By Anonymous - 30/09/2010 08:04 - Estonia

Today, my boyfriend dumped me. I tried to hide my sadness from my mom. She still noticed, and tried to cheer me up. She took me to a funeral. FML
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perdix 29

Great plan! You can cry all you want and people will think you are admirably mourning the deceased, when you are merely whining about your loss of a hard dick.


cantfightfate 0

an important lesson learned: you may be alone, but at least you're not dead.

hey, at least you're not that guy in the casket.

WTSchool 0

Maybe she was trying to get you to imagine it was your boyfriend's funeral. o.o That would cheer me up.

wwerulez14 6

Yeah 'cause suddenly smiling and possibly laughing at a funeral is better? Lol seriously...

Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

pay your respects and get over it at least not ur dead b****

^^^ Ha!!! I laughed at that. Good one, dude.

maybe the mom saw wedding crashers and realized funerals are great places to meet people, so GO MOM! ;)

Guess her point was, "At least you're dead!"

RedPillSucks 31

Sorry, the original comment was funnier.

Oh I totally agree, but you know if I didn't correct it, it would have been total troll bait!

katelynjoy 0
katelynjoy 0

that was meant for 12... close enough xP

Not only am I a troll, but I'm also the interweb game warden. It is illegal to bait trolls, especially when you bait-and-switch. Cease and desist immediately, or face the consequences which will NEVER BE THE SAME!

schwancy 2

I doubt she was using a funeral to cheer you up. Perhaps it was something she had to attend, and she invited you so that you wouldn't be alone.

RedPillSucks 31

Logical thinking in an FML? Heavens no. It's not nearly as funny.

I agreed with schwancy. plus it does put life into prospective.

I agree with 14. If FML were logical, you would whine to a real person about your problems instead of posting them online.

xdeadxradiox 0
schwancy 2

I'm definatly not a real person.

#38: *perspective #49: *definitely I'm a real giraffe.

I could never hide sadness from my mom either.

your mom has a .. um unique way of cheering people up.

Schizomaniac 24

I didnt understand the FML until I read that. Thank you.

Schizomaniac 24

Marvin_Android is going to have a good time with this one. Life. Don't talk to him about life.

Marvin_Android 0

Thank you for warning people. However, I will probably not "have a good time" as you said, as the only times I've ever known were perfectly miserable. OP, if you care to hear what I have to say, which I know no one does, but I'll say it anyway: Sounds macabre and morose. At least your mother was trying to illustrate to you the pointlessness of mourning the demise of a temporary relationship; no matter how short or long your relationships are, you are going to end up as worm food. What better place to illustrate just how brief existence is than a funeral? I'm not bringing anybody down, am I? Life. Don't talk to me about life.


maybe she thought you could have buried your feelings toward your bf? :D