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By  onceuponatime456  |  16

Nope, an anti-virus program will not cause a blue screen of death. You mean they installed what they thought was an anti-virus but even so, it is a brand new computer and a factory restore will take care of it! This is not an FML.

By  Insanegd  |  4

I still flash backs on working those nightmare computers. A person somehow installed 3 antivirus programs on their computer.

When you have a working comp again, ensure those two have non-admin profiles and keep your profile password protected. No matter how much they whine about it.

By  rickAUS  |  22

BSOD isn't the end of the world, plus it could just be coincidental.

Seems presumptuous to blame one piece of software when the majority of the time it is hardware/driver related. Do you even know what the STOP error was?

By  donb23  |  23

I agree with the password coments and the factory reset. Your parents were fooled by one of those scams that take your money ans deliver junk. Everyone stay with brand name software and flash drivrs. When in dought google the name of the software or check for reviews.