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Today, my boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me. I was crying for over an hour in my room. My dad came in and asked what was wrong. Just as I was about to tell him, he stops me and simply says "Oh, honey. I don't care... Just keep the noise down." Then walks out. FML
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you probably cry constantly about everything so even when he is concerned he thinks better of getting involved


#6 wtf how is she going to rape her father he'll rape her :p

Should have went to your mom to talk to ydi

I feel sorry for you but why would your dad care? im assuming that if you live with your parents you're under 18 so did you really think that your relationship would last? I don't want to sound mean but just think about it logically.

Just because she is young doesn't mean it's any easier to let a relationship go. Some people experience very strong emotions and it's all the same relative to the age. Of course she'll look back and agree it wasn't worth the tears, but age doesn't make things easier. It's still painful experience either way, it makes me so mad when people act like it's easy. Letting anything go is terrible, so shh.

I'm not saying it is easy but I'm explaining why her father didn't care he knew that her relationship wouldn't last and was just trying to avoid the drama. Do you really believe that high school relationships last. My friend has had over 15 girlfriends this year. Now you're probably thinking "yeah but he's a guy" well I have another friend who is a girl that has had 7 relation ships this year. They both were "dumped" several times and were sad about it, however they knew that it was just high school and it probably wouldn't have lasted anyways.

That doesn't set the standards for everyone. I have a friend who's been with her boyfriend (who is a year ahead of her) for 3 years. PLUS one of those years she was in her last year of middle school & he in his first year of high school.

hopefully the dad would care because he loves his daughter and he knows she values his opinion and a shoulder to cry on. please do not have children.

It's like damn months. My first relationship lasted six damn months!

I'm not saying that the dad shouldn't have cared I'm just explaining why he didn't I'm also going to assume that this isn't the first time this has happened because of her dad's attitude.

it's your boyfriend of 6 months, not an engagement from a 3 year relationship. So crying over this shit just makes you a pathetic bitch. YdI.

62, so they're still in high school? That's not even good proof of anything. I've got one. I have a friend whose parents dated in high school and eventually got married and are still together.

Honestly, I think that the dad should have had a little more compassion because there is something seriously wrong with this girl if she can really cry for more than an hour over anything. Much less a boyfriend of 6 months.

69 & 72 - I am going to have to disagree. you can fall in love with someone in a short period of time (although many people say it and don't know the true meaning of love). My (taking a break) ex boyfriend who is 23 told me he loved me after almost two months of being together, we were both in love with each other after a short period of time because of the connection and we were certain we were soul mates. and even though we're on a break it's for many reasons but we want to get back together in the future and we're still best friends and have feelings. so people can fall in love in a short period of time. now, about high school/junior high relationships, although there are a good amount of people who stay together for years past high school, I would say that chance is 2%. kids need to realize when they date in high school they're still growing up and many relationships don't last. however, if yours does last past high school, good for you! :) I think those relationships are so cute

So many comments I must read if I want to know what the hell is going on... and they're so lengthy...

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hahaha I thought the same thing

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hey just for the record I'm married to my high school sweet heart so you cant say that the never last.

it can happen, but it isn't the norm so the girl shouldn't have expected it to last.

The fact is, relationships ending hurts no matter what age. You can't say it's easy because it's different for every person. You might think it's easy but the next will think it's tough. I didn't have heaps of boyfriends when I was in highschool, in my last year I met a really great guy and now I'm madly in love with him. So you can suck my left one.

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your dad has ******* logic, bitch. 6 months?!!! when I broke up with my gf of 8 months my eyes didn't even water.

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I second that motion. He could at least be compassionate about it.

where are your morals!? am I the only one on this site who realizes how painful a nut shot is, and ladies if you ever fight a guy and your thinking of a ball kick just be humane and shoot him in the head. he'd thank you for it

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wow... what a loving father.

you probably cry constantly about everything so even when he is concerned he thinks better of getting involved

you probably piss people off constantly which is why ppl thought better than to like your comment

your a real bitch you know tht?! just because someone is crying and the ad is being a dick u practically call them a baby well you sir/mam are the jugdementally baby.

No it's probably true cuz if u whine a lot then when something bad actually happens Boone believes u...but he still should be nice

You should consult the parent of the same gender. Then again both would lack patience...

