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Today, due to a health insurance mix up, my schizophrenic girlfriend has been off her meds for a little over a week. She's convinced I can read her mind, and if I don't stop "pretending" she'll slit my throat in my sleep. Her medication won't be available for at least another two weeks. FML
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Just an update, she is in the hospital doing better, and my throat is in tact. And for everyone telling me to leave her, its not gonna happen

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Take her to the e.r. They have to give her medication when it is this serious

911! Urgent care! Psychiatric Emergency! Pick one! Death threats should not be taken lightly! Seriously, call 911! the hospital will have her meds.


Take her to the e.r. They have to give her medication when it is this serious

Maybe he's afraid to drive her there. What might happen in the car...

Yeah I agree. That's not something to take lightly. And it's not her fault so she won't hate you after. You're looking out for both of your's best interest.

It could be a small town pharmacy and they just don't have it in stock? Or maybe it's out of stock in the area? Either way, this is definitely not something to take lightly. Get her meds for her or temporarily move out for your safety, OP. I would even go so far as to suggest having family members take turn watching her if OP doesn't feel comfortable leaving her alone. OP shouldn't think that his GF won't attack him out of love or whatever since she's not thinking rationally. Good luck to you, OP. support your GF but also look out for your own safety.

40 - their pharmacy isn't out of stock there was an insurance mix up! But yes OP you should do something - I've read stories where people have killed their spouses or others while off their meds and if you don't its only going to get worse! Good luck!

Sometimes if you don't feel safe with her by yourself and can't get to the hospital I heard you can ask for an ambulance to get her there.

Yes, seriously buddy. She needs some serious help. If nothing else, see if you can contact her psychiatrist.

If you don't want to take her to the ER, because of whatever reason, consider this. I work as a manager of a retail pharmacy and in such a situation, when it is a critical, non-narcotic medication, we can provide an emergency supply. It may be limited to two or three days at a time, but it will help and can be gotten again if necessary.

I'm an ER nurse and that also means she could be kept there at least 3 days and sent to a facility for several days or weeks depending on how extreme the situation is. Yes they can help with medication but she won't like the situation. Have you talked to her family and found out how they dealt with her illness in the past?

Just admit that you can read her mind! Then, when she's back on her meds, all will be well.

87, are you an idiot? As a schizophrenic myself, if I were told someone could actually read my mind in the middle of psychosis I would freak out immensely, and the consequences would be horrific. Even if that's a joke it's in poor taste. OP, call an ambulance and have her admitted. I can tell you from personal experience it's best for everyone if she's admitted to hospital. It ensures your safety and your girlfriend will be safer there too. Being off meds is horrible, being in hospital isn't great, but it's the better alternative. Good luck, OP, and don't feel guilty about it, she'll understand once she's out of the worst of the episode.

Oops, sorry, I misread the FML. :(

91) I apologize. I have no prior experience with schizophrenics so I wouldn't know. I realize I may have come across as insulting, like I said, I apologize, but you don't have to say I'm idiot for my ignorance on the subject.

132- Thank you for your maturity here, I appreciate it. I accept your apology, and I in turn apologise for insulting you. I realise many people do lack the experience, but as you can imagine it's quite a personal topic.

137) Thank you, and no worries. I can see where you're coming from.

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I think the sentence would have been better if you wrote *faaaar instead of *farrr Say it out loud, faaaar is just easier to say.

Maybe 2 is a pirate?

Because its the right time to ditch her, when in need. The joys of a relationship!

If he leaves she could hurt herself...yeah take her to the ER!

Hang in there mate :/

Run, Anonymous, Run!!

Seriously, get away as fast as you can and call for medical help.

One question OP, don't take it offensively; why are you dating her if she's a bit crazy? Just wondering

79, the schizophrenics need love too.

Well then I suggest to stop pretending, rapidly.

What if she goes berserk when he "admits" to being able to read her mind? That might end worse.

