By raebelle - 02/06/2011 17:32 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I went shooting. While I was showing him how to properly hold and adjust a rifle, he accidentally pulled the trigger. The gun kicked back and hit me in the face, breaking my nose. FML
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xGabri3L 3

He hasn't the slightest ******* clue about real firearms, he clearly DOES play Call of Duty...


what kind of guy doesn't know how to shoot a gun properly..

Ryan0510 0

I love how your the one teaching HIM how to shoot a gun.

He hasn't the slightest ******* clue about real firearms, he clearly DOES play Call of Duty...

^^ Hell yeah. He spent to much time stroking his dick to pictures of COD and never became a real man. What a goddam pussy.

I knew how to fire a gun properly the first time I saw one. it wasn't that hard.

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He should just stick to call of duty

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well op cold be teaching him how to aim properly and also how not to get bruises on his arm

old mcdonald hit his girlfriend in the nose with a gun... now he owns a farm where his only friends are animals... guess we know how that turned out

Same here 52. I wasn't ready for the recoil on some, but holding the gun just came naturally. :P

So which is worse? The fact that you owned ur bf in guns or ur face getting smashed?

I think he already has a smaller gun, if you know what I mean.

puhhh... guys. you have to teach them everything.

What a tard. I'm 16 and I've shot a .44 mag and almost everything below it. nbd. I don't even live in the south!

rallets 22

at least the gun didnt kick forward

riiiight keep thinking it was a "accident".

I don't think either of u should be handling firearms. till u both get proper training.

I learned how to hold a pistol from watching that "Top Shot" show on History. Pretty easy stuff, and a regular rifle shouldn't be that hard.

I agree with 192. Why was the gun even loaded? You obviously don't know basic firearm safety, so you shouldn't be teaching anyone.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Isn't usually the men who handle guns not women? Maybe he was trying to 'no scope' and failed and hit u in the kisser :P

Its simple mistakes like this that get people hurt alot and possibly killed. My father is a carpenter who works in a gang infested area, about once a week a kids head is blown off by street fights n shit. Now a days people who have guns are more a risk to themselves then other if they dont handle them right or treat them with care. the op got off easy

199 oblivion is the best game ever, can't wait until Skyrim.

aright people just cause somebody plays COD doesn't mean they can't shoot for real. for example I play COD and I shoot real guns and iv only been hurt twice and both times it was unavoidable

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hes not a redneck republican, thats why he cant shoot a gun

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my boyfriend doesn't know how to handle one either, I have hunted all my life so I was trained around guns where he hasn't, maybe her and her boyfriend have a similar situation. handling a gun in real life is nothing like on video games like my boyfriend tends to think.

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215 haha I'm a redneck republican nice pic by the way

Your boy friend forgot step 1 First you must buy her lots of life insurance, then it's time fir the shooting range accident.

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yeah I'm a girl and it's really not hard to hold a gun. my first time trap shooting I held it a few millimeters away from my body so I bruised when it kicked back but thats it. at least he didn't accidentally pull the trigger when it was aimed at you

MrFlintstone 5

half way through this fml i thought you were shot op

yak526 0

my thought too, pardon my sexism but she was teaching him? I see who wears the pants in this relationship

there's more to guns than point, shoot, reload. trigger discipline is key, along with proper handling of the weapon, holding it in safe position, cleaning, reloading, cocking, cycling, and holding it in a safe firing position to allow safety to the user

there's more to guns than point, shoot, reload. trigger discipline is key, along with proper handling of the weapon, holding it in safe position, cleaning, reloading, cocking, cycling, and holding it in a safe firing position to allow safety to the user

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pistol shooting isn't easy just cus the top shot ppl are good doesn't mean it's easy

WTF, that has nothing to do with marksmanship.

At least the gun wasn't pointed the other way?

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how do u accidentally pull the trigger?!

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OP is nosey :P Yeah, I know it made no sense, but it just felt right to say. Ha ha

what rednecks... most people in the city besides cops never fired a rifle.

Hubert. I live in the city and I shoot all the time. Go back to playing your call of duty, let us big boys talk in private. Thank you.

Yes i am most people. The majority of people in the united states own a gun, that is a fact. So most people have fired a gun. So please take your bitch ass out of here and go play with your barbies.

family guy ftw! and 42, you're a moron

You know what, I'll take that last comment back. About 45% of Americans owning one or more guns but there are 9guns for every 10 people.

shift_love 13

pow right in the kisser! pow right in the kisser! pow right in the kisser! fat guy

Wow. I like how many Girlie men there are here. ******* Panzy Asses.

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where in this did they say they were in the city? and if you are in the country you need to know how to fire a gun. rabid animals? someone breaking into your home? when you live miles down dirt roads you have to be able to deal with problems yourself. you may never need to fire it, but you sure as hell better own one and know how to use it

TheFennerrr 2

Your boyfriends f*cked you again!

sxe_beast 11

"what rednecks... most people in the city besides cops never fired a rifle." Hunting is a family tradition for a lot of the guys in our family. A LOT of very wealthy people enjoy hunting, not just rednecks.

