By Teenagegirl - 26/03/2012 04:11 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, my mother told me it's okay to be a prostitute, as long as I make sure the clients pay a lot. FML
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Listen to your mom, she has a point.


Prositive influence


Listen to your mom, she has a point.

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True, so hard to find those good paying jobs these days.

leprechaun23 15

And don't forget to make sure they use a condom

I guess she has to keep up the family business.

kaplan_reject 5

Family business huh? Guess you could say moms the manager at the "box office".

Goldfish your shirt goes so well with your comment.

1- best profile pic on FML.

Top end escorts make more then doctors. Plus you can make more money earlier. No student loans. Positive interest flow from the bank and inventments. Your mom may be smarter than us all.

28- I loveee your picture

But get out before your 35 it all goes down hill from there. I learned that from A. C. Hookers.

csickcman 11

op, asl?

Hold on u said ur mom said its ok to be a prostitute...... Does that mean u have asked her before? Either way shes an idiot.. Feel srry for u OP :€

If one was to become a call girl and was able to stay clean of drugs and STDs, then I see no problem with it. Society has just put a stigma on pleasure that needs to be removed. For example, some girls openly admit to enjoying sex and having lots of it but are frowned upon and called a slut. Sex is a beautiful thing. Why do we have to frown upon something that is so natural and great?

89, It's not the best profession simply because of the treatment of the workers, the lack of regulation, legal standing, as well as the health risk. Not that I think people shouldn't do it if they feel it's what they want to do, but that would be a reason as to why it wouldn't be a first choice in career paths.

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98 Not really true. A woman who is self assured can choose to reject unpleasant clients, set her own rules and throw out anyone who won't play by them.

106 ...In an ideal world. In reality, rejecting someone could get you fucked up, or so I'd imagine.

106, How would you identify an unpleasant client prior to engaging with them? Beyond which point the laws are a little wish washy. Legalising it would solve almost all of the mentioned issues though.

I believe in Belgium, prostitution is a commercial industry complete with laws and regulations, monitored by the government. That's one way of killing the stigma; putting a spotlight on it.

22cute 17

It's also legal in Navada. And to answer questions, you can rule out a lot of nasty types by emailing, by setting up your own website where you state your terms, by offering a high quality experience and gently explaining you need to stay in the "drivers" seat, by charging what your time is worth, and by following your instincts. Good men pay for sexual experiences too, so knowing you don't have to put up with losers helps a woman weed them out.


Prositive influence

I'm sure it will make for a prosperous future...

This will probably happen. That is, if she can't find that special someone, which is just as probable.

MerrikBarbarian 9

81- you do know many sex workers are happily married right?

Yes. I'm making a point.(not sarcastic)

Ur mum is not normal

You're right, shes not normal, she's smart.

Yeah she is!!!!(not sarcastic)

blcksocks 19

You don't look that normal either....

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no shit Sherlock

You don't look to normal yourself... Hehehe

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I hope this isn't coming from your mother's experiences…

Your mother told you this? Seriously? Glad to see she has your best interests at heart. :p FYL, OP. Really, that's sad. :(

why is it sad? i'd appreciate my mom for thinking about my financial future.

61- I'd appreciate my parents thinking about my financial future too, but I'd hope pimping my own ass wasn't my only or best option to make any money for a living! ;) When I was a teen, my dad sat me down with college courses being offered in my field of interest, and the topic of "if all else fails, bend over or blow it" never really came up. ;) Bleh. (Okay, if some damn fool walks up to me with a suitcase full of money, maybe we'd talk, but since that hasn't happened yet......)

Being a prostitute is one very well paying job, if you have the looks and stamina for it. You could make wicked cash. No taxes too because its cash :P lol. Just always be careful and make sure protection is used. You don't need a baby, or STD.

77, you're right. Though I don't like the idea of prostitutes

22cute 17

So don't hire one.

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Not the best advice to give anyone, but it sounds like she just wants to make sure you have a secure future haha

^ 6- Secure future? Cause the old age pension and retirement package for prostitutes is just stunning, is it? ;)

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Just as good as any other job one can get without a decent college education.

8 - i heard that high-end escorts usually charge $40,000 a night. That's just the mid-range of the high-end. Sounds secure to me. You could retire after a year!

BunBunBabe 8

Haha you're all right, because you can make a lot being a high-end escort but who is to say they save/invest that money wisely? Definitely no benefits like retirement and still risk of STDs.. Worth it for very few

Wow, not the best motherly advice

blcksocks 19

She has her daughter's best interests at heart.

Well atleast she approves it?? Make mommy proud

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No no, you've got it all wrong. See in her day, 'hooker' meant professional salmon fishing guide.

You picture just goes perfect with your contenrt lol

Somehow I doubt she just randomly said it. Seems to be only part of the story here.

What, an FML taken out of context??!!!