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Today, my boyfriend and I broke up after three years. I came home and when my dad asked what was wrong, I told him. His first reaction was, "Well damn it. Who'll go fishing with me now?" FML
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Out of all things you can write as the first comment, you decide to write "first"?

op: your dad is a dick for saying that.

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I think he was just trying to make something funny out of a bad situation

Who wouldn't want to spend time fishing with there dad?

OP's dad isn't dick, he was just trying to cheer up his daughter, not every father is evil as we all may think.

There's nothing better than a little father daughter bonding time

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Wow. haha, sounds like the dads more concerned about his breakup with your ex! 3 years... thats a longish dating relationship too! sorry OP :

You basically said the dad was gay with the daughters boyfriends. Interesting...

I think he was trying to get you to smile. I do something like that to my friends too. when they're sad, I say they can cry on my shoulder, then "wait, no, it's a new shirt" which cracks a small smile on their faces. in this case, however, I think he failed...

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so 30, if two guys have a relationship then they're automatically gay? interesting. 30, can you say latent homosexual? eh, doesn't matter if you can say it as long as the show fits.

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ugh stupid autocorrect. I meant shoe, as long as the shoe fits

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30- i was saying it was a long dating relationship for her. and the "breakup" with the dad wasnt saying they were dating. it was saying that it was almost like he broke up with the dad too if they had a close enough relationship to go fishing.

30- he was joking. It wasn't a very good joke...

58 you ruined the streak of round comment numbers!

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Your dad probably wanted to be sweet and supportive, but couldn't figure out what to say. I know my dad has meant to say nice things before, but instead made comments that made things worse. Sorry about the break-up OP, hopefully something positive will come of it.

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Kay - I know how that is too lol (except from a guy stuff and mom point of view) OP just don't take it so hard if he's not good at being comforting some people just can't do it. Be happy he's trying. 43- you ******* creepy!

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It was a joke but I appreciate your effort.

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43- she's also married... Idiot.

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so, married people can't be hot?

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I know it was a joke I apologize for my correcting you it was also a joke, although I admit it was a bad one

I know how that is, 7. My dad is horrible with break up help. When my girlfriend and I "broke up" (still seeing each other so I don't know what the **** we are), all my dad would tell me is move on and forget about her, which is easier said than done when you love someone.

It would be good to start learning to fish with your dad. It would certainly take your mind of the whole break up and you could bond with your dad.

I agree all the way. It's extremely unlikely that OPs dad will stop loving her out of the blue, so why not make the best of that relationship for both the father and the daughter?

LOVE is in the air... Take your time, you will be okay and get over him soon hopefully.. :)

Agreed. People always reflect on breakups in a bad way. They do suck, but once you get over them and move on, it's easy to look at how much you enjoyed spending time with that person. Memories are irreplaceable, but the future is always bright if you make it that way.

That is a legitimate problem, a man needs a good fishin partner dammit op...

I'm sorry but seriously fathers are like that get over it

*some fathers Some of us are very much NOT "like that", unless you were referring to the fact that he was probably making a joke.

3 years is a long time to simply 'get over it'