Whether you need it or not, it's just one of those things that a dude who doesn't want his man card revoked should know how to do. Sounds chauvinistic, but it's true. I've never owned a gun, nor has my family, but I sure as hell have used shotguns and .22's with my friends just to know how to use one. And it's fun :-)

I live in NYC and most young adults don't own or have fired a gun. Hence how I said I. the city. Most people upstate or Pennsylvania in fact do own guns. And you thing your a big guy by fitting a gun? your all talk and you should know guns don't prove anything. what happened to the days where clubs or gangs of real men would fist fight or box to prove who's bigger. Next time make sure you have a pic of yourself too.

wow excuse the poor spelling I'm on my iPhone...

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Hubert your still a dumbass

epilepsy- ever your cat is manlier than me

Okay bitch first off you are a pussy. Second, never did I once say that you should fight someone with a gun, I said that you are a girlie man and borderline un-American (no matter how stupid that sounds) to not know how to handle a gun. I personally think those gang banging dumbasses who carry a gun are even bigger ******* because they don't know how to handle it nor can they defend themselves without it. I own many guns but would only use them in self defense if the guy had a gun himself. If I wanted to make myself look like a big tough man I would start talking like one and talk about how much I kick ass. I've had some shit with some pretty big people both physically and figuritively and had the shit kicked out of me many times and I respect those guys because they aren't little pussy birches who hide behind their guns.

bibit1990 2

hmmm...? epilepsy:1 Hubert:....0 bahahaha!!!! xD

I live in Minneapolis. Almost everyone in my family hunts, and everyone fishes. We have to travel farther to do it, but that doesn't stop us. Also, as far as big cities and guns go, ever heard of gangs?

86 , i live in the country and Imnassuming you dont, rabid anaamils? sure there are dangerous ones like bears wolves etc, but saying "rabid" anaimals makes you sound like a tool whos whatches too much t.v

218-Nice pic, MW2 and all...better if it was XBL insteand of PSN. :P On the subject, guns is fun as hell cuz they blow shit up and stufff. You should all try it :)

218, sure rabies isn't as much of a threat as it used to be, but including it in a list of reasons why owning a gun is necessary in the country doesn't make 86 a tool. If some random animal comes up and bites you, you can bet that any respectable healthcare establishment will want to take precautions against rabies. The only person sounding like a tool right now is you. We don't need any more reasons for the world to think country people are stupid, as we have people like Kellie Pickler for that, so in the future, please try to consider the facts and make use of spell check before calling someone out.

Hubert, I'm from New York and I know and have gone hunting with many people from New York. I also met lots of people (not just cops) who owned both hunting rifles and handguns, so I don't know what you are talking about.

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this is why i hate america, everyone owns ******* guns, back to where i came from, fist fights are the shit, so real men have to work out to prove something. every ******* pussy could own and shoot a gun ( look up that colombine incident ) it takes real men to pound the shiz outta someone else.

42- come to Saint Louis. highest crime rate in the nation. and you'll get to see the "city folk" shoot guns in all different types of scenarios: like bank robberies, drive by, etc.

'Cause the only "city" we know are American cities. Self-centered idiot.

255- are you stupid? that's everywhere. We are discussing private ownership of a gun for hunting or like they said self-defense. You have wanna be gangsters everywhere.

bigfoot89 4

number 87 if your so butch and masculine why u trolling FML commenting on things? I Imagine u to be one of those really short kids who over compensates and wanna fights everyone

Snowstar 0

Yeah, this could have been way worse. At first, I thought the FML would end with her in the hospital with bullet wounds to her foot or leg or something.

Trupe 3

I know. I thought you were gonna get shot or something. I'd be happy with a broken nose in this situation.

112 I'll be happy if I walked away with no injuries.

Jesus! Haven't you heard of a safety. I mean the kind that locks the trigger? O.o

*safety off* "This, is my safe" >:| (Black Hawk Down Reference) :P

Should have got a better boyfriend who can shoot a gun properly. Wheyy

Redneck42 0

what kind of man can't shoot a gun

thats what I'm saying what kind of man cant shoot a gun

Or a guy who at least understands trigger safety, do not put your finger inside the trigger guard or on the trigger until you are ready to shoot, simple.

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Actually, I believe it was "accidentally". I'm just sayin'. :)

haha he was probly ashamed because he didn't know how to shoot a gun and his girlfriend had to show him. so he "accidentally" pulled the trigger

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because she/he has to fill the empty void that is her life by trolling the Internet. That is why.

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you made me feel less manly.

Redneck42 0

he shouldn't even feel like a man. he should be telling her how to do it.

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tell him to stand in front of your gun while you pull the trigger.

freaking hot chi ca! oh and what kind of man doesnt know how to shoot a rifle! pull his man card ASAP !!!