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Today, my ex-boyfriend called my parents to let them know I broke up with him. He was sobbing. FML
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It's ok for a real man to cry every now and the.ln. I cry whenever I hear Nikki Minaj because she's famous and I'm not.

Sounds like he's a bit too immature to be in a relationship.


Sounds like he's a bit too immature to be in a relationship.

What's that have to do with maturity?

That's referred to as man-boy syndrome. Nice that he whines to HER parents about it lol

Females do that as well, what's it called when they do it?

revan546 24

49- I believe the term is "bitching"

You guys could be missing a big part here, did anybody consider the fact that they could have been together for a very long time and he could have built an amazing relationship with her parents? And sobbing after a break up doesn't make you a little bitch; it shows that you care.

Well I was thinking the same thing but through this site I've realized that men get called every sexist name in the book: douche bag, asshole, prick, dick. But you need to realize, like I have, that coming to our defense will either get your comment removed, or attacked. And you obviously cannot call a female a ****, bcz that's is crossing the line. The names they call men are appropriate but once you use the "c" word to counter prick or dick. You have crossed the line. Learn the rules

I'm well of the rules my friend. I'm the holy defender of men! The speaker of truth, the perspective that needs a voice. The shield against sexism. I. Am. BATMAN

I . Am. The Man'sMan. *swoops away* *

#56--Agreed. I personally contacted my boyfriend's parents after he broke up with me. I wasn't looking to whine and manipulate them into making him get back with me, but because we were in a long-term relationship and his parents were like parents to me, so I thought they deserved to know. I still think that showed respect and maturity, not the other way round.

Agree with 56. Over the years I've built up a relationship with my boyfriends parents. I couldn't just cut them out of my life at the drop of a hat. Of course I would at least call to explain the situation and say goodbye, maybe sort out other arrangements. My mum still visits her ex-husband's mum because they were so close and they divorced over 20 years ago! Calling someone 'too immature for a relationship' just for calling their partner's parents after a break up makes you sound too immature for a relationship yourself, or at least very ignorant of how a long term relationship affects other aspects of life.

I didn't mean to be sexist with the first comment. It'd be immature for a woman to do that as well. I don't get the idea that he was too close to the parents or else I think OP would say

I agree with the above. To me, it sounds like it was a very short r/s & not much feelings were invested by her.

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1/69 - Her parents were apparently one of the first people he called after the breakup. What on earth about that makes you get the feeling he wasn't close with them??? I think you made that idea up in your head.

Maybe I've just dated some bad guys then. But if it were me, and it had been a long term relationship, I would be too upset to talk to my now exes parents. Memories and what not

Has nothing to do with dating bad guys

Since when does crying over a breakup equal immaturity? I know that a good majority of people cry after their relationships end, it's normal. Heartbreak hurts.

Sad part is, I think most people react that way after being dumped.

I don't mean the crying. I've cried my fair share of times over relationships. I mean calling her parents.

You ever think that maybe he was close with her parents? We don't know the situation. Perhaps she was breaking up with him because she wanted to do something dangerous like run away or commit suicide. In that case, it'd be encouraged to call her parents.

See, I agree about not knowing the situation, but I think it's more that he's close to the parents. If she was planning to run away or commit suicide, like you said, I think OP would include that in the FML. That's kind of a big event in someone's life, and I would hope OPs parents would sit and talk to her about it if it was concerning them or the ex-boyfriend.

117 - earthling was merely stating that through the ambiguity of the comment, we can't make any personal, precise conclusions. Also, earthling wasn't proposing that OP was trying to commit suicide, those were just examples of how farfetched the situation could be

-117 Maybe his parents weren't in the picture.

I think he is being a gentleman by informing the parents and not treat them like a sideline character. A gentleman respects everyone and he is doing just that.

He needs some new balls. You're better off without him.

Why does he need new balls, like I said he could have been in a long term relationship. If you've ever been in one you'd understand the feeling. Nothing to do with balls and he could have built an amazing relationship with his parents

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Beers with her father after a breakup is fine if you have a good relationship. Calling for advice moving forward, with a cracking voice, is also ok and shows deep emotion. Full on bawling is, unfortunately against man code and entirely unacceptable.

And who said sensitivity was dead! I see a great deal of it in that comment. OT: Don't worry I shared a bit of emotional moments, it doesn't make me a pussy or the need to grow a pair, it makes me human.

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Why would you call your Ex's parents though? Backup? And Crying as well? Not only is that a punk move, it's incredibly invasive. Call your own parents when you have a pity party. Long-term or not.

Say you're close to the parents? What if he felt betrayed? For all you know OP could've done something horrible to her ex. Stop being so judgmental.

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He sound alike quite performer and who calls the parents of the girl you just dumped? Sounds like dad is going out on a hunting trip...

She broke up with him.

Wizardo 33

Holy cheese balls, my bad I read that completely wrong. Let me rephrase, why would you call the family of the girl that dumped you, surely you would call your own first. Rectification complete?

Maybe it was a last ditch effort for pity? Or maybe her parents we're like his own.

-32 It sounds like this whole situation needs a counseler...or maybe a doctor? Also, it's possible her parents, like already said, were like family, and his weren't there..

Wow. What a pussy.

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Yeah time to call his parents and tell them, "mam your son officially has a ******"

Or he was really hurt and needed someone to talk to.

A ****** is not a sign of weakness...

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He needs to man up.

He'll have to go get his balls back from mommy first I think

You need to man up

It's ok for a real man to cry every now and the.ln. I cry whenever I hear Nikki Minaj because she's famous and I'm not.

RpiesSPIES 27

You're FML famous and actually have the talent do your job. Be content with that :)

#11: Here's a coupon for the class I'm hosting next week: How to Stop Sucking-Up. *hands over coupon*

All it takes to be famous as Nicki Minaj is to create shitty pop songs and sell your own body. I think I'd rather not be famous.

yes doc but did you call her parents and cry about her popularity? (:

gurly98 13

Why cry over her, she's just a douchebag who thinks she has talent.

^im like 90-95% sure he was joking...

RpiesSPIES 27

#22 It may be sucking up, and I had anticipated the downvotes, but that still wont stop me from being honest ;) No one in their right mind should be jealous of Nikki Minaj or anyone like her for that matter... Especially when they're helping others for a living.

Hey just out of curiosity what song(s) have Coldplay copied or claimed as their own?

You're famous doc! Your blog has over one million views!

I think I have an idea of why you broke up with this sobbing clingy douche-nozzle, OP- I hope your parents told him he needed to grow some gonads and move on. Be strong, OP, and keep going away from this crybaby!!

I'll be sure to call you a crybaby when I hear of when your girlfriend breaks up with you

Why are people so quick to say he is a crybaby? Maybe it was a good relationship that he thought could be more? Getting dumped is a horrible thing, and though it is inevitable, if it was a good relationship crying is completely normal.

#104..... Ohhhhh I'm calling your parents and crying to them because of your mean mean comment to me!!!

I hope your parents laughed at him.

No one likes a tattletale :P I understand him calling his but yours is just weird, I hope they don't stay friends with him if you guys aren't.

He probably figures if they stay friends that OPs mom will let him have his wedding in OPs backyard

yeah i was thinking of that one too =/ god i would be so pissed if my parents did that if me and my ex weren't on good terms and talked about it first. Ironically my 2nd gf's parents called me and told me they still loved me and i should come back whenever after she broke up with me lol i didn't take them up on the offer.

That's when you know his parents don't love him

Which is perhaps why he's so insecure...