By jsalmons - 02/06/2011 17:39 - Germany

Today, I flew home to Germany to see my wife before I'm deployed, only to find her in bed with another guy. She explained that she wants us to stay together, but she can't take a year without being intimate with someone. FML
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Pimp slap her for me will ya? People like her piss me off, buy a damn ***** and call it good if you can't handle your man being away for so long.

What a bitch. She didn't even make it for one day, let alone a year. Dump her ass.


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Bring her along for the fun!

Get a bunch of guys to brutally gang rape her and tell her that she can be intimate with them. **** this cheating bitch.

Divorce her ass. if she can't stand by you when your serving your country she can go f**k herself.

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82- Or she can go f*** that other guy... Just saying.

Pro: she's honest!! Con: you caught her before telling you!! Sorry OP :(

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lol you fail at life, your prob the reason for dumb blond jokes

this was my first thought. Seriously OP, if she can't do without banging someone, you definitely can do without her.

Humans aren't meant to be monogamous--making her (or anyone) go without for a year would be a pretty cruel demand! At least now you know who she is sleeping with and you can make arrangements with her and the third party such that you know she will be baby and disease free.

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#282 you're a dumbass. There are millions of military wives that stay true and faithful to their husbands while they are away for longer than a year! It's part of the wedding vows that you will stay faithful to your spouse for the rest of your life. By sleeping with that other man (Before he even left!) she was breaking a sacred vow!

SOME people don't want to be monogamous, but that should ALWAYS be talked over with the partner. Polyamory(more than one partner) is different from cheating. All members know and accept it. If you don't want to be monogamous, that's a huge thing to bring up with your partner and you NEVER cheat on them if you actually care about them.

Pimp slap her for me will ya? People like her piss me off, buy a damn ***** and call it good if you can't handle your man being away for so long.

Even a 34ft rope of anal beads would do the job.

She will have herpes before you get back OP. Leave her now.

Yea screw that most definitely get a divorce... I told my husband that before he deploys either we are going to make a mold out of his ding dong or he's buying me a ***** and he's getting a pocket p*ssy that way we both won't have to be sexually deprived while being faithful at the same time...

sounds like kanye's ALL OF THE LIGHTS

Yeah she doesn't need a man to be sexually satisfied, but it sounds like she doesn't have the willpower to not be close to someone like that. When my boyfriend went away for 6 months I remained faithful. How? After a couple of months of going cold turkey, you get used to it and it doesn't bother you anymore. You should tell her to suck it up (not sexually) or you'll leave her.

Don't give the ***** a second chance. I'm tired of people cheating and getting away with it over and over again. She knew what the **** she was getting into when she married a soldier so she should of knew this type of length times away in a different country was bound to happen. I mean for ***** sake if you can't handle being with one person through thick and thin why in the bloody hell would you get married?! No ******* reason, if you just want sex be **** buddies but for christs sake don't do this shit to people who expect to have a faithful partner when they are out defending our land and freedom be it in Germany or America they are keeping everyone safe. Common sense and self control are slowly dying out to the point where I'm losing faith in humanity. /end rant

but you're still cheating with a sex toy!

299, are you stupid or trolling? I can't seem to decide at the moment so I'll go ahead and label you as both.

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what? never used the button called post?

Your existence pains me. Please cease to exist.

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But she expects you to stay faithful. FYL indeed. Sorry brother.

it's women like her that make me doubt any woman can be faithful. That's the ultimate lowest thing a woman could do. That bitch will burn in hell. Not because shes cheating, but because she's doing it to one of our brave soldiers that defend freedom.

I agree she's a bitch I'm not married but my bf is currently deployed and I havnt cheated and never will! sorry that you didn't have the girl you deserve op! but thank you and all our troops fighting for our country!

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Im sorry but how can cheating by worse just because it is against a solider. What about the millions of faithful wives who spent 6 to 8 months alone when their husbands are working on the oil rigs in the North sea. They are keeping us supplied with power and may die in the process. Soldiers do a very dangerous job and believe me I appreciate the work they do but that does not make everything that is done to them worse than if it happened to someone else.

