By Anonymous - 31/05/2012 10:22 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad started his mid-life crisis. Instead of a Porsche or a Ferrari, he bought a tractor. Goodbye summer holiday. FML
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tony1891 22

a tractor? doesn't sound like mid life crisis to me. sounds like he's starting a farm. all you need now is some animals.

I don't understand why this is so bad? So it's not a bad ass car.. Tractors hold value better anyway.


Mikeskinner 7

Oh bro, I am so sorry.

I'd rather have a tractor than a Porsche or a Ferrari.

Right bro? It sucks! But seriously though, stop with the bro comments, it's so old now. Doesn't anybody pay attention when other commenters say that?

How is bro annoying? Oh, I forgot this is FML where you suffer the wrath of people

A tractor is something that a redneck would buy just for kicks

Tractors are cool, especially John Deer tractors!

21- It's annoying when it's overused. Which is is on nearly every FML. Not to mention everywhere else too.

Megan98 18

That sounds like something my dad would do... -_-

amandajlucas2015 2

Ummm no y don't u shut up unless u know Wut ur talkin about.. U buy a tractor to help u w ur work not just to ride around dumbass

Llamacod 11

hey amanda, how exactly does one "...ride around on dumbass"? is that some kind of new, man made material for roads? I could see how that works: contractor "I'm so glad you called me to pave your driveway, what would you like: pea gravel, cement, blacktop or we have this new material called dumbass and its great."

I'm not defending anything, but I have a full sized tractor for like 3-4 acres of land. I guess people just like to keep up with the Jones'

In my opinion, the best cars are old fashioned ones. Cadillacs, Chevrolets etc. I can't take modern 'supercars' seriously because Michael Bay exists. For this reason, I'd rather own a tractor than a Porsche or a Ferrari. But I'd rather own a Plymouth Roadrunner or a '71 Impala than a tractor.

Modern super cars a very nice. But a Porsche and a Ferrari are not super cars. Bugatti Veyron is as well as the SLR Mclaren as 2 examples.

You missed the point.

The poor guy even did a research

I'm sorry, that sucks! at least he ain't obsessed over cars.....

what's wrong with being obsessed with cars??????

RacistPancake 6

Does your mom think his tractor's sexy?

nonnieluv 9

Um I think cars are better to obsess about I mean if my dad went through a mid-life crisis and bought a camaro he would never see it again. Miiiiinnnnnneeeeee

Awesome bro. Now help him soup it up. Have a super summer.

Tractors run on soup?

1710_fml 0

Holy **** that's funny no he means make it faster by soup it up

xxmel 6

Make a new reality show out of it, Pimp my Tractor.

Killuhk 8

Tractor pulls are always fun :)

siickman 7

Idk what tractors you have been riding 66 but i dont see the "fun" in tractor pulls. What do those things top at anyways? Lol 20mph?

I don't understand why this is so bad? So it's not a bad ass car.. Tractors hold value better anyway.

it could be a Lamborghini tractor but I doubt it because they cost so much!

I think op is implying that he will be expected to help farm during his summer holidays. Hence the tractor.

I don't think it's too bad either. At least he's not referring to himself as "Memnoch of Pleiades" now.

The ladies love my tractor. And Hank Hill. He loves it the most.

Tractors help feed the world! Without modern technology we would not have enough food to feed our growing population!

_ebbonyy 11

Spend your holidays borrowing his tractor to pick up boys/girls literally instead! I'm sure you'll have just as much fun. :)

tony1891 22

a tractor? doesn't sound like mid life crisis to me. sounds like he's starting a farm. all you need now is some animals.

Your picture is disturbing....

Llamacod 11

or through a drive-thru for that matter

tony1891 22

my picture is disturbing? you`re the one killed bambi lol

You'd look like a boss driving it down the highway! But then again, you'd probably get arrested, so nevermind.

No he wouldn't get arrested it is not illegal to drive farm equipment on the road!

15- But he didn't say road, he said highway. The place where you drive 100 km/h... I'm pretty sure that would be illegal.

Oh, sorry Skittihorse (82). I was looking at your picture, my bad.

Megan98 18

We drive our RTV and tractors down the highway legally, because we have an orange sign in the shape of a triangle on the back of them.

51& 96 thank you I should of mentioned the orange triangle

smydiwannafthata 5

Ah, Ferrari or Porsche are too mainstream. He is the true hipster.

perdix 29

Hey, it worked great for the dude on "Green Acres!" He got a tractor and was nailing a hot blonde out in the country. Let's see a ******' tiny sports car do that for you!

perdix 29

You're not going to make me sing, are you? *clears throat* Green Acres is the place for me Farm livin' is the life for me Land spreadin' out so far and wide Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. Take it...

XTheDesertSongX 17

Perdix, what happened to you? You used to be the best commenter!

Great now you got that stupid song stuck in my head.

XTheDesertSongX 17

Ah, nevermind. It was taking me forever to realize your comment. I thought what you were saying made no sense. Sorry, that's what finals do to you, though.

perdix 29

#61, sorry about that. Just sing "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" a few hundred times and that will in-stick the "Green Acres" theme. YWIA Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed...

At least its a new tractor and not a new wife.

1710_fml 0