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Today, my boyfriend and I were watching a movie and eating a burger. Feeling frisky, I sat up and took off my shirt. He looked at my chest, at his burger, then back at me and said, "Give me a minute, I don't want my food to get cold." FML
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1- well it's got lettuce, tomato, cheese and is cooked to perfection.

I'm sure he just wanted more energy for the lovin' that explains it!

Maybe it's just me, but I tend not to jump on my bloke whilst he's eating. I certainly wouldn't like it if he did that to me when I have food in my mouth and hand.

I especially love burgers from Wendy's they are so good!

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****.... Burger.... ****.... Burger.... I choose... I choose.... BOTH!!!! Om nom nom.

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That's not fair making a man decide between food and sex. But I choose both also.

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Foods not so good cold. I'm in his side in this one. Sorry. You should know, a way to a mans heart it through his stomach. Next time wait til he's done. Or do it before than get food.

Man card revoked. **** over burgers every time.

lebronesque73091 12

+50 points for taking your shirt off.

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29 - I agree, but would you believe that he does it to me?! And it's really, really annoying. It shouldn't be "never get between a man and his food", it should be "never get between a hungry person and their food". We get primal over stuff like that!

Guys, look at your burger. Now look at your lady, now back to your burger! :D

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123 obviously doesn't know man code.

161 - I thumbed down your comment by mistake. Sorry! :(

I'm guessing OP was thinking "what's your beef!?" heh heh heh.

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Haha I see what you did there... Old Spice FTW

Heey, quit the sexism. I bet the majority of women also like their hot food being hot. Burgers do not deserve to be wasted :(

He obviously was trying to take in more calories, so he had energy to preform better for you. You should thank him.

I have tasted a cold burger before????? Terrible he was smart.

Mans gotta eat when a mans gotta eat. Don't wanna waste that precious food. Although I don't have to eat.

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You don't get between a man and his food.

Hey man good call...the boobs will be there after the cheeseburger is gone hahaha

He obviously wants to spend time w/ you, more than enough time for his food to get cold

I believe its sexist and dont get so easily offended and for this matter you shouldnt be offended at all

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Bull Shit! Whenever my ex took off her cloths I dropped everything. Of course we broke up since then.

Yeah how will have energy to have sex otherwise

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^ I think it's funny how they both forgot the "we" in their comments..

25 is trollin, or coincidentally made a mistake.

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Either way I got a chuckle out of both their comments, thumbs up for you both! :)

I have to say, I really hate when my food goes cold, and burgers aren't very good to warm up

Seems reasonable.. For most men food > woman, as sad as that is.

Yeah lucky for us turtles it's; Women > Food. That's why we be pimpin'

haha yeah. this FML is hilarious but OP shouldn't take it personally. *makes burger*

Well considering you need food to live, that seems reasonable.

98: Of course, but my point is in regards to an average man in a relationship who can satisfy his hunger after satisfying his woman.

Actually, he might not have wanted to get food all over her while going down... he was thinking of her.

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My boyfriend begs to differ loll

Schizomaniac 24

She correctly used the comma, your argument is invalid.

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Schizomatic's argument is correct ad very much valid. Read a book :)

How is it an argument?? It was a (funny) question about her use of one. You thumb-downers need to not follow people who "correct" the grammar of others.

119 - "(You) Give me a minute" is a complete sentence, "I don't want my food to get cold" is also a complete sentence. That is indeed a comma splice. P.S. Did you like the comma splice in my comment?

I actually did not due to the fact that it was an incorrect usage of the comma. A for effort though:)

For your information, I am a 4.0 student and read many books.

I would have definitely waited until after burgers. Food is important

He's doing it wrong. With a girl like that, she should be what you're eating! No burger is more important than boobs! Lol Also its easier to warm a burger after its cooled down compared to a woman...

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#6- I agree, this man has his priorities straight! #56- But burgers from a restaurant usually don't taste as good if you re-heat them! Plus, if you're having trouble "warming up" a girl, you're doing it wrong. Or you know, you could mix the 2 things you want... eating a burger while having sex! She might not mind. Actually that sounds pretty awesome, time to go to Wendy's and then Wal-Mart afterwards!! (that's where you pick up the classy women)

Are you kidding #56? Burgers are impossible to heat up without taking them apart and making a giant mess. The girlfriend should have been able to wait for five minutes until he was done eating.

62- That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George takes food to bed.

69, more like 3 seconds... Men inhale the food anyway. She was being spoiled.

Im a girl , I wouldn't **** a guy either when I am eating , yea right , baby boy better wait . FOD ( food over dicks ) #fatass status .

GoW_Chick 14

I don't know... I think we crossed over to an alternate dumbass dimension.

9- this is not twitter for **** sakes! #itlooksstupidandnoonecares

I'm sorry but by your looks and comment I'm actually surprised you wouldn't just pull a double whammy and eat him. By the way, FOD is pointless. We have way to many abbreviations as it is. Don't add to the clusterfuck. Ktnxbye

RedPillSucks 31

And I was just going to use the ADD (Alternate Dumbass Dimension) to add to the list. Gow_Chick will have to copyright that.

GoW_Chick...i've always been curious, are you a fan of God of War and that's what the GoW stands for? maybe that's just me being a nerd but i've always wondered

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You are freaking hilarious DocBastard.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

9 Does not make sense. Does that head of yours have a brain? Or did someone drop you when you were a baby? I'll never get those few seconds of my life back. Thanks, assface.

55 - too many* 92 - I always thought it was gears of war

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16 year olds should not be '*******' guys anyway!! Be a kid FFS!!

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Translation: I am a woman, I would not partake in intercourse with a man while simultaneously consuming my food either, as if, that young man better be patient! COP (Consumables Over Penises) #ThisIsOnlyMeantForTwitter.

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I want to post something that gets a quirky response from DocBastard......

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I was about to rant on this girl, but you guys already did it for me....

I thought he was gonna say that the burger was bigger than your boobs.

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Guess he likes bread buns over the real ones

KiddNYC1O 20

And you already have a few rolls, Snooki.