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  mowmowlife  |  21

Because it was a sitting duck pun with little consequence. And in admitting it was bad there was no downside, as people could like it or agree with me. But I really am sorry for OP

  etchsanity1  |  11

Who says he's a douche blind date means they haven't seen one another if she is so positive it's him then she saw a picture before hand but apparently he didn't ... So she can screen but he can't? Or perhaps he wasn't even the guy, she could just be making eye contact with a stranger who now feels awkward and wants to avoid the upcoming convo.

  mistercrow  |  9

I bet if he really was like literally a BLIND date there wouldn't be that problem of him being a douche ya know? ^_^ and then if he is being a douche you can bring a crow along to peck his blind eyes out teehee ^_^

By  verkaderk  |  9

Why is the guy automatically written off as a douchebag? If the guy wasn't attracted to her I think it's a better move to just cut loose and not move forward instead of leading her on with no intention of staying with her. Yes he could have at least talked to her but maybe he's just shy like that.

  vencku  |  13

Maybe he is shy. But that doesn't excuse being rude. Especially not if it's just because he isn't attracted to OP.
If you plan a blind date, you can say it won't work out after meeting, but not that you're too shy. In that case you should never have agreed to one in the first place!


It was one date. Going out on a first date with someone isn't leading them on. Even if he wasn't attracted to her he could have at least continued the date then later not asked her out again. That way she would think they just didn't click, not that he would just walk out on her like that as soon as he saw her.