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Today, my boyfriend decided it'd be funny to create a "place" on Facebook for my vagina. Now he "checks-in" every time we have sex. FML
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Quite a funny boyfriend you have there

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Quite a funny boyfriend you have there

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Thats embarrassing and funny that u allow that..

well it sounds like there is something you can do, and i know that i'm a guy, and it hurts me to say it, specially to another dude, but you have to stop having sex with him until he stops, and also consider the posibility of breakin up with him, if does those types of jokes a lot. He is disrispecting you and your privacy....still can't believe my ex left me for a douche like that

SirObvious 1

Yes, very funny boyfriend...who most likely won't be checking in for a while.

#46 don't take the anger from when your Ed left you for a douche on this guy and his good joke!

46, Don't you know? Girls don't want gentlemen anymore. But seriously, this can be taken as a joke if acceptable by both parties. From OP's perspective I think she may have found it funny the first time.

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you should make your own little "place" for his dick and notify everyone that you won't be checking in anytime soon. :)

lindseyluvszac 4

If by funny you mean in the head..

both of you are right 64-65 shouldn't hate on him because of another person and yes i really don't understand why girls don't want gentlemen anymore, could a girl please explain why?

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hahaha I want your boyfriend.

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Well I DO like a I can't help you

91 - I think it is more that the assholes have something else that girls are attracted to. From what I've seen and talked to older women that have been through it they say "it's more that they like the independent, goes to his own drum and looks to be able to take care of/protect them. That type just comes with an asshole most of the time." and there are women that like gentlemen just not the ones your looking at. Fix your hair might be a start.

Lmao, thats funny as hell, I wouldn't mind .

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Well if you were to get pregnant at least he would know for sure it's his kid since he keeps track records hahah

AngryNinja 1

Have one of your guy friends check in. That'll teach him. (; I'd find it amusing if my boyfriend did this. I don't see how he's an asshole. He having some fun. Maybe OP should have whatever is up her butt check out..

If I was OP I would check into,"Teenie weenie."

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u can have me I would do that

well I would want a gentlemen but also somebody who knows how to makes me laugh and well that's funny so we don't know the guy if he is a gentlemen or not but he has a sense of humor...

Lol sounds like that one Collegehumor skit. Anyone know what I'm talking about?!

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At least he doesnt have another facebook place , " OP's mouth"

whats ur bf's facebook page? id like to know where he checked in so i can check in as well LOL

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Of course 124 and 129 would both like gentlemen. If you poll 100 girls 90+ would say they want a gentleman but in life they would care less about if he carried her books/ groceries or opened the door for her than they would if he was a interesting guy or if he takes care of her.

Sounds like something my sister's boyfriend would do.

melliemoo17 6

Me too. Wish I could find one. Smh.

That and they have a tendency to be more likely to tell them everything that they want to hear, just to get them where they want them. Then they end up keeping them after they've bedded them (something like 60% of hookups end up becoming relationships). Now they're dating this asshole, and they think he is great because he's lied to them about who he really is. Then they're shocked when he cheats on them. Now they're shocked when he ends up beating them. Now they're shocked when he ends up having absolutely no respect for her as a person.

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That works cause he's a dick.

@91, nice guys take the time to pick a girl, assholes hit on almost anything so in numbers they win out. And like others have said, they lie, good guys don't, well not big lies like assholes. Yes we want good guys, I married my good guy! I also make sure my female family members that are younger see how a man is supposed to treat a woman, and how a woman is supposed to treat a man (goes both ways) and to all of you saying how funny it is or OP should lighten up, its social media, meaning everyone can see. Your friends and family members don't want to know when you're having sex! You really want your grandma seeing that? Its called privacy. I know that the younger generation is completely unaware of what privacy is and its importance because their whole life is shared on one page or another, but trust me, something's are better left unsaid and unshared. Also it truly is a matter of respect, how is it any different than a guy running around telling everyone he slept with her? She should and would be pissed, boyfriend or not. You just don't share that kind of stuff with everyone, its disrespectful to her and their relationship.

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You probably spend all day having wet dreams about your sister, and you'll obviously never have sex in your life, soooo you probably shouldn't be talkin pal.

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You can't tell a chic to hold out on the vag u retard?!?! I'm taking your Man Card! Grow some fn balls son.

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Hey 120, that the best you can do? Pathetic. Anyhow... It's D bags like you that give men a whorish reputation. Try having some decency and respect. It's only by choice that I don't because I have morales. As for you, 125... Take it, because you need it more than I do apparently. I don't need it since I already have a woman.

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how our comments got deleted?

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To bad you've never had sex buddy haha

ppatty 0

this bitch keeps deleting our comments just cuz he cant have sex lol. girls will try to have sex anytime they can

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I'd just dump him and call it good

Fx13mz 7

How many times have you been in one? 1/2 time?

nikesonmyfeet_fml 5

203 is your cypher complete? also look at that hair he's not getting ANY

You are all making me crack up xD This is a good conversation. Keep it going x3

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203- lmfao i was just about to say that

sorry 4 , but this only applies to people who get pussy

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All you guys seem like you get more **** then any pussys ever seen

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she should create a fb event " sex with the boyfriend" starts at 8 pm ends at 8:01 pm.

well, since it isn't me...that's funny XDXDXD It's great! But I can understand why it sucks for you so FYL but still - hahahahaha! =D

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Sorry but your comment screamed annoying.

I agree, 16! I could barely understand with the way she typed with all the "XDXDXD"!

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someone needs to go back to chuck-e-cheeses..

a_nutritionist 10

ah yes of course the comment saying we dont all feel the same way got buried...because thats clearly not true despite it being factually accurate. you people define stupid, seriously.

That's so funny! I should have thought of it first! Checking in!(: