By O_O - 12/07/2013 20:15 - United States - Columbus

Today, my boyfriend insisted that I start calling him "Professor Fucktard" in the bedroom. He seems to be dead serious about it. FML
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I wonder how that fantasy got started....

chocolatefrog28 29

Insist that he, in turn, call you something like Princess Twatwaffle until one of you cracks. If you can't beat the crazy, join in.


I wonder how that fantasy got started....

leprechaun23 15

1, possibly the original poster calls him fucktard as a joke and now he's bringing it to the bedroom. I am stuck on figuring out how this is a turn on, however.

"Professor fuckhard" would have made a little more sense

Llamassss 21

I fancy professor fuckface myself.

Yeah isn' the opposite of a compliment?

I think you should ask him to show you his doctorate.

Hey, whatever makes him happy! It may turn out to op's advantage. She could take classes from him

moecroe 7

50, how so? I try not to judge but if my boyfriend ever asked me to call him that, in the bedroom, then I would burst out laughing, every time.

Ooo Professor fucktard ah **** me like the tard you are *dead seriousness* ahahaha naaaahhh. couldn't do it!

So do you guys do the full schebang, with "Hot for Teacher" playing and a spanking everytime you answer a question wrong?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If some of my teachers did that while I was in school I may have paid attention more. And by some, I mean my 10th grade Spanish teacher. ¡Más difícil!

Demasiado jamon en mi boca para dar la repuesta a su pregunta, profesor!

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

Can you translate that for me Pleo. I failed out of Spanish

"Demise, jam on! In my mouth forgive the request at your pregnant, professor!" Thank me later.

JOcoco 14

67 - "There's to much ham in my mouth to answer your question professor!"

too much ham in my mouth to answer your question proffesor

Ok that may make a bit more sense. Well, not really, but in this context.

Just_STFU_Please 13

That's very interesting to say the least

Pwn17 25

Really? You don't see the weird in this?

olpally 32

Yeah, cuz that won't ruin the moment or multiple moments in the bedroom at all... Wtf? Don't breed with him please. Lol.

Yeah because if you do, the offspring will end up requesting odd things in bed as well, and we all know how much of anyone's business THAT is

olpally 32

"Don't breed with him/her" is one of those comments used on every other FML these days. Y'all need to come up with something more inventive.

olpally 32

Relax 76, you whining about it and commenting about it makes it worse. Thumb it down instead. Jesus.

olpally 32

Or better yet 76, come up with a better comment about it then, If you're so much smarter.

My comment sucks, but who's getting thumbed down? I'm only stating a fact. Never did I say I was "smarter" than you.

ltaper11 20

Did he get a doctorate in mood killing?