Hangry sex

By Krissy - 06/04/2012 02:11 - United States

Today, during sex, my boyfriend stopped and asked if he could eat a sandwich while we do it. FML
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BRicci17 4

At least he didn't ask you to make it.

DEzey 0

Gotta refill the calories he's burning.


BRicci17 4

At least he didn't ask you to make it.

Hell, he would probably be willing to share!

More energy = more sexy time, I don't get why "u mad".

A pastrami sandwich is the most sensual of all the cured meats

Drew7497 7

Haha very very true that would've been funnier though

Igor_g5 0

If she had said yes he probably would hav asked her to make it.

DEzey 0

Gotta refill the calories he's burning.

This FML reminds me of a Seinfeld episode from along time ago.

This is completely out of topic: what's the dress in your profile pic called? Or who is the designer? Beautiful.

bizarre_ftw 21

Also @wellnevermind, thanks for saying...I wish it was actually mine!

The dude got hungry what is wrong with that lol

Yeah, I mean, it is a legitimate workout

secks?! are you ****** kidding me?!!!! o_O

o god secks seriously how old are you?? um no offence

PYLrulz 17

5 - If you are going to type like that, go to I Can Has Cheezeburger

old enough to know what it is, despite my spelling that has offended a few.

PYLrulz 17

I normally don't give a shit if someone misspells something, but when you are trying to be cute, don't

i wasn't trying to be cute. it was my failed attempt at trying to be funny. also, i noticed your profile pic has icanhazcheeseburgers' troll.

PYLrulz 17

But I avoid all those forums to the pictures (especially those involving animals) like the plague.

and add some homemade mayo to it in the process?! :D

TheEpicMilkMan 13

no...never...ew :( i think i threw up a little thinking about a perfectly good sandwich being ruined by man milk :( thanks a lot

mel_aka_mic 5

51- The Epic Milk Man doesn't like Man Milk?? Something's wrong here..

You all are ******* sick and disgusting. He's obviously referring to actual homemade mayo. Gawd, why does everything have to be sexual these days?

jsant11 0

Give her a break she's jus bein funny good 1 btw

Ewwww Reenkaur that would be okay if it was a girl but he's a guy! Ew...

I see the problem. Having his mouth and hands occupied could be disappointing.


if a mans hungry he's hungry

glee_club 0

So in the middle of having sex with a girl you would ask to eat a sandwich. You probably will never get the chance to have sex with her again. Just saying

Shouldve said, "only if you eat it off of me".

29- That's only because your a woman....

The only thing wrong with that would be if he didn't consider the sandwich needs of his partner.