By marmarr - 15/05/2011 05:20 - United States

Today, I pretended to not be able to go out with a friend so I could hang with my boyfriend at the movies. When I sat down I received a text that said, "Turn around." It was her. FML
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You know this isn't the squirrel one!!

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wooow someones either hi or just an idiot

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that's a terrible idea. If OPs friend didn't have a boyfriend, it's extremely awkward. I've been in that position. it's not fun.

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yeah seriously. Its just a punch in the face

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Idk but I wanna know what she said lol

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Or maybe she's just calling the girl a squirrel.

or maybe it's for a different FML..hmmm..

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He's not an idiot for accidentally posting this on the wrong FML. He's probably using his smart phone which is really easy to accidentally hit the wrong one

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lol:) this made my day. congrats:)

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I agree with 56. It's happened to me before.

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wow, wrong comment and you were first.

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92, that's what made all the more hilarious

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Hahah oh god this is more funny and more fail than the Fml itself.

lol you actually got to be #1 which is an accomplishment but then you screwed it up by using the wrong FML fyl #1

22- hi? yea u must be pretty high to spell it hi

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haha wow u got the wrong fml

^ im pretty sure we already established that.

wow 1's comment make me lol even more.

126 - You must be pretty stupid to spell it "u".

174- touché haha I really didn't even notice

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haha I went back thinking I pressed the wrong fml... lol I love this mistake...

lolling like shit. best first comment ever!

Omg it wasn't that great. Yeah he messed up or was being sarcastic oooooo lala :/

yeah, if she was a good friend she would be fine with doesn't seem like that huge of a deal to cancel once for your boyfriend

why are you drenched in vanilla twilight? why do you sit on the front porch all night? why are you waist deep in thought? how come when you think of her, you don't feel so alone?

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The truth? what does the truth mean?

hoes before boes! idk how to spell that

chicks before dicks Hun when u break up who's gonna b ur friend after u always ditched them for the man who didn't last long

Bros before hoes. Who has the penis in the relationship? Damn straight.

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If they are gay men then both of them. If they are lesbians then their penises are in the side table until they need them.

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137, you may have the dick or "wear the pants" in the relationship, but who buckles the belt? ;) damn right, us females.

exactly if u just tell the friend the truth she would have been just fine with it i know I would but just don't do that to her to often still keep ur BFF close because u never know about the relashionship but the friendship will always be their!!!

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153- sorry but your an idiot. That's really offensive.

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Actually its not. It was not meant to slam gay people. It was meant merely to point out that terms like "wears the pants" and "has the penis in the relationship" are actually not true. While lesbians might not always rely on toys to pleasure one another, there is nothing wrong with stating that gay men both have penises and thus would both be the "men" in the relationship. The ignorance comes from people who feel the need to define power play in a relationship by genitals or male specific clothing. Because lesbians do not have penises and would have to rely on toys for certain bedroom play, the point would become invalid. I am sorry if you thought I was being offensive when really I was just pointing out the rather satirical belief that in this day and age heterosexual ideas of masculinity and domination have any place in the construct of relationships.

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That's what you get for trying to lie to get out of something; it comes back and bites you in the butt.

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but in her boyfriends case it bites somewhere else

I feel like hangin with your boyfriend is a proper excuse not to hang out with a friend. still should have told her the truth though.

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Well. It depends on the situation. but either way shoulda told her friend.

What if her friend is really clingy and is jealous? Just because she wants to hang out with her boyfriend doesn't mean she did anything wrong.

I agree! she should have just told her friend the truth. lying never gets you anyyyyywhere.

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it is sorta your fault but at the same time its not? cause you shouldn't have lied but karma never fails to work

that's lame. you should of been straight up with your friend to begin with... or invited them along

A sexy crowd! :D OP, the phrase "sorry, I have plans with my boyfriend, how about [x] sometime later this week?" familiar to you?

"I couldn't come I'm gonna go have sex with my boyfriend wanna join?"

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or if you wanted to hide, not go to such a public place!

it's called the truth. you should try it- maybe it'll work for you.

that's happened to loads of people, dont make excuses just be casual and calm and dont act embarassed or surprized. dont let it happen twice though, then it's just shameful..

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Wow, YDI, I hope you feel like crap for lying. I hope your friend decides that your not a friend.

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I've had situations like this where my friend only hung out with her boyfriend and I ended the friendship because it was always at the last minute she decided she wanted to stay home. I have also had friends who when I mention doing something with my boyfriend they want to come too or say "oh no problem I don't mind if he comes." Or they start crying because I am being a terrible friend and "hoes before bros." The situation with the crying friend was when my boyfriend showed up last minute to take me to a concert and the thing she had planned was going to the grocery store. I don't ditch friends who I make plans with unless its for something important--surprise tickets or my boyfriend (who lives out of town) comes back for a surprise weekend. She should have been straight with her friend.

Your not gonna lie to her anymore she's watching you hahaha

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Woman up and tell your friend the truth. You're a shitty "friend" for lying.