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  Today, I found my favorite stuffed animal I had as a child in the trash bin. I took it out to find that it felt wet and smelt funny. Apparently, my younger brother cut a hole in the butt of it and used it to masturbate. FML
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  Cinn_fml  |  22

Paperdragon - Thank you, more keep appearing, but unforunately I can't put them on my profile on the basis I've already hit the character limit.

ComMed1 - Wtf? I said I found it funny, not that I condoned it.

Boppity - Sorry, maybe it is grosser than I previously stated, and maybe it's because it's a situation that's never happened to me I can't comprehend how bad it is. Not to mention I suppose it could be read that the brother has a beastiality thing going on somewhere... This is getting sicker the more I continue, so I think I might have misunderestimated it.

  Jokey007  |  3

sodomizinf? you'd really call it that?....I did something like that when I was maybe 9 or so...except it was one of those huuuuge stuffed animals you get at amusement parks... I don't think it's that bad that he did... depending on how old he is, he's prolly just experimenting...if it's chronic, or he's older, get him help, or just laugh at his pathetic ass, depending which one it is :)


well hopefully ur stuffed animal is a dog
cus ur brother did it doggy style.

and op its not fyl its ftsal thats right f*** the stuffed animals life it got cut raped and thrown away :(


No. No, that thing's the Susan Atkins of stuffed animals. It might look all innocent and cuddly and soft at first, but if you look into its blank stare long enough, you'll see. That bear wants to cut a bitch.