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Today, I came home crying after my boyfriend dumped me for another girl. My dad told me to come tell him what was wrong. I sat down and let it all out, after which he looked up from his book, into my eyes, and gave me his loving advice: "Just cry about it and move on to another bastard." FML
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You know, your dad is right. And every guy will be "another bastard" until the right guy proves him wrong.


Valentina_Baby 7

Well it's true, he wasn't good for you, move on

UMad_Bro 3

As they say, you are one step closer to happily ever after.

All hes saying is that he knew this was gonna happen. Then again it also means u have poor choice in guys. Sorry op

Your father... He is so wise in the ways of the world.

Her dad needs to write a book ASAP. I would so buy.

About as wise as the dad who said almost the same thing not even 2 weeks ago.

LiveLaughFML 10

why are you crying to daddy? mother knows best! duhh :P

fr33m3xican 0

the best words a father can give lol

tweetbaby14 18

Seriously.... That's actually pretty sound advice. If you're not happy with that answer I'll trade you my father*. *disclaimer: my father is a prick that wants nothing to do with his children.

chell1894 13

Yeah, he's actually kinda right. And in his eyes any boy dating his little girl is a bastard.

What's your problem, makes sense to me.

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manlove38 23

I must say that is the best advice I have head. Cry and get on with life there is more fish in the sea! Or in this case basters!!

reddawn85 8

You're dad is a champion at life

reddawn85 8

Yeah, I know it's your not you're. My bad

that's exactly something my dad would say.

guckylynn 19

128 I love basters! They're super useful for cooking!

drawmesunshine 17

My thoughts exactly. If he'll up and leave you like that for some other tart, you deserve better.

And daddy means it with all his heart.

raquelisonfire 5

OP does live in Cali.... It's understandable that there are alot of bastards over there.

Stereotype of California though. Plenty of bastards all over.

beckybecks20 8

I have the weirdest boner right now.

zakkyzebra 11

Not all men are like that, sexist freak....

yeah it was... same thing as saying "that's women for ya" on an FML involving bad driving. but hey, misogyny's so much more offensive than misandry, right?

MichellinMan 20

33- see what happens when you try to act smart?

zakkyzebra 11

Are you people ******* stupid? Did you even bother to look at my gender? Apparently you people are so ******* ignorant as to that to even realize my comment wasn't even sexist.

#126: look it up in a dictionary. it means hatred of men, not exclusively female hatred of men. it comes from the same root words as "misogyny". I agree with your points in the other comment, BTW. #129: you can still stereotype your own sex, and I for one don't appreciate it, especially from a 16 year old kid. so hop off and stop demeaning us real men, yeah?

zakkyzebra 11

131, if you're really going to be a dumb twat about this and bring age into this, then I am going to go right the **** along with the stereotype you just made, you hypocritical ****. I could give less of a flying **** what the hell you think. I'm a teenager. Why should I? If you're such a "real man" as you put it, you wouldn't even bother with something this simplistic. Get off your high horse, you old ****. Stop swinging your elder cane around like you own man-kind.

M0rt 0

Being correct; gotta love it

man up a bit and I wouldn't have to bring age into it. cussing everyone out rather than making actual points just proves how much of a macho idiot you are. so please go on, keep stroking your e-peen, but keep your kiddy sexism to yourself and grow up

zakkyzebra 11

That's the thing. I don't have to give a **** about anything. Why don't you take your own advice. Man up. Get a ******* life. You truly are quite pathetic.

if you didn't give a ****, you wouldn't be arguing and replying back to me would you? *derp*

zakkyzebra 11

What kind of elitist **** actually uses the word *derp* in an argument? God I swear you ******* inbreds are stupid.

