By FlyingFist - United States
Today, I got a call from my boyfriend saying I needed to come home immediately. When I got there, he informed me that the reason I needed to rush home from work was because he wiped a booger on the wall and it was in the shape of a penis. He said it's a sign, like when people see Jesus in toast. FML
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By  RvidxrKlvn  |  8

A sign to become the ultimate master of the art of penis sculpting. From this day forth he will cover each and every bathroom wall, notebook, and your face with only the most detailed penises you have ever seen.

By  zingline89  |  18

He wanted to share his good news with you and it snot very nice of you to come on here and embarrass him. Who nose how many of his friends will see this? He probably feels like you shafted him and you need to apoligize. Don't be surprised if he's a little teste until you do.