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Why? I'm sure she's a decent person when she has her medication

911! Urgent care! Psychiatric Emergency! Pick one! Death threats should not be taken lightly! Seriously, call 911! the hospital will have her meds.

So does he call 911? lol

#5: I have a feeling you're one of those people who run around in circles screaming ceaselessly when something goes wrong.

I'm glad I'm not the only one getting a usual of 5 running around with a chicken with his head cut off.

Is it horrible that I burst out laughing at #5 comment?

5150 is right. I learnt long ago what that was after I got the "Van Halen" album with that same title. :P

17 - how do you get a "usual" And why in the hell do you get a mental picture of someone running around with a decapitated chicken when you read 5's comment? Just, you know, a few tiny discrepancies I happened to notice after close reading :)

^that sounds bitchier in writing than it did in my head. I assure you this is intended to be read with a humorous tone, for your comment made me laugh quite a bit, and stare a bit too now that I mention it (I just can't figure out how "like" became "with")

Run and hide OP, run and hide.

You'll have to console her and agree to her every whim, even though it might not necessarily be true. Survival is more important than pride. After all, you can't have pride if you're not alive, can you?

The dead beg to differ.

Take her to the ER or get help with her. Either way, I would be prepared to sleep with one eye open and be alert at all times. Who knows what could happen. A schizophrenic is never predictable. Good luck OP.

Someone with schizophrenia is much more likely to harm themselves than others.

Unless they make active threats against another.

19. You must be talking about depression. Common schizo are paranoid, they are more danger to others than their self.

Goldfish - No, she's correctly talking about schizophrenics. They have a much higher suicide rate than the general public. Look it up.

Also goldfish, the common schizophrenic is not actually a paranoid one. That's just how the media plays them up in tv shows etc.

48 & 50. Tell me which schizo type is suicidal?

All of them. I said look it up, and I will NOT give you the psych lecture here. GO LOOK IT UP.

People living with schizophrenia tend to not be violent toward others, in fact, they are much more likely to harm themselves. And there is a subtype of schizophrenia that is centered around paranoid symptoms. Depending on which type of schizophrenia OP's girlfriend has, I don't she will be a risk to him.

OP's post was simply understandable by non retarded. He simply said the "she will cut his throat". Now tell me where is the risk for self harm. Idiots for those who thumbs down.

I completely agree that it's understandable but, OP should at least try and get some sort of knowledge about his girlfriend's disorder especially if they are living together. The media has spun this disorder to be a violent one when in all actuality it's more so hell for the one suffering from the disorder than anyone else.

Goldfish, are you really that dense, or are you illiterate? About 20-40% of ALL schizophrenics attempt suicide. And about 25% of those will succeed. NOW do you get it? Good. Thanks for making me fucking spell it out for you. Now shut up.

There ya go Doc. Clearly Goldfish doesn't understand anything. You never said Schizophrenics aren't a potential to harm others, just that they are all likely to harm themselves. I don't know how some people make it through daily life.

Not with a bastard doctor. Now save and symphatize the person who made threats but not the potential victim.

Take her to the ER or local doctor- most will be able to give you samples of her meds until her prescription can be filled. And just remember, even though it's scary for you, and hard to see someone you care about like that, it's so much worse for her, and she's probably suffering from the withdrawals too.

Take her to the pharmacy. They can give her an emergency refill and charge it to your insurance up to a month later.

Pharmacies can only give an emergency refill with dr. permission. It'd be easier to go to ER or if they are available, psychologist because her records are more easily accessible.

Any psychiatrist worth a damn would give permission. I know all of the ones I have seen (I move a lot so lots of docs) have a 24 hour emergency number as well to take care of situations like this.

Actually, the pharmacy can give a one time additional refill on any prescription without doctors consent. I have worked as a pharmacy tech for six years.

Oh i worked at a doctors office for 5 years i have gotten countless calls from pharmacies for emergency refills that they needed our doctors permission for. I don't know the exact nitty gritty but it usually just took a quick fax with a signature to fix the issue.