By Highnapple - 04/03/2015 07:55 - Canada - Sarnia

Today, my boyfriend was pleasuring me with his hands. After two years of being together, he was finally about to make me orgasm for the first time by himself. Just as I was reaching my peak, he orgasmed at the thought of finishing me off and stopped. FML
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shiffizzle 13

It's been a long time cumming, but i guess you'll have to wait a little bit longer now

Two years is a decently long time of being together. Maybe try remembering what he did today and guide him next time? Don't give up! I'm sure you'll reach that wonderful O if you both keep working on it!


I'd take that as I compliment if I were you!

if the compliment is sort of like, "you have a big nose, your eyes are too close together and you have a broad forehead.... but your smile is nice!"

Yeah, being used for someone else to finish then getting your own needs ignored is incredibly flattering.

I just love when people manage to misspell things that are spelled correctly right in front of their faces. It's amazing.

It's not the guys fault. The OP knows she has a problem finishing that's why she has stayed with him after 2 years. half of you on here seem like virgins lol.. I've been with a few women in my day and I've managed to get all to visible completion except 1. it was her not me. I tried for 6 months to get there and couldn't. it was her.

Excuse me but why is it anybody's fault? Instead of blaming each other, people need to work together to find a solution. That's the FAULT in this world. Everybody wants somebody else to blame. And I'm pretty positive OP didn't ask to be born with a ****** that was difficult to make cum, but it's totally her fault right?

#73 given it says he was about to make her ****** for the first time by HIMSELF, does that not suggest to you that she can manage perfectly fine and that she doesnt have a problem?

Yeaaaah no. Dude doesn't even appear to really try. If you're at least working for it, then power to you, A for effort. This dude just gives no ***** about her happiness.

Agreed. He's probably going through his own struggles right now and maybe bragging about being able to get girls to cum makes him feel better about himself

73 please read what 90 said. and even if a woman has a problem orgasming, you shouldn't just "stop" pleasing her. you should stop when she said she's had enough.

Dreamteambooya 3

Woohoo grammar police! Person probably just typed it on his phone. Errors happen, get over it.

That is not a compliment whatsoever. If the gender roles were reversed you would so NOT be saying the same thing.

That doesn't make it her fault. A person should keep trying, no matter how long it takes them. If someone is able to on their own or by helping their s/o, then it's obvious that they can. You wouldn't want a chick to give up on pleasing you to completion, would you? So don't do it to her.

shiffizzle 13

It's been a long time cumming, but i guess you'll have to wait a little bit longer now

Better luck next time, which may be about two years from now...

Hahaha small dick? Or no skill.

Seems like Gauzy thinks big dick=better sex, which is wrong. Also, not giving a woman an ****** doesn't mean someone isn't skilled. I've had good sex without ever having an ****** (except for when I'm masturbating during it).

Your comments are consistently ignorant

southerngalslove 15

95 calm down. He was talking about why she hadn't had an ****** up to this point, not what they were doing in this instant

Women care way less about big dicks than you think.

Or he could have just continued with his hands (since it was working just fine). Sounds like the BF was no longer interested in pleasing the OP after he gets his own rocks off. Very selfish of him.

Pretty sure he could make himself stay awake long enough to finish the job & not be a prick.

I don't know I like pass out when I finish

Welp, if your partner hasn't finished, then that's a pretty douchey move.

CaitiieBuggs 23

While I agree it is a dick move to not help your partner out, some people (mainly males) have such high hormonal spikes after ****** they really do fall asleep almost immediately and genuinely can't help it. This doesn't sound like the case with this particular situation however, and I feel OP would have added him falling asleep if that was part of the problem.

hoosiergirl94 31

You should have said "Don't stop"

Saying that seems to get them off even quicker.

But there's no reason at all for him to stop when he gets off.

He was using his fingers, I'm sure they don't stop working after he orgasms

Later today, here on FML: today, I was finally about to make my girlfriend ****** after failing for two years. I then came just as she was about to climax... FML

I seriously just stumbled upon this while moderating, but I guess it was fake.

MehNameIsJuan 15

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

The irony of him trying (hard im assuming) to get you off and getting himself off.. haha.