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Today, I got a phone call out of the blue from a young man, who screamed that he was going to kill me for sleeping with his fiancée. I told him I am a 49-year-old man who hasn't been laid since my wife passed away, four years ago. He stammered, shouted "Well she was a slut too" and hung up. FML
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Poor OP. Sorry your wife had to die so relatively early.

Tweet his number. I'm sure you could get a bunch of kids to prank call him. Revenge is sweet


HoboSmeller 6

I would hope so! That guy is an ass hole. Some one tells you their wife died 4 years ago at a relatively young age so you call their deceased loved one a ****? He needs to learn that you don't have to insult the person when you call the wrong number, apologize and try again.

dominic1221 6

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Bitch, i'm an 85 year old retiree on the internet. I've been around ever since it was the ARPAnet. Youngsters these days... *shakes fist in the air*

uh, bitch, check your birth certificate. or at least your profile. you're 17.

^ Uh, bitch, learn to recognize a joke. You're morbidly retarded, and it isn't even funny. :|

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

66- Uh, bitch, vrooom! Right over you head.

38, I wasn't aware of an upper age limit on Internet usage. Please enlighten me on on the rules.

Three days after my dad passed away a telemarketer screamed at me when I told her calling me a liar

Either a wrong number or the stranger caller did have sex with the wife who passed away to be able to call her a ****. I hope that isn't true. I am sure it isn't.

Poor OP. Sorry your wife had to die so relatively early.

Honestly you seem like you are a nice guy that cares. Pretty rare on FML. Good job kind sir.

ricerboy 0

I have to say, your profile pic and your comment match great.

Sorry about your loss, Original Poster. Please don't allow this asshole, who called you, make you lose faith in humanity. There are still some good people out there and you sound like one of them.

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You know you're upset when you either write a FML or a letter. So I think he was most definitely upset by it.

skulskinator 5

And I really hope u were jokeing

I'm confused. Was he calling your wife a ****, or his fiancée?

Psych101 9

Either way would be wrong. If he was calling his fiancé a ****, he shouldn't be marrying her. And if he was calling OP's wife a ****, then it's just pathetic. He most likely has no idea who she is.

PYLrulz 17

Your comment MIGHT make sense to ask IF the guy stammered something along the lines of his fiancee being a **** anyways. Considering the jackoff said "Well she's a **** too!", you are someone who needs to THINK before asking questions.

MindFreakazoid 10

Tweet his number. I'm sure you could get a bunch of kids to prank call him. Revenge is sweet

I will do it right now! Just give me the number!

Mister_Triangle 21

If his twitter is anything like mine, nobody will read it.

Bmck112 4

4chan might be a better start. Though that might be a bit of overkill now that I think about it.

Portray it as Justin Bieber's new phone number.

Bonzer 2

Put his number on Craigslist as a prostitute. (From another FML story.)

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

Now thats just sick... But genius! Mwahahaha

I hope your caller ID got this fucktard's number. Please leave it here so we can all spam him with "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!!" texts.

hippo1234 19

Dear DocBastard, Please post on your blog more frequently. It is very good. Sincerely, Hippo

15 don't worry i dont know how to pm other users on here either.

Yes, the guy said something heartless, cruel and totally inappropriate. But he was also betrayed by someone special to him and acted out of blind anger. It's extremely difficult to control your anger. It doesn't excuse him but it doesn't warrant spamming him especially while he's still coping with his fiancé's unfaithfulness.

There are better ways to cope with that, like, being angry at his fiancée. I never understood people who blame 'the other man/woman' for sleeping with their partner... But, I'm also against spamming, that's wrong and childish. Here in Belgium, the cell phone number/email and living adress of a teenage bully (whose actions where filmed and put on YouTube) got on the interwebs. Now she, a fifteen year old, receives constantly hate mails and death threats. I still have that little bit faith in humanity left to believe that guy feels like shit for what he said to OP.

Mearemoi 14

94 - Even if he did feel like shit, he certainly didn't show it. I mean, seriously, he told OP that his dead wife was a ****. That just makes OP feel like shit, and him a total douche bag.

He probably doesn't feel like shit because to him this encounter was entirely accidental and he is still angry at the guy who slept with his fianceé. And besides, spamming someone isn't exactly complete torture, more like an annoyance.

Sorry about your loss. Perhaps this is just a little sign that it's time to get out there again...

Yes because we all should take advice from, disrespectful punk teenagers. Note: Not all teens act like that, however in this teen did.

Goddess_Rummy 13

He wasn't necessarily a teen. Could have been in his 20's. Just that his actions were that of a child.

Then I was going off his maturity level then. I stand corrected.

dominic1221 6

Shut the **** up and show some respect, you obnoxious asshat.

Psych101 9

28- Asshat... That's almost as good as ass cricket. I learn new words everyday on FML.

...all he said was *69, the number to anonymously call someone. Though, now it's *67

#28, so told Calyx to show respect, in a disrespectful way? Well, I see nothing wrong here at all. Not one little thing wrong here.

jenniiienyc 5

I thought *69 told you the last number that called you?! What's happening..

The phone command activated by using the keys *, 6, 9, normally calls back the last number that called that phone line, don't be so quick to give other people a hard time. Edit: Damn I got beat to it by quite a few people. -.-

PhishloverA 14

You're a pervert for taking that the dirty way #28. Get your mind out of the gutter

dominic1221 6

Ah please, it's Calyx. If you've read any of his comments you'd know he's a steaming piece of crap that gets off on being an asshole and trying to piss people off. And #44, that's the most pathetic argument I've ever seen. I would go into detail to show you the logical fallacies, but what's the point? The herd's already stampeding over me.

CheshireHalli 19

Yep, cause you totally don't look like an asshole here... Not at all. Go bitch where it's relevant, kid.



CallMeMcFeelii 13

YES. DO THAT AND MAKE DAMN SURE YOU PUNCH HIM IN ALL CAPS. If you punch him in lower case he might think you're a weakling.