By Shouldaknown - 06/08/2010 05:12 - United States

Today, I decided to watch a movie I hadn't seen before to bring my spirits up, as I've been feeling down lately. How did the movie end? Everybody died. FML
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sweetdreams999 0

lol. which movie would that be? a zombie apocalypse or Bambi?

emmanizzer 6

watch twilight! i like to laugh at the horrible acting and cheesy heavy breathing forest scenes. always makes me feel better about my life :)


sweetdreams999 0

lol. which movie would that be? a zombie apocalypse or Bambi?

perhaps you should have watched one that was known foe being a feel good movie.....

Icey_dan1 0

you are hot

phreshboi 1

I don't know which that one would be, maybe the movie was a message to tell you to die?

Try Charlotte's Web, Schindler's List, or the Mist.

AlterEggo 0

The Departed! Everyone dies but one.

the director is trying to tell you something.

Shookitup 0

uhh I'm sorry? -_-

thorfinntheassri 0


I would take that as a message !!

what?!?!?!? so I'd you see a dead person, you'll get a boner?!?!? 

headshot101 0

ur cuteee :)

xFalzz 0

33 Is a necrophile D:

sweetdreams999 0

you scream jailbait 43. lol

No 43... he's just cool

WTF man I haven't seen that movie yet

cantfightfate 0

had to be the departed :) that's my favorite movie.

Toy Story 3? That ending really pissed me off..

1. yuor pretty

KiddNYC1O 20

should've picked a comedy douche...

88 no one dies in toy story 3 haha maybe it was Glory, that one civil war movie with Matthew Broderick. Everyone dies at the very last second in that one

didn't everyone die in cloverfield?

49 - RWJ FTW!!!

But u lived all is happy in the world.

MrFancy 0

YDI for not watching a comedy.

bh0p 0

wow 14 wow let's just make OP himself

not a nectophile, they jyst like to rape dead people xd

PimpdaddyCJT 13

those shorts couldn't be higher

quent10 0

ydi for not being able to tell or stop watching the movie b4 everybody died.... stop acting so helpless OptimusPrime ur a transformer for god sakes

dickster 0

And the secret is OP is a hardcore goth/emo, right?

zach55 0

I wouldn't care. seems like a good movie :D

zach55 0

#14 the mist sucked balls

YDI for deciding to watch a movie you hadn't seen before to bring your spirits up, as you've been feeling down lately. How did the movie end? Everybody died.

BallinJ 0

ydi for not watching porn.

WHAAAT?!??! toy story 3 has a happy ending

in porn peoples virginiry dies so thats a no

the end is what's gonna happen to you skroal

BallinJ 0

watch old yeller. that will cheer u up, especialy if u hate dogs.

hmmmm....that sounds like Harry potter......and I can't see ur pic dammit I'm on an itouch app.

YDI for feeling down lately

was it the happening? maybe you should have gotten a family movie instead of horror....idiot

Was it "Happy Tree Friends: The Movie?"

MeAlec 1

awww pussy didn't like the movie

this is funny because you thought it would bring your spirits up but infact it did just the opposite. oh the irony.

austin1414 3

I think it was final destination 4

oh i love that movie No country for old men.

47 look hott

boringday123 7

Was it knowing? Everyone dies besides a few kids from every country

mootoo31 6

Just like in real life

maybe u should've watched titanic instead

Brittaneyyy 0

pretty much everyone in that movie dies to and the old ladies alone so fail

dammit WTF! spoilers?

that was the joke, so fail.

allen, dont creep. brittaney, it was a joke. completlybaked, titanic sinks.

Icey_dan1 0

sounds fun...

Uranus_fml 0

What moviee? I wanna see it.

singer4life666 0

Well watch The Hangover or Stepbrothers, that'll get your spirits up haha.

Or yeah the Hangover haha, that movie cracked me up!

singer4life666 0

Haha I know. I was in tears by the end.

watch bambi...... oh wait :(

Baby Carlos... :D

aww, which movie did you see? shouldve watched Karate Kid or something. and #2 you fail, idiot.

you are doomed to be depressed, FYL OP

sexybeastwon 0

u should watch the lion king that's a depresing movie

fyourlife1990 0

better than watching Charlie and the chocolate factory..ehh?

sweetdreams999 0

the oompa loompas might get the op. lololol