By idiot / Friday 4 January 2013 10:13 / Sweden
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  etchsanity1  |  11

Look at lowes if you have one I bought some black out blinds try are paper blinds that adhere to the top of the window frame very dark even in full west Texas sun. They are listed as temporary and a universal trim to fit but I've had them up for 2 years now only 7 or dollars a piece.

  MyCommentsSuck  |  21

I bought blackout curtains, and for me I have to kinda overlap them to get the full effect, but during the day there's so little light getting through you'd think it was just a street light outside.

  a1f0sff  |  24

That would have been bad... but no, don't expect to. I just saw it in a really funny way, the same way you see your best friend falling in a really weird way.

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