By Anonymous - Sweden
Today, my family is going to the USA for Christmas after being lucky and getting their tickets re-booked. My ticket was canceled due to the snow, and will not be re-booked. Merry Christmas to me, myself and a bottle of wine. FML
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Believe me, you got nothing to worry about. If they do that, it means they don't deserve you. Also, I can see you are from Sweden. I went there this summer and I would never leave that country for USA.


Sweden in the summer is a very different place than Sweden in the winter. When you were there, it was warm and sunny most of the day. Now it's cold, snowy, and dark most of the time. If OP lives far enough north I'm pretty sure its 24 hours darkness there right now.

  WishResign  |  0

31, you're from Romania... of course you think that, you're from a 3rd world country. you've probably never been here. all this luxury would make you feel inferior. it makes sense to me, poor guy.

  rawrbassasaur  |  7

this is my opinion (kind of a fact, too).
USA is the best country in the world, I've traveled to various other countries and I currently live in spain and I don't see why so much want to visit Europe, I would give anything to be able to go back!
but that's just me :3

  satomi_ishida  |  0

25 - You'd give anything to go back because that's where your family and memories are I'd wager? Everyone always misses where they spent the most time and had the most happy memories. People like traveling because they get to experience a new culture and explore a new place. I went to Japan a few years ago and I want to live there, that's how much I love it lol.

OP, I understand you wanted to visit a new place. Sorry it didn't happen.

  Solveig22  |  0

Let's not try telling eachother which country is better. You can't judge ALL of Europe based on a few countries. I didn't like the US, But that doesn't mean it's not a good place.

  spanelli  |  16

Exactly. There are awesome places everywhere, but other places are pretty shitty. It doesn't make the whole country, continent, world for that matter, lame. :)

By  citybiotch  |  0

oh well family holiday times are over rated!
seriously use Skype... have them put it on there and place the screen at the spot u would've sat at and then u can participate and it will be the next beat thing to being there in the flesh!
We have done that many times when my husband had been overseas....we carry the lap top around and he gets to see and talk to everyone!