I agree with 233. Cheating's just ****** up, regardless of the situation. Also, I've known several soldiers who enlisted without discussing it with their spouses first. While that still doesn't excuse cheating, it's just as ****** up.

233&241 I completely agree with you both cheating is unacceptable in any situation it's just that in this specific fml it was a soldier so therefore that was the focal point, but no matter the job or situation cheating is wrong.

190, OP said he was flying HOME to Germany, he's not defending the US.

Not all women are horrible. My cousin had a woman he married before being deployed, wanting to ensure that she was taken care of while he was gone. Got his truck repo'd and all his money from the bank accounts gone and she was with other men. He's now married to someone else, though, and they have a family. Some people are just really ****** up. There's many stories I know about cheating women, but I have faithful ones surrounding me and I am completely faithful despite being in a LDR. I can't understand cheating, many people I know feel the same way.

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what I don't understand is how does he deserve it?!?

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I'm *assuming* the people who clicked 'YDI' are the retards that spew the arguments again soldiers going to war. Don't misunderstand, I'm absolutely NOT one of them.

Or the people who think this FML sucks and that their lives are so much worse like "omg I broke a nail and you think that's bad? YDI"

Or it was an accident. I was going around voting on FMLs and accidentally hit "YDI" on one of the "FYL" ones. But that many people couldn't screw up, so SOME had to be the stupid people.

Or the people are simply terrible people.

I'm betting it was a mix of trolls, anti-war bigots and those who think just like OP's wife.

What a bitch. She didn't even make it for one day, let alone a year. Dump her ass.

Those wings would've been useful in Brotherhood Ezio >:|

i cant think of anything witty... *stares at wall*

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And here comes Brian into the fray of family guy characters.

because your comments are always bursting at the seams with wit, 48. -_-

Bursting at the seams with wit, eh? Wit so big, it doesn't fit. I like that.

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People are so faithful these days. There needs to be a reality show where the host tries to look someone who will value a relationship even if it is not solely based around sex. It will be hard to find anyone.

great point. I could be on the show. I like it when my gf is happy and laughing more than when we have sex. also off topic, I like your comments.

this is the best reply I've ever seen someone post on fml! I would never, ever cheat on my partner despite the fact he's in the merchant navy and I go long periods of time without seeing him or having any kind of intimacy. I believe that if you love someone, they're definitely worth waiting for and that if you're not happy with someone, you should tell them and try to resolve it. ditch her, you can do a lot better!

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very much agreed! my boyfriend & I have been together for a year and it'll be 13 months on the 6th, we haven't had sex and were both virgins. he accepts that I want to wait a little bit longer. hard to find people like that nowadays!

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I agree, I hate cheaters she knew there were chances of him being gone for long periods of time, if you can't handle it you don't date or for that fact marry someone in the service, so sorry op but you need to ditch the ***** n find you a girl who truly loves you and won't cheat on you

No, no #9. They're easy to find. We're right here. At our computers. Because all the unfaithful people have forced us to recluse to our computers. We're also known as those people they complain about never finding as you stand right there going "Hey. Yea, I could, you know, be a great boy/girlfriend for you." and all they go is "Haha, no. You're too nice." All of this while they complain about trying to hook up with their cheating ex. P.S: Rage much of my own? Maaaaaybe.

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I've been in a relationship for 3 years and still no sex! Top that motha facka!!!! ;) yeah we're both still virgins! :(

My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now, and are planning on getting married, we've both made the decision to wait to have sex until after marriage, and both of us are virgins still. Sometimes its really hard to resist, but honestly, it makes the relationship that much better when you actually develop a connection to that person OTHER THAN just physical...that's just my opinion.

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but how does having sex and having a caring intimate relationship exclude each other? and, if one can't go together with the other, is op's wife not even more right when she separates one from the other? i think op's wife did the right thing, as a loving wife.

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