By oumalina - 12/08/2010 01:54 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I ordered pizza and watched a movie. After dinner we started to make out. I began to take my clothes off when he stopped me. He said that sex is exercise and you can't exercise for 30 minutes after eating. FML
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haha isn't that the rule for swimming or something

Raleigh_bruh 7

The real Fml here is that you two made out after eating pizza.. Not a very appetizing taste you want in your mouth mixed with someone else's saliva. :/


ChelseaXD 0

hahah..your boyfriend is lame.

Blue_Coconuts 7

I eat and swim all the time... Well whenever my girlfriend feels like skinny dipping anyway. Zing.

kellanlvr 1

haha he was just looking out for you xD didn't want you to cramp up or anything

maybe he has GERD and doesnt want to mini vomit in your mouth. or burp on your pussy while going down on you.

yasmeenjonasx3 0

what a loser. i wouldve had sex while waiting for the pizza to be delivered.

zach55 0

that's the rules.

at least he's looking out for your health...hahaha. I bet he doesn't swim for an hour after eating :P

Shookitup 0

well it was probably amazing since you waited, let that pizza put extra cushion for the pushin XD

attention!! everyone stop what you are doing!! I have an important announcement!! testicles. that is all.

zach55 0

family guy reference FTW!

compliments 0


pizza gives me gas

mebecatie 0


He must not love you. Because sex withOUT LOVE it's just excercise......

WhooperFTW 0

It turns me on. Idk about you guys

the_flirtt 0

hah did he stretch too ?

Sockmonnser 0

I'm assuming the pizza was better then you are, OP?

lol. brush your teeth fatty.

Brittney_E 0

haha good one 60! family guy reference, ^-^

see op is just whiny. if she woulda went ahead n had sex she woulda wrote an fml bout cramps during sex.

sactownsfinest 0

he should of ask if you had room for a cockmeat sammich! haha

Izzy_babii 0

lol he ddnt want you to cramp up during an orgasm >_<

What a pussy. A real man could f**k and eat pizza at the same time. Dump his ass.

a REAL man can fuck a pizza and eat something else too.

kford23 0

atleast hes looking out for you. he could have said okay lets do it and you wouldve gotten a cramp.

xxhannahxx1204 2

in soviet russia pizza fuck you :P

Straka 0

.......what guy rejects sex?

Aww how cute ! lol he cares ! lol.

dickster 0

YDI whore.

well..he's right now isn't he lol ;)

i told me gene from the magical land of leprichauns to do that...

face it. he's trying to prolong the sex with you cuz you're horrible.

your boyfriend is a dumbass. fyl

mmayawn 0

he don't deserve u shit just gimme a call

Karnezar 2

Sex without love is just sex. Sex with love is marriage.

CptGap 0

oh no u had to wait 30 minutes to have sex oh no at least u get sex. I don't get no sex

mesera 0

momentum 0

learn to take a hint.

hahhahaahaha sux for op, but u gotta luv that boyfriends

22cute 17

So dance naked in front of him for 30 min, Op! He should change his mind.

GrammarNaziBoy 0

That's a sign... he doesn't want you, perhaps?

haha isn't that the rule for swimming or something

twinny_sc 13

Yea that's what I thought.

too bad he put u over pizza. ur bf is fat fail

samicna 4

hope you went swimming instead

u should strike him, lol fyl

Raleigh_bruh 7

The real Fml here is that you two made out after eating pizza.. Not a very appetizing taste you want in your mouth mixed with someone else's saliva. :/

Chrisskiies 0

You haven't lived till you made out with someone after eating pizza Ra. Just sayin'. lol

too_dopee 0


The way you type is a turn off.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Nah, it's not a win. He forgot to put 'just saying.' But thank you for agreeing with me, one chick up there. ^ :]

mebecatie 0

lol yeah it is gross. that's y I also brush my teeth and take a mint before I go n e where near my boyfriend(:

3son_fail3 0

48 haha nice

Your breath after eating isn't an issue as long as you both were eating the same thing. IE: if your makeout/fornication partner doesn't eat onions, then you shouldn't either. But if you both do, you won't notice it in each other's breath/saliva.

your username matches your typing. (:

which was directed at #43.

sweetdreams999 0

your boyfriend is calling you fat. see how long he can go without 'exercising' and he'll be the one writing the next fml. lol

abcman94 0

fat girls turn me on. as long as they're just a little chubby. and not huge. LOL

Wow.....Shank him