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Today, my co-worker handed me a note. The note said, "If you can, please take a shower once in a while." The smell was coming from the broken bathroom next to my office. FML
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Okay, possible responses you can write back: A: "He who smelt it dealt it." B: "FYI, The draft in the office comes from your direction." C: "Considering your breath, I think you'd be used to the aroma." D: "The bathroom is broken, it happened the last time you planted your fat ass on the toilet." E: (If the person is a woman) "Honey, it's not me, try closing your legs." F: (if the person is a male) "Honey, try actually touching the toilet paper to your ass when you wipe." Or how about the plain and simple... G: "Grow the **** up!"


Just send a note back pointing out the bathroom is the sourse of the smell

Or better yet, tape the note on the bathroom door.

**** sake 2 stop feeding the grammar nazis!!

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* For ****'s sake How's that for feeding the Grammar Nazis? ;)

47- another feeble attempt to flirt with a woman who isn't aware of your existence. Better luck next time, champ.

Actually, you can say "****'s sake", Instead of "For ****'s sake".

Would you rather that or they do it face to face? If you had decent hygiene in the first place.. Take a damn shower.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of the fml that they DO have decent hygiene? Their coworker has made a mistake? I mean, they could still not be very hygienic, or they could be absolutely perfectly clean. The fml doesn't confirm either way, but seems to imply that the coworker is mistaken.

I feel as though OP is making up an excuse. I doubt OP's coworker is dumb enough to think that OP smelled like urine/feces rather than down right body odor. I'm adamant on the point that OP is smelly.

Umm, there are people that are dumb enough to believe that a person could smell like shit and piss(and there are people who smell like that).

It is an office environment according to the post. And um (OP would have been talked to by management if he/she smelled like urine/feces).

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If the toilet is broken, it may smell like raw sewage which has a different smell than feces or urine.

#4, I usually agree with u but... I thibk your way pff on this one I dout that he is making an excuse I mean what would be the point of posting the gml?

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I'm glad! If you didn't we'd all be concerned...

Maybe you should just take a shower anyways! ;)

Why am I thumbed down? I just wanted OP to be clean even though the smell isn't them.

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Take the shower before wild office rumors spread

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It smells like the "rumors" have already spread

I blame my stank on other things too OP. Uhhh, the bathroom stinks, yeah that's the ticket.

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My lip Tats way more badass than yours

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Are you sure they were just talking about today, or has this been a on going battle, and you were just able to blame the broken bathroom this time...

You're the same guy who blames his farts on the dog, aren't you? Just own up and wash your funk, Stinky.