By Anonymous / Monday 28 November 2011 03:03 / United States
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  sr101998  |  0

65- actually, you wouldn't need to amputate it exactly you'd just need to put it in the right spot. But what do I know I use them every day and don't experiment. Er umm, never mind

  DjeePee  |  24

19, he isn't tired of sex, otherwise he wouldn't be having sex with her armpit. He finds all the other not-armpit related positions boring, so clearly, he isn't content.

The only thing I'm wondering right now is whether the OP truely wants this. If she's completely into this weird stuff, then there isn't the slightest problem. If she doesn't like it at all, well, maybe it's time for her to respect her boundaries and rethink about this relationship. Before she get a foot in her ass.

  jmalaer  |  5

Or 58, she could say "no" text time. She isn't his sex slave and can have boundaries, but not EVERYTHING has to result in people breaking up. This site is brutal for the suggestions and I've seen you recommend it like 50 times.

  stinkFist232  |  3

Based on this guy's track record, chances are she's had a foot in her ass already. I still don't understand how you get bored of oral, vag and anal, though...good stuff....

  DjeePee  |  24

87, then you certainly must mistake me for someone else, because I only suggest the OP to dump his/her partner when I think it's the best solution. And to be honest, in this case, I think it is. I think her boyfriend is way to egocentric to deal properly with a 'no' from her side.

  cradle6  |  13

104, I disagree. He's not egocentric.

I think OP is too insecure about the relationship to tell her boyfriend that she's uncomfortable. She wants to make him happy at the expense of her own well being.

Just my own speculation.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

Frankly, 104, you cannot know what the best solution is because you don't know OP or her boyfriend or anything more than a blurb posted online about a situation taken out of context. So you don't need to be the relationship guru telling people whether or not to rethink their situation. No one here asked for that and while you're free to post what you want, the 'break up' solution in the real world would be a cop out.

  DjeePee  |  24

'I think OP is too insecure about the relationship to tell her boyfriend that she's uncomfortable. She wants to make him happy at the expense of her own well being. '

I was also thinking of this, but the sentence: "my boyfriend decided" made me believe he is egocentric. The OP doesn't say: "Today, my boyfriend was tired of blablabla, so we decided to do blablabla", no, it looks like it's actually the boyfriend who decides what they're going to do. And while the OP should have spoken up for herself, it is much more easy to do so if your partner asks about your opinion, which I don't think her boyfriend did. And if your partner always plays the boss, it will be very difficult to stand up for yourself, because he isn't used to it. Therefore, my 'rethink about the relationship' (heck, rethinking =/= dumping) makes perfect sense.

146, I'm sorry, but the 'you're free to post whatever you want' and 'but you cannot post this' just doesn't go together.

  Epikouros  |  31

#56 - Good thinking! That's why I try not to shave the morning before giving a blowjob. If a guy is not too sensitive, a bit of sandpaper will drive him wild.

By  Twisted_Angel  |  17

Maybe instead of letting him hump different parts of your body which clearly aren't going to leave you satisfied, you should just find a new boyfriend that knows how to make regular sex fun by trying to positions now and then.

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