By Anonymous - Canada - Toronto

Excuuuuuuse me?

  Today, my boyfriend and I were getting intimate. I was getting pretty horny, and I thought some dirty talk would turn him on. Amid my panting, I breathed the words, "Fuck me." He then stopped and said, "Excuse me, I don't like hearing that language." and wouldn't continue until I corrected myself. FML
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  bobbington9298  |  10

"I appear to be reaching my climax. If you do not mind, I will now begin to accelerate my body motions so that I may achieve optimum pleasure. I would highly appreciate if you moan my name in ecstasy, so as to further excite me."

  bobbington9298  |  10

Translation: Moan my name bitch, I'm coming!

By  Obey_StudBoii  |  23

Gentleman much??

  Obey_StudBoii  |  23

Did I ever say there was, jerk? NO

  cmayer  |  20

You don't get respect unless you earn it, and you have definitely not earned it. I will not let someone treat me like you're treating these other commenters just because they are older than me.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

My God, I hate it when people use that so loosely. "Respect your elders." Pfft, I agree with the above poster, earn it! You were unnecessarily rude for someone simply pointing something out. Also it's rude to look down on someone because of their age. If I'm completely honest I assumed Lioness was the older one as she didn't resort to calling her stupid, irrelevant names such as "Mr Grinch"! So no, just because you're older does NOT mean someone has to respect you.

  Lioness8197  |  18

192- thank you so much. And in a way I do agree with obey_ studboii. I do have a lot to learn. I'm only 15! But I do know to respect my elders. But I'm not going to respect a bitch who calls me childish names. You're only arguing with me because you don't want to face the fact that you lost this argument to a 15 year old. And it's like 192 said, I'm the one that's clearly more mature than you.

  buck33  |  14

9 - Actually there were three sentences, there were two "f-bombs" in the first sentence, three in the second, and one in the third.

  NeonPopRocks  |  14

Im gonna try for ten! Fuck him, cuz he is a fucker who fucking hates fucking dirty fucking language, but you fucking shouldn't have fucking told him to fuck you, so fuck you and fuck your life! Awww yeah!

  Jdog619  |  11

Hypothetically, you could have a fucking infinite amount of "f-bombs" in a fucking sentence; this is because there is no fucking limit to the amount of fucking semi-colons you can use to join multiple independent clauses; it can go on for fucking ever.

  aerogxt  |  7

Hey! Watch your fucking mouth! There's fucking ladies around here you cock-sucking bitch-ass motherfucking douche!

Btw, I fucking see what the fuck you did there, fucker. ;)