By Harry - United Kingdom


Today, I was doing my paper round. I got to the last house and thought I had done everything right. I checked my list of houses, and I had done every single one wrong. I went and got all the papers back and delivered them again. That was when I realised I did them right in the first place. FML
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  TrixieKitty  |  5

OP is from the UK. Believe it or not, people from different parts of the world say things differently than Americans. I know... I know... I just blew your mind... Try to broaden your horizons a little...

  Fop  |  6

Intelligence does not lie only in grammar.

Several, yes, several math teachers that I know of can not pronounce "R." They can do math, however.

If I didn't care about grammar I wouldn't write as well as I do, would that automatically make me stupid?