from much the same place as their's did. i can't say i have a hugely high opinion of the sterotypical american myself, but there really is no reason to be so offensive. just because you discovered an insult that you thought sounded wicked cool doesn't mean you now need to go searching for excuses to use it. go back to playing Simple Plan at top volume in your poster-covered room - or whatever it is 'hip' young teens such as yourself do these days.

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#192 Fox news also listed a Tokyo nightclub as a nuclear power plant. There are no power plants in Tokyo. Fukushima power plant was built there so if there was a meltdown it was far enough from Tokyo as to not be dangerous.

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cosidering the level of radation has increased by one thousand times over 3 days, I don't blame her better safe than sorry. watch the news to errbody talkin smack

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hmm, maybe.. but next time i honestly think there might be a more appropriate word than 'retard'

alright just to clear this up, no matter the half-life, diluted molecular radiation will not harm you, trace amounts of radioactive metal allow many of our electronics to work. You have more of a chance dying from radiation poisoning via smoke detector than Japanese GE plant radioactive water molecules.


How? potassium iodine pills are available by perscription only

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Tell the dummy that she gets more harmed from radiation from the sun and x-rays than what is possible from Japan.

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It's funny because that "Smart" girl got told. Who the **** tries to beat a scientist at their own career?

props for having a girlfiend that's willing to prepare, most girls leave that up to the men

133^ watch the last clip of the first transformers.

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202- Lmao, he did use the right "there." "There" is used when describing a place. Such as "It's over there."

#40 did use the right form of there. He used there as in over there which is correct. T-h-e-i-r is used to show ownership such as that biscuit is theirs. Maybe you should actually know your grammar before you go around trying to correct people. It makes you look like a dumbass if you correct something that didn't need to be corrected.

The radiation over the pacific is currently less deadly than living in denver for a year. I live in seattle, and I'm not even the slightest b

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everyone is so worried about what the news reports.. really they over exaggerate everything. do some damn research people. I'm in japan and I'm not worried.

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Maybe you should read some news articles to help your spelling and grammar.

you are a liar and I wonder who you work for the fact is people will be affected and people will get sick. if you are as educated as you say do some research on the affect of the 1940's nuclear testing done in Nevada on cancer rates it has been reported at somewhere around a million people died as a result there will be an element of deniability for the gov since the rates of cancer won't rise for a few years at the fastest and by then the ADD citizens of our country will have forgotten about Fukushima but if you ar an educated person you should do some research and spread awareness

Does that mean a bunch of Canadians are going to die? I need to know, cause I just happen to live in Canada myself :(

#285, you are an idiot... yes, the tests in Nevada did effect a ton of people. IN THE VICINITY OF THE TESTS. people in Japan were not affected by it. learn to read. the person claiming to be a biochemist was saying that any radiation that reached here would be negligible and would be too diluted to cause harm. i am currently in genetics, and everything they said about gene mutations is correct. of COURSE it's going to harm people in japan. you get exposed to radiation every day around house-hold items like microwaves and it doesn't make your cells mutate in a harmful way (at least not expressed). perhaps you should educate yourself instead of telling others to. also: why would you buy a gas mask for radiation.....?

#291.. wow. and everyone's saying I'm stupid. go figure.

I was waiting for someone who is some sort of chemist to say something 125 got superschooled

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no she is a complete idiot. ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

I agree with 220! He's the only smart one here. Stop overreacting, dingbats.

I don't think so if she actually knows what pills to buy for the cause. Maybe she's a "noid" just freaking thinking "better safe than sorry" just pay attention to the fact that she actually doesn't give a damn about your well-being from not buying you a mask.

Um. They did use the right format of there, their & they're.

yeh id be buying some retard repellant if I were you!

I wish I knew where to buy that because the retards are abundant in Texas!!!

58 - It's spelled "racist," and Texans are a race now? I think you're looking for the word "prejudiced" or "biased."

**** you 53. It's normal where I live, but the West Texas rednecks are the retards...

Oh my god!! I forgot my gas mask at home!! I'm gonna die!!! Damn. I didn't even get married yet or have kids or stuff

Everythings bigger in Texas! .... even the retard count...

everyone's calling her a retard, but have you ever taken it into consideration that she's just blonde?

I hope your gf is hella hot to make up how dumb she is.

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yuck. I couldn't date a girl that stupid, no matter how how she is.

wow thanks I'm not that smart I take focus med.s ...... but she is stupider than me:) and I'm not a blond I'm a red head!!!!

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#193 As you say "how" 2 times... -sigh-

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not English class we all know what he meant. and people in japan probably overacted to swine flu like this so what ever

I concur with number one. Maybe she is getting prepared for the zombie infection.

zombies are after brains, sound like she'd be pretty safe to me

u forgot that they live in texas dumbass nothings going to happen

yo dumbass there isn't a zombie outbreak so ofcourse nothing is going to happen dipshit!

