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Today, I found my favorite stuffed animal I had as a child in the trash bin. I took it out to find that it felt wet and smelt funny. Apparently, my younger brother cut a hole in the butt of it and used it to masturbate. FML
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oh Jesus! This kid in my class did the sane thing in 6th grade, except all his friends walked in on him ******* it hahahah


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Man I was eating when I read this... WTF this is nasty as hell.

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was he turned on by the stuffed animal

Ydi for sniffing something that's wet and in a trashcan.

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no it was his new blow up doll that did. he just wanted to use the bear one last time.

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So your brother screwed Barney up the tailpipe?

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:O Holy shit!! That's ******* nasty!!

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22 imagine it in lingerie lol but he musts supersoaked dat thang for it to be wet all ovr but does it still count as ***********


Imaginary voice, would you be my imaginary friend?

Dude. That's gross. Time for a new stuffed animal..for you not for him. =P

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imaginaryvoice: omg I almost puked when I read that!

Op, you obviously didn't explain "doggie style" to him very well...

Hopefully, your stuffed animal wasn't a guy. Otherwise you could have a gay brother.

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Looks like Pedo Bear got what he deserved.

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@20 Lmao! Robot chicken! "I need your softness" haha that comment made me get a profile just to reply to that!

Raping animals is not okay...even stuffed ones. i guess.

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I didn't know to laugh or be grossed out by this fml. I guess a awkward smile that could of lead to a laugh but then turned into frown lol.

well at least you can now figure out if he has a small penis or not(if not take the piss out of him for payback) >:D

problem is, the brother might try to do it again!

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Your brothers sick! goatlover... ahaha :D

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and her the brother oils how old...?

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********** with stuffed animals

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Oh, shoot. That's really gross, OP. FYL D:

oh Jesus! This kid in my class did the sane thing in 6th grade, except all his friends walked in on him ******* it hahahah

*same* but still that's really gross I would kick his ass if someone did that to my stuffed poodle Puffy

Why do I find that really funny? Sad and slightly gross, but funny.

This is one of your few comments that I kinda dislike. "Slightly" disgusting?!

bc she puts a strap-on on bears and gets them to do her

Oh, you've got to be the best psychologist I've ever seen, 38. You figured that out from thirteen words.

Cinn, I love your "unspoken rules of FML", they are sooo true. I know it's off topic, but I just had to say it.

Paperdragon - Thank you, more keep appearing, but unforunately I can't put them on my profile on the basis I've already hit the character limit. ComMed1 - Wtf? I said I found it funny, not that I condoned it. Boppity - Sorry, maybe it is grosser than I previously stated, and maybe it's because it's a situation that's never happened to me I can't comprehend how bad it is. Not to mention I suppose it could be read that the brother has a *********** thing going on somewhere... This is getting sicker the more I continue, so I think I might have misunderestimated it.

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I don't think misunderestimated is a word. and I believe it is spelled "**********". ironic.

omg.... what kind of sick person sodomizes a bear!!!!

sodomizinf? you'd really call it that?....I did something like that when I was maybe 9 or so...except it was one of those huuuuge stuffed animals you get at amusement parks... I don't think it's that bad that he did... depending on how old he is, he's prolly just experimenting...if it's chronic, or he's older, get him help, or just laugh at his pathetic ass, depending which one it is :)

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you need to lick it and see if he really did ********** in it???

lol @ 50. Because It's alright if it wasn't put in the bin :D

...since you're a guy, you must know you can SMELL sperm. Or at least, women can. Haha, whyyyy?!?

@183, What Like The OP's Brother!!! ^NiceGuyz^

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eww! obviosly ur brother is desperate. i hope u put it right back in the trash OP

nah she kept it and sleeps with it every night. btw your brother is either gay or a pervert

Oh god, tell me it wasn't that creepy Snuggles fabric softener bear... *shudder*

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Haha, the Snuggle bear is a temptress. 

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aw but that guy is so cute and soft. best part is he doesn't leave any unwanted "evidence"

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well hopefully ur stuffed animal is a dog cus ur brother did it doggy style. and op its not fyl its ftsal thats right f*** the stuffed animals life it got cut raped and thrown away :(

No. No, that thing's the Susan Atkins of stuffed animals. It might look all innocent and cuddly and soft at first, but if you look into its blank stare long enough, you'll see. That bear wants to cut a bitch.

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I could expect the snuggle bear to be the killer in a horror movie

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xD Wow, that just reminded me of that one episode of Robot Chicken with the Snuggles bear in it... YouTube it. It's hilarious. xDD

I had a comment here about how I hate that bear, and it disappeared... Now watch it reappear.

haha, I think u have seen one before like this :P

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That's awful. That's really, really awful. D: Stuffed animals are sacred in my family.