By Shouldaknown - 06/08/2010 05:12 - United States

Today, I decided to watch a movie I hadn't seen before to bring my spirits up, as I've been feeling down lately. How did the movie end? Everybody died. FML
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lol. which movie would that be? a zombie apocalypse or Bambi?

watch twilight! i like to laugh at the horrible acting and cheesy heavy breathing forest scenes. always makes me feel better about my life :)


lol. which movie would that be? a zombie apocalypse or Bambi?

perhaps you should have watched one that was known foe being a feel good movie.....

I don't know which that one would be, maybe the movie was a message to tell you to die?

Try Charlotte's Web, Schindler's List, or the Mist.

The Departed! Everyone dies but one.

the director is trying to tell you something.

uhh I'm sorry? -_-


I would take that as a message !!

what?!?!?!? so I'd you see a dead person, you'll get a boner?!?!? 

33 Is a necrophile D:

you scream jailbait 43. lol

No 43... he's just cool

WTF man I haven't seen that movie yet

had to be the departed :) that's my favorite movie.

Toy Story 3? That ending really pissed me off..

1. yuor pretty

should've picked a comedy douche...

88 no one dies in toy story 3 haha maybe it was Glory, that one civil war movie with Matthew Broderick. Everyone dies at the very last second in that one

didn't everyone die in cloverfield?

49 - RWJ FTW!!!

But u lived all is happy in the world.

YDI for not watching a comedy.

wow 14 wow let's just make OP himself

not a nectophile, they jyst like to rape dead people xd

those shorts couldn't be higher

ydi for not being able to tell or stop watching the movie b4 everybody died.... stop acting so helpless OptimusPrime ur a transformer for god sakes

And the secret is OP is a hardcore goth/emo, right?

I wouldn't care. seems like a good movie :D

#14 the mist sucked balls

YDI for deciding to watch a movie you hadn't seen before to bring your spirits up, as you've been feeling down lately. How did the movie end? Everybody died.

ydi for not watching porn.

WHAAAT?!??! toy story 3 has a happy ending

in porn peoples virginiry dies so thats a no

the end is what's gonna happen to you skroal

watch old yeller. that will cheer u up, especialy if u hate dogs.

hmmmm....that sounds like Harry potter......and I can't see ur pic dammit I'm on an itouch app.

YDI for feeling down lately

was it the happening? maybe you should have gotten a family movie instead of horror....idiot

Was it "Happy Tree Friends: The Movie?"

awww pussy didn't like the movie

this is funny because you thought it would bring your spirits up but infact it did just the opposite. oh the irony.

I think it was final destination 4

oh i love that movie No country for old men.

47 look hott

Was it knowing? Everyone dies besides a few kids from every country

maybe u should've watched titanic instead

pretty much everyone in that movie dies to and the old ladies alone so fail

dammit WTF! spoilers?

that was the joke, so fail.

allen, dont creep. brittaney, it was a joke. completlybaked, titanic sinks.

What moviee? I wanna see it.

Well watch The Hangover or Stepbrothers, that'll get your spirits up haha.

Or yeah the Hangover haha, that movie cracked me up!

Haha I know. I was in tears by the end.

watch bambi...... oh wait :(

Baby Carlos... :D

aww, which movie did you see? shouldve watched Karate Kid or something. and #2 you fail, idiot.

you are doomed to be depressed, FYL OP

u should watch the lion king that's a depresing movie

better than watching Charlie and the chocolate factory..ehh?

the oompa loompas might get the op. lololol