Reasons why I completely understand your dad: 1) he's your dad. The chances are big that he just isn't interested in your failed relationship and all your sad emotions. You'll be more lucky with your best friends, maybe even your mom. 2) you are probably a teen. It might be sad, but parents (and people in general) don't take teens that seriously. 3) it was a relationship of only six months. Many people wouldn't care. At all. 4) whilst reading this FML, I immediately imagine a 14-year-old teenager who's hysterical crying and sobbing on her bed. That might be annoying for the other people who live in your house. I still gave you a FYL, because you're sad and your dad was harsh.

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Wow @16 that's not creepy at all..

Oh, it's good that he's able to stop staring. Otherwise it would be weird.

um , how did you have time to write all that? ha

But just because her dad has a dick doesn't mean he can act like one. I don't think it should matter whether you talk to your mom or dad.

Bwoa, it's common knowledge that, in general, women are more sensitive, more caring, more interested in feelings...than men. True, her dad could still say something nice and comforting, but I think the majority of women can do things like that better than the majority of men.

So are you saying everyone calling me emotionless is normal?

Maybe OP doesn't have a mom she can talk to. Anyways, your scenario about the little 14 year old crying about it made me feel worse for her :b six months can feel like forever when you're that age. Fyl OP.

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Ok people are pissing me off I have been dating a girl for 7 months and i know im in love so it doesnt matter what age OP is?! Age doesnt decide when your aloud to be in love seriously people! her dad is an ass cuz if she reely was in love and that happened im gonna guess it hurts like a bitch. When u get some real normal people emotions chickk with the weird picture let us know and MAYBE u will understannd

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37, um , how did you have time to read all that? ha

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Because u totally know that right? People are seriously immature if they think u have to be a certain age to be in love or that u have to be dating for a certain ammount of time. And I know im in love smart one im freakin engaged

#10 - I agree with all of that. OP, I just got out of a relationship of two years. I shed a few tears before (as I knew it was gonna happen) and a few tears after (regretting some things I had said, knowing life was gonna be different without her). But I tell myself that shit happens, we move on and live life. No amount of crying or being depressed is gonna change anything, so why bother? I have better things to do with my life than sit there and mope around all day and bitch and moan about it, and I am sure you do too.

Engaged after seven months, 94? Heh, let us know how that works out.

"When u get some real normal people emotions chickk with the weird picture let us know and MAYBE u will understannd" You, my friend, are so much the sterotype of a whiney teenager who doesn't know what love is. Ffs, seven months together and engaged. You make me roflol. Oh, and for your information, I am 3 years month in a relationship. But ofcourse, seven months is a huge amount of time, you should almost start thinking about grandchildren.

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# 10 is a bit ch for telling her justt to get over it she might b 14 but she obviously had alot of feelings for the guy who dumped her :P

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LOL @ engaged in only 7 months. Yeah that'll work out just great. You sound like a whiny little bitch homeboy. Seriously. "Oh noes!! People on the internet have different opinions because they probably have more age and experience". **** outta here with your emo ass response.

wow 3 months? maybe you should consider having him "put a ring in it" cause I know guys and any guy whi sticks around for THAT long without bringing up the future is hittin somethin on the side! And yeah we have been dating for 7 months but I have been in live with the girl for 4 years but she couldnt date till she was 16

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Oh shit don't shoot! Bitch you don't know me ****** hypocrite. You don't know the story of why we r engaged so ****** soon. So stfu. You don't even got a dayum reason to be commenting. Maybe they do got more experience , Maybe its because they be ****** old as hell. Dont hate ****** wanna be :)

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Wow dude thats intensley racist. Epic fail. Me and my bf have been dating for 8 months and even im smart enough to know im not in love. Dont rush it dude. Instant fail

hey, big talker, I knew I was in love 3 months in, when I was 16. I've been with the same guy for 4 years, I'm 20 now, your age. stop acting all cocky and get off your high horse, he could easily be engaged for that long. not everyone's going to fail like you're making it sound. stop hating on the younger kids.

Honestly now... who cares of the darling is a teenager, or if she may complain a lot or whatever... that was still a harsh way of putting things at that very moment.

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sounds like something my dad would do >_>