By Anonymous - 05/07/2009 05:59 - United States

Today, I was walking around town with the girl I have loved for four years and have been 100% faithful to. A girl thought it would be funny to approach me and pretend she was the girl I was seeing, and that I was cheating on her. My girlfriend believed her and broke up with me. FML
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sarawr 0

Random people will/have done things like that. I know a friend of mine did that once at a bar after a guy proposed (not nice, at all) to his girlfriend. Don't underestimate people's cruelty. =/

I feel shitty just reading this. Sounds awful whether it's true or not.


Jbomb01 0

I'm calling shenanigans, no random girl would do that

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Women. They're just evil people that we can't live without. Unless you're gay.

UniUni 16

Random people do that because they're lonely, and want to ruin other people's love life, which is an asshole move, but we live in a ****** up world

sarawr 0

Random people will/have done things like that. I know a friend of mine did that once at a bar after a guy proposed (not nice, at all) to his girlfriend. Don't underestimate people's cruelty. =/

bree4life 0

awe !! i feel so bad for you !! :(

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What MAY have happened was the GF wanted to break up with him, and gave some random girl 5 bucks to come up pretending to be seeing him. And the GF pretended to believe her and broke up with him, because she GF didn't want to tell him right to her face :O

Mhmm.. But couldnt the OP just say "Oh if we're dating, whats my name?"

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cuzitwasgood 3

lol that's what i thought too haha ^O^

yea but if the OPs name is bob theres a good chance she could have guessed

#149 Hahahahahah! I actually LOLd :)

Omggggg how old are you like 5? Seriously. That wasn't cool of the girl to do to OP. I don't se how it's funny.

I feel shitty just reading this. Sounds awful whether it's true or not.

hypergeezer 0

#3 I agree, sorry about that OP that really sucks :/ what a bitch though, you should have asked her what your name is and prove to your gf that she's just some random asswipe

Canuck 0

I agree #3 just terrible and the name thing wouldn't work.. any smart person who really wanted to be cruel would just say.. WTF?!?! you lied about your name aswell? your a dirtbag and then walk away.. or something along those lines.. good idea in theory tho

quietgirl 0

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swooshq 0

yeah me too. I'd do that just for fun, but then I'd say just kidding.

Canuck 0

and then they would both beat the crap out of you for being such a douche..

if it is true you should find that girl and make her apologize and tell your gf the truth. lol ehh idk.

Maybe, it was planned and the gf got her friend he wouldn't recognize to be the "random girl"...

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xNatsuki 0

How was his ex-girlfriend a crazy bitch?

after 4 years, 4 freaking years! of being 100% faithfull she dumps him after some random bitch makes up some cracker jack crap. she has no proof i rest my case

It's called trust and once that's gone it's hard to get back. Ever hear the saying, "it takes a lifetime to build trust but only a moment to destroy it." I think you'd be well to learn that life lesson and stop calling people crazy ass people. It's a trust issue that she took seriously.

I agree with nomad. Why on earth would she suspect some random chick to play that kind of joke on someone she'd never met? His girlfriend would naturally assume it was true. That really, really sucks though. FYL.

Because girls are all horrible people who only want to hurt guys. End of story.

ok that was totally sexist right there and that is not true. and besides, we shouldnt be blaming the gf but the random bitch

xNatsuki 0

Seriously. Take a look at this from her point of view. You're walking around with your boyfriend of four years, suddenly someone shows up and says that she's been seeing your boyfriend. Then his explanation is that she's just some crazy bitch who randomly targeted him for some fun.

FrostyNorth 0

Sorry but unless this random girl somehow knew his name or had a super-convincing story about his fake name, there's no way his gf should've even begun to suspect him. If she didn't trust him enough after four years to give him the benefit of the doubt, the relationship needed to end anyways.

Sounds like there were some serious trust issues with her...maybe she's not crazy but obviously trust does not come easily for her. It is however, lost easily. If I were you I would have confronted the girl on the spot and asked her to give details about what she "supposedly" knew about you. If your ex had half a brain(and some trust) she'd figure out the other girl was full of it. On the other hand, your ex may have been tired of the relationship, and possibly seeing someone else on her end. If that was the case, she'd look for a reason to dump you and not make her look like the bad person. In the meantime, it's time to start looking for some fresh trim.

Maybe because she had no prior reason to not trust her BF? Honestly, if that happened with mine I'd trust him enough to at least plead his case, and look for actual proof if need be to ensure whether it happened or not.

It's called trust, It's called trust, It's called trust, What a shit argument. The fact she broke up after one measly comment without hearing his side out first is the first sign of a crazy clingy bitch. A lifetime to build trust? but 1 comment can destroy? This is not a life lesson it's an excuse for crazy bitches everywhere and once it gets into their minds that its ok to act like a retard and drop everything instead of being logical about it then they can do whatever they damn well please. What bullshit! **** that quote, **** that "life lesson", **** that bitch, and **** you!

obviously not so clingy if she broke up

stringoffail 0

That random girl owes you a home-cooked meal and about an hour's worth of BJ at least.

Definitely. Find her and **** her, its the least she can do after ruining your life.

bearforce_1 0

you should have burned the building down...

that's what i was thinking if your ex can't trust you then your relationship was doomed anyway, so why not just take this opportunity and go after this other chick?