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Today, my boyfriend called me anti-social. To prove him wrong I texted one of my friends. She texted back, "Who's this??" FML
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You are anti-social and yet have a boyfriend? Please OP tell me how you achieved this so that I may finally achieve this as well!!

Maybe she accidentally deleted your contact name? Restored her iPhone? Either way, FYL.


Sorry to say but I think you need to get a life.

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Maybe you just have the wrong friends and that's why you never feel like hanging out with them. Try making some new friends.

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You really should go out more. Even if you don't feel like it in the beginning, chances are you'll end up having a good time. At least you're not so antisocial that you don't have a boyfriend! If you were horribly antisocial you wouldn't. Life is short, let yourself enjoy it. Humans crave socialization, get yourself back in the game and I'm sure you'll be happier.

TEXTING ISN'T SOCIAL, TALKING IS SOCIAL! Texting is a completely impersonal type of communication. If you wanna prove you're not anti-social, call the person (besides, if you call you kind of have to have a short conversation).

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can't be that good of a friend then!

Not if OP never talks to/texts her friend, or if the friend maybe lost all of their contacts.

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Maybe she was playing a prank on you?

You really have a third of your head missing, don't you?

You really are a skull with a knife through it, aren't you.

Hey everybody! Look over there!! ----> It's a talking elephant!!!

You had to go and break the combo didn't you..?

That arrow points in the wrong direction.

Maybe she accidentally deleted your contact name? Restored her iPhone? Either way, FYL.

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Not everyone has iPhones, or even smartphones. Just a little reminder.

Wait. They still make phones that aren't iPhones?

deathhill3 40

Wait. They still make iPhones?

Silent_Thrill 17

Wait. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter isn't butter!?

42 They don't make them. It's just that the Nokias are invinicble...

And lgs dropped my old one 30 ft just fine.

Yeah! Way to tell 'em! Thanks for sticking up for the little man.

25- that is why I included the suggestion that her friend possibly deleted her contact name.

You are anti-social and yet have a boyfriend? Please OP tell me how you achieved this so that I may finally achieve this as well!!

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I'm anti-social. I hate being that way, I have no friends. But my boyfriend and I met online on a dating site and have been together for 2 years. We play a lot of Xbox together because of the distance. Maybe you should try it? Good luck.

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Some people prefer to have an extremely close/deep friendship with just a few people (or even 1) rather than having many friendships that are of little meaning.

perdix 29

Go to a misanthrope dating site. You can find a guy to sip foofey coffee drinks with at an outdoor cafe while you both mock humanity as they walk on by you. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

This is why I consider myself to have no friends.

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But caption... You're pretty! :0

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Or you two could sit in a dark corner and troll Internet forums until day when you must return to your coffins to rest.

Maybe it was the person and just really bad timing; text someone else you know and if you get the same result then give up and continue playing World of Warcraft. ;) those Pandarens don't level themselves lol.

Go out this weekend party and bring back an orgy, ask him is this what he wants whilst your juggling multiple choads.

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#7's comment deserves to be on the red version of Youtube.

Great sense of humour you all have, I see Americans still don't understand sarcasm!

Says the condescending Internet wanker.

******* Brits and their stereotypical views on Americans

We get sarcasm, which your joke included none of it. It was just a stupid joke, and a horrible comment. You suck.

7- Good to see Manchester is still full of retards. Not much has changed then.

bfsd42 20

I'm really sorry but I struggle to see any sarcasm. Maybe that's just me being very un-English but I'm most definitely certain that's not the case.

There's a difference between crappy sarcasm and funny sarcasm. In case you have trouble, you can tell the difference based on the direction the thumb points.

I think it's interesting, maggySNP, that you blatantly disrespect Americans and then your profile says you want an American girlfriend. Doesn't seem like a good way to go about it, in my opinion.

At least you have friends, even if you don't text

Apparently, she doesn't have any, hence the FML.

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The life of a Tumblr blogger.

Not all Tumblr bloggers are antisocial-- I've come to realize most of them SAY that they are, because they think it makes them look cool.

whilst posting nude pictures and saying they're ugly? I know the ones!

Primarily the ones that are like "UUUGH I FORGOT TO STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR THIS IS SO AWKWARD I HATE ANXIETY" no crippling social anxiety is awkward not having undesired hair you dunderfuck

If the people weren't antisocial than why would they be spending so much time on tumblr. do you know how hard it is to blog and be social at the same time.