Tell me #141, has your dad molested you? Repeatedly?

zakkyzebra 11

That's it. I have lost all faith in humanity.

zakkyzebra 11

Quite humorous, ol' chap. Quite humorous, indeed. And since when have I become Randy savage

zakkyzebra 11

I would like to point out how you guys always bitch about my generation. Whose generation raised my generation?

zakkyzebra 11

KaySL. I am wise enough to know not to argue with you. But. I would put the blame on my parents. You don't even know the people. I'm not mad about all you elderly folks. Hell, I could even argue that I'm not even mad. But I'm not even going to try to explain to you, or anyone else, anything because, well, who would listen to some sixteen year old, eh?

dude, i'm 16, and I still think you got molested...

Iknoweverything 29

It really irks me when people play the "age" card and then fight with the person they claim is immature. When you respond to comments clearly intended to be provocative, you start appearing to be just as immature. Want to play the age card? Don't expect it to work out if you start behaving like whoever you used it on.

zakkyzebra 11

For my failings? Who's to say that I have failed, other than myself?

I read this whole argument and never laughed harder.

I love when people think they make a point by cussing someone out.

zakkyzebra 11

I love how people copy 140's statement just to look cool over the Internet.

lifesuxalways12 0

Lol wow u just mad bunch of morons realize they r morons

jellybellygirl 0

Let's just all calm down and be friends ok? :D

No wonder our generation is looked down upon. We have people like this walking around playing the blame game. All you have is to blame yourself. No one else controls you. All you need to do is to do something instead of sitting around all the the time. Get a job or get intelligent. I know your Going to say "I am smart" or "I have a job".

I actually read everything you people said, and all I can say is: pe-he-he-nis.

Alexisthebestest 16

I didn't see anything wrong with what he said, so why is everyone bitching? You are all making such a big fuss about maturity, yet I have not seen any maturity be portrayed.

219- shhhhhh, this comment thread is better than the FML itself

kitsune3 20

Zakkyzebra, I'm gonna be quite plain here. SHUT UP AND START BEING MATURE OR GET THE **** OFF THE SITE. Thank you.

missjet 0

Ah, don't you just love casual sexism?

KiddNYC1O 20

Kiss my ass, #4! I'm a kind and nice bastard.

A 14 yo talking about men being dicks, excuse me as I go laugh hysterically #13: she'll probably make it her mission in life to get used by at least 10% of that

Actually she's right. I'm a guy and I've never met a nice guy, myself included. Sometimes I just wish I was a homosexual girl it would be so much easier

Huh, I thought mods only commented on extreme derped up comments. *mind blown*

What about me? I'm fairly nice xcept wen u spell lyke dis. Then I tear you a new one.

ikickgingers 15

And all girls are pmsing bitchy drama queens.

Some men are the best guys ever and then again some can be real jerks. I'm a girl but I'm not gonna stick up for bitches either. Some girls are nice, sensitive, etc. just like some males, but some are bitchy ****** and so every1 is different so you can't jut stereotype males with lazy video playing slobs who won't make a sandwich for them selves, but you can't stereotype females as people that can't drive and always make food, do laundry, by groceries etc.

yeah I've been responsible for hooking up every girl I've ever had feelings for with the guys they're with now, so no not every guy is a selfish ****. I'd rather die alone and a virgin than use any girl..... it's true nice guys finish last but a nice guy will always be fine with that because most nice guys are not competitive at all.

Toowoo 3

That's about the gayest thing I've heard all day

Llama_Face89 33

HEY! im nice as ****! if you disagree you can kiss my lily white ass! ^_^

Your father is wise and hurtful but the truth hurts!

kickazz16 15
btnhdude 0

Hakuna.. matata? HAkuna MaTATA!

fatalkiss 0

So your dad basically said "Onto the next one"?

Omg I'm so sorry that your life is this bad. I wonder what the starving kids in Africa think about your terrible situation :(

Got love how honest he is.... He knows most guys are bastards....

kitsune3 20

Technically, not all guys are bastards. I hate to be so literal because I know it doesn't really matter, but the true definition of "bastard" is not an asshole who treats people like shit, or w/e else people use it as. The actual meaning is "a person whom was born to parents not married at the time of conception."