Hangry sex

By Krissy - 06/04/2012 02:11 - United States

Today, during sex, my boyfriend stopped and asked if he could eat a sandwich while we do it. FML
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At least he didn't ask you to make it.

Gotta refill the calories he's burning.


At least he didn't ask you to make it.

Hell, he would probably be willing to share!

More energy = more sexy time, I don't get why "u mad".

A pastrami sandwich is the most sensual of all the cured meats

that guy knows his shit.

That's what I was thinking too

Haha very very true that would've been funnier though

28- Seinfeld reference!!! Lol

If she had said yes he probably would hav asked her to make it.

Gotta refill the calories he's burning.

This FML reminds me of a Seinfeld episode from along time ago.

This is completely out of topic: what's the dress in your profile pic called? Or who is the designer? Beautiful.

^quote from Seinfeld?

Marchesa, from spring '11

Also @wellnevermind, thanks for saying...I wish it was actually mine!

The dude got hungry what is wrong with that lol

Yeah, I mean, it is a legitimate workout

food or secks....both!

secks?! are you fuckin kidding me?!!!! o_O

o god secks seriously how old are you?? um no offence

5 - If you are going to type like that, go to I Can Has Cheezeburger

old enough to know what it is, despite my spelling that has offended a few.

I normally don't give a shit if someone misspells something, but when you are trying to be cute, don't

i wasn't trying to be cute. it was my failed attempt at trying to be funny. also, i noticed your profile pic has icanhazcheeseburgers' troll.

But I avoid all those forums to the pictures (especially those involving animals) like the plague.

and add some homemade mayo to it in the process?! :D

That's just nasty...

no...never...ew :( i think i threw up a little thinking about a perfectly good sandwich being ruined by man milk :( thanks a lot

51- The Epic Milk Man doesn't like Man Milk?? Something's wrong here..

You all are fucking sick and disgusting. He's obviously referring to actual homemade mayo. Gawd, why does everything have to be sexual these days?

Ewwwww >.<

Give her a break she's jus bein funny good 1 btw

Ewwww Reenkaur that would be okay if it was a girl but he's a guy! Ew...

I see the problem. Having his mouth and hands occupied could be disappointing.

if a mans hungry he's hungry

So in the middle of having sex with a girl you would ask to eat a sandwich. You probably will never get the chance to have sex with her again. Just saying

Shouldve said, "only if you eat it off of me".

I see nothing wrong with that !

29- That's only because your a woman....

The only thing wrong with that would be if he didn't consider the sandwich needs of his partner.