By sari14 - 11/02/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, I was standing at the top of the stairs petting my dog. The doorbell rang and my dog bolted down the stairs, tripping me. I fell down the whole flight of stairs backwards. Turns out the person at the door was my brother who had locked himself out. I almost died for no reason. FML
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Dog-gone it!

Your dog is obviously an assassin. FYL.


tweetbaby14 18

um people he said the dog bolted down the stairs as in ran quickly ahead of them

and here I thought the dog was a carpenter...

Dog-gone it!

I don't know why but I acctually giggled at this .,,,:|

That sux mate, FYL.

I has as sad whenever people on the Internet can't recognize a troll when they see 'em.

tweetbaby14 18

bitch I think you should shut up and go back to your fat friend ok I misread what you guys said and if it was my brother I wouldve left him outside for forgetting his key and for making me run and fall down the stairs

what ever the reason was you could of died.

ouch thats got to hurt i wouldnt blame the dog , hit your brother its his fault . hes the one that made you go down stairs, the dog just got excited

OP u should hit or put down snickerdoodles

put her down it's more humane

for some odd reason, I agree with #34. Not sure why, though...

vet please "take care" of this annoying bitch. *cough snickerdoodles*

Ajjas013 6

snickerdoodles was the dog... Get it? She's out to get you :)

jesusss lovvvess you (:

The only reason you guys hate Snickers is because she actually cares about the future state of the English language. Maybe if you guys did too, she wouldn't be such a grammar Nazi.

Your dog is obviously an assassin. FYL.

Apparentally not a very good one.

I'll just say bad timing and you should know what your dog does, I have two dogs and everytime I take the stairs I look and I'm careful

why did you run down the stairs before him the dog would of gone before you and he wouldn't of tripped you