By syl - 11/02/2010 06:18 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend decided to name his penis "Jesus". For the last two hours he's been continuously asking if I "want to be touched by Jesus" or will I "let Jesus in to spread his warmth." FML
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hahaha that sounds like something my bf would say as a joke lol.. I hope u took it lightly and mucked around with him bak lol


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what does it mean when people say. ^This

means he's doing exactly what we would

haha that's ******* brilliant, I'm naming my dick after someone in the bible sooo many little metaphors.

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#85 name it Peter since you keep being denied by women :D

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@purplemnm: Oh, snap! But seriously, that was brilliant. He'll be on SNL one day.

so....... did u accept Jesus into your life LMAO

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Jesus loves all.....including guys.

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rotflmfao!!! I like this guy :D

You just need to let Jesus inside you.

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I want to be touched by Jesus lmao Jk

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Hahaha I actually thinks that's hilarious!!!

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haha!(: that's the shizz!! that's laughable. his penis is a hero!!:D

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@106 no I'm not I just spent the last three years of school at a Christian high school...I know the bible like the back of my hand

it's brilliant but I can see how it would be annoying

would u rather it be a girls name? like: would u like to be touched by [insert girl name here].

I've heard weirder codes than that one, he now sounds very religious

hahaha that sounds like something my bf would say as a joke lol.. I hope u took it lightly and mucked around with him bak lol

FYL naaawwss I would hate that, I would be like shut tfu it's a penis not Jesus, aw.

oo but when it goes in ull be shouting the lords name in vain there's no denyin it

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Are you retarded? Your grammar and just plain stupidity makes me want to shoot myself. But then I said naaaawww I won't shoot myself. Aw

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ask him if his Jesus would like the same fate as the real one ?

that is lacking wit. I can totally come up with something better than" Jesus spreading his warmth". your boyfriends a retard

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haha give your boyfriend my number bahaha! that's funny as f*ck.

I'll call it whatever name that pleases you if it gets your number... and create better inuendos

If I call it any pokemon i want... I choose you ________. what!?!??________ is evolving?? _____ use ur hydropump, quick attack, stringshot... ect... the terminator pops cherry... I'll be back done *******.... hasta la vista baby... kick her out I'll call it moby dick if it catches me that whale few examples I have tons more lmao

Me thinks you're not getting that number...

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get a life!! ^ really guys? y'all go on fml to hit on girls? lmao

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Wow 91 no one would ever let you into them in their right mind. Learn some new lines.

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let him in!! ahah your bf is so funny i need one like him :D

If you go to anyone from the church they'll tell you to let Jesus in..