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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me. I came back home in tears, and eventually told my dad what was wrong. He immediately excused himself to the living room, where I heard him tell my mum, "She's gone all Taylor Swift again." FML
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Might as well cash in on it. Don't forget us when you go big.


KM96 24

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

asianperry 8

Maybe referring to OP always crying about being broken up with? Since that seems to happen to Taylor Swift quite a lot..

Maybe he want to say that she will listen to love music ?!

Taylor has a song about breaking up with her boyfriend called "we are never getting back together'

A few... Nevermind, all of Taylor Swifts songs have to do with guys she has been with, and half of those are about breakups.

In complete seriousness i would say at least 50% are. A real challenge is to find a modern song not having to do with love, relationships, drugs or sex

20 - Wrong. Not every song she has come out with has been written about a guy. Most, yes, but not all. Examples? The Outside, Breathe, Change, Best Day, Mean, Never Grow Up, Ronan, 22, Starlight, and The Lucky One were all songs that were not about guys that she had been with.

29 - There are a TON of country songs about drinking, partying, and generally having a good time. Well, MODERN country songs, at least.

puddingface94 3

'Mean' by Taylor swift is about a breakup... Obviously....

42- Yep, because anybody that breaks up with her is totally mean, but if she breaks up with someone she writes a song about how happy she is without them...

42- The lyrics to "Mean" does sound as if it refers to a breakup, but according to my Taylor Swift obsessed friend it is about a mean critic. The critic said that she had ruined her entire career in one performance where she had not done her best. The song is about how unfair and mean he was.

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Not quite. They may have been old friends who have turned their backs on eachother. It really just depends on how you perceive her song lyrics.

It's not any different than oldies. Pay attention to the lyrics

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In 1's defence, I have absolutely no idea about what sort of music Taylor Swift does either. So I wouldn't of known right off unless I read the comments. I don't listen to the radio or watch very much television. What I do watch is usually recorded and I skip commercials. So no, it doesn't make him/her an idiot. Not everyone keeps up with that shit. Although, I'll admit; a comment shouldn't normally be made as a first just to ask a question like that. They could of waited to read comments and figure it out from there. Or google.

So my question is how many times have guys broken up with you, for your dad to give you a Taylor swift nickname. Must be a lot.

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42 mean was from when kanye stopped her onstage

20- actually, Taylor writes quite a lot of songs that aren't about guys, and even more that aren't about breakups. But my personal favorites are the ones about relationships, because that's what she's good at so why should she stop?

125- Mean is actually about a critic. The song about Kanye is called Innocent.

I agree, songs like Never grow up and Ronan are her best ones

He might be talking about the complaining aspect of her songs which is, in fact, fairly accurate.

Hell ya write a song and make a million or two

No, but Taylor Swift is. "I read an FML today making fun of me. A girl was crying and the dad said she was acting like me. Well I'll tell her dad that he can't let me down, something something something crown." What? I can't think of actual lyrics.

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Nah shes more Taylor Shift, she lets it out on the internet.

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we will never ever ever ever be getting back together

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You're only Taylor Swift if you write every song you have about it.

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So you guys are never ever ever getting back together, like ever?

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OP: Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone~! OP's boyfriend: That sounds naughty... OP: It's a love story, baby just say yes! OP's boyfriend: No -breaks up with her- OP: AND WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!! Am I the only one? Yes? Okay.

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Thank you #93 for pointing out what imbeciles can't see.

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If you do Taylor swift wrong, then ur name will end up in a song..

Well then it's a good thing she never hurt Taylor Swift then.

My name is drew...I'm the reason for the tear drops on her guitar...I have never met her, I didn't know she liked me that much.

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I wonder if the dad is also a smoker and a midnight toker? does he get his lovin' on the run?

I don't see how this is an FML, if she did go all taylor swift she would make a million after every breakup

Weee-EEEE are never ever, getting back togetherrr

I can't wait until I can never ever see your comment again after it's buried.

Maybe if you didn't forget an ever....nope still lame.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now!

Oh dear. I only know who Taylor swift is from people complaining about how all her songs are about break ups. If this happens to you a lot, I understand, but if it's the first time or the first time in years, then your dad is insensitive. Also, if it only lasted a week it's not worth crying over. If it was a couple of months then it is :p

CallMeMcFeelii 13 do you not know who Taylor Swift is? I'm personally not a fan of her music or even her genre, but I know who she is haha. It just kind of blew my mind when I read that.

I doubt it's the first time in years for op if her dad used the word "again."

#28, not everyone listens to or watches the same things. I still don't know who the Kardashians are, but I've been told they're famous... And I didn't find out who Taylor Swift was until like last year...

Me too! From what I've heard of the Kardashians, I'd rather not know the details.....