They you should make a new call of duty "Call of Duty: Kamikaze Zombies"

below the belt, but nicely done haha

haven't you guys ever played pandemic?! a few people with a virus i.e. a zombie infection can wipe out whole countries!!! lol

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prince122 0

fail its a flash game and ive played and beat it... lol i forgot.

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how much did she pay for hers?

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Oh god, it's Caaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrl.

wow. some people in China and then Hawaii which are much closer ( obvoiusly) aren't buying those. Your girlfriend may be lacking in the brains department. Though I do find it rather ironic that people in the same country and state as you blame the Japanese for it and say that deserve it.

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Are you serious? I've not seen this in the news. My lost faith in humanity is never coming back.

79- alexandra wallace doesn't even approve of japanese students checking on their folks back home);

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yeah some idiots are saying its payback for pearl harbour

I live in Hawaii and im taking them...just in case. the news only reports what the goverment wants them too. they don't want us (the ppl in the USA) to not want nuclear power plants here. so they aren't telling us how bad it really is.

It's just the way that the 'scientists' here dealt with it that was terrible; when they found a leak with nuclear waste coming out of it, they tried stuffing it with newspaper and sawdust. I mean like c'mon. Even a three year old can think of that.

HAHAHAH. Oh lord, what a moron. It is too bad she didn't donate the money she spent on the mask and such to a relief fund for Japan. It is so typical in this day and age to forget who is really in trouble and instead become self absorbed and only worry about your own safety :P

Really f@%& japs they need this gods just saying they were getting to big sooo. They did have it coming! I'd like to ask were they were when hurricane K?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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50 there are no words to describe your stupidity

Agreed. #50 you are a complete and utter tool.

at 50, people care more about japan because they are way nicer then asshole Americans like you. god forbid the world focuses on a different country.

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50, I hope you're trolling. 71, shut up. Not all Americans are dicks like that.

RedPillSucks 31

Oh Lord. Please don't let #50 be from Texas. I wonder where Anerica is...

#50: stop trolling, this has already been done on the various youtube videos of the tsunami, be more crearive. if you're not trolling, I hope you are steril so that your stupidity may not affect future generations.

#50, you need to read the ******* newspaper. Japan DID help with Hurricane Katrina. It's idiots like you who spread ignorance and hate to make people believe that Japan did not do shit when Katrina hit. Perhaps you should google the facts before you open your big ******* mouth.

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I hate coming into these comment streams late and anything of interest has already been modded... And 71, not all Americans suck at life. There are ass hats everywhere. Comes with the generation.

71 - I agree with you about 50, but you live in Canada, our neighbors, you can't be much better

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I completely agree with 11. I made an account on FML just for this post. OP's girlfriend is a self-centered moron, and to quote Phil DeFranco I want to "Smack the Big Mac out [her] mouth". These people in Japan have NOTHING, and she's spending money on her own life, which is no where near being at risk, rather than donating it to those who need it. "Better to be safe than sorry" I hear many say. Yeah you might want to use that when there's a chance you could ever be sorry. Suck it up America, think about others for once. Sorry if you think I'm overreacting but people really need to get this situation into perspective.

well then I hope your ashamed of people lkke 50- because to other countries you seem like douches because of people like them. not saying my countries any better, but i dont hear about rude remarks about stuff like japan in Canada.

Actual she is good to prepare, depending on how much the radiation gets into the air it can travel around in the atmosphere for awhile. The smoke of the burning of the trade centers traveled around the world twice. But the likely hood of getting hurt from the light radiation that escape shouldn't hurt her.

well actually even chyrenoble or how ever it's spelled only sent radiation clouds over a small part of eastern Europe and it harmed a minuscule amount outside russia. and even if it harmed more your talking about 1000's of miles away from japan to the coast of the US. still small amounts of radiation MAY reach US if weather conditions are right. but it will be a minuscule amount. I mean we all are hit by loads of radiation everyday which is just as bad. UV rays are nasty ones!!!

um yeah, the radiation only reached 'eastern europe'.... not the scottish highlands... oh no wait, it definately reached the scottish highlands! radiation travels faaaar! it didn't do any real damage but i'm pretty sure they had to burn some crops or kill some sheep that had too high a radiation level, either way, it definately got further than eastern europe... it was a reactor meltdown afterall....

thank you. people think theyre safe miles away & it's not necessarily true. unrelated matter people started wearing masks in north American before there was one confirmed case of swine flu over here... people need to think about how our environment is their environment we share it; air and contaminates dont stop at border crossings.

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Not to mention we have our very own nuclear reactors in Texas. Maybe she's worried something will happen to those and she's taking precautions against that. Wouldn't be the first time we were worried about our nearby reactors.

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Radiation disperses easily in high speed winds. It'll be literally a billion times below the level of danger once that radiation reaches us.

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Really? Because I lived in a town that had one of the first swine flu cases at the time, and I don't think I saw anybody wearing masks aside from those who had been in direct contact with the few people that got sick!

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(referencing above comment about overreaction in America citing the swine flu 'epidemic' if you can even honestly call it that)