By elisimo - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I were watching a movie and eating a burger. Feeling frisky, I sat up and took off my shirt. He looked at my chest, at his burger, then back at me and said, "Give me a minute, I don't want my food to get cold." FML
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Foods not so good cold. I'm in his side in this one. Sorry. You should know, a way to a mans heart it through his stomach. Next time wait til he's done. Or do it before than get food.

  diidiimi  |  10

29 - I agree, but would you believe that he does it to me?! And it's really, really annoying. It shouldn't be "never get between a man and his food", it should be "never get between a hungry person and their food". We get primal over stuff like that!

  DjeePee  |  24

Heey, quit the sexism. I bet the majority of women also like their hot food being hot.
Burgers do not deserve to be wasted :(

  OriginalimoaN  |  15

How is it an argument?? It was a (funny) question about her use of one. You thumb-downers need to not follow people who "correct" the grammar of others.

  Sielune  |  8

119 - "(You) Give me a minute" is a complete sentence, "I don't want my food to get cold" is also a complete sentence. That is indeed a comma splice.

P.S. Did you like the comma splice in my comment?

  Yodaevil  |  4

He's doing it wrong. With a girl like that, she should be what you're eating! No burger is more important than boobs! Lol

Also its easier to warm a burger after its cooled down compared to a woman...


#6- I agree, this man has his priorities straight!

#56- But burgers from a restaurant usually don't taste as good if you re-heat them! Plus, if you're having trouble "warming up" a girl, you're doing it wrong.

Or you know, you could mix the 2 things you want... eating a burger while having sex! She might not mind. Actually that sounds pretty awesome, time to go to Wendy's and then Wal-Mart afterwards!! (that's where you pick up the classy women)

  Callyn  |  47

Are you kidding #56? Burgers are impossible to heat up without taking them apart and making a giant mess. The girlfriend should have been able to wait for five minutes until he was done eating.

By  Jenchixo  |  1

Im a girl , I wouldn't fuck a guy either when I am eating , yea right , baby boy better wait . FOD ( food over dicks ) #fatass status .

  copo37  |  7

I'm sorry but by your looks and comment I'm actually surprised you wouldn't just pull a double whammy and eat him. By the way, FOD is pointless. We have way to many abbreviations as it is. Don't add to the clusterfuck. Ktnxbye

  Pentium_4  |  26

GoW_Chick...i've always been curious, are you a fan of God of War and that's what the GoW stands for? maybe that's just me being a nerd but i've always wondered

  Namerkp2  |  8

Translation: I am a woman, I would not partake in intercourse with a man while simultaneously consuming my food either, as if, that young man better be patient! COP (Consumables Over Penises) #ThisIsOnlyMeantForTwitter.