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  RrubiksCuber  |  6

I doubt it was a speedball gun, considering it doesn't sound like the do this that much (rentals). Rental guns aren't as fragile because they are used by many people. I do call BS though, a paintball would not break a finger. It probably just bruised it. Anyone who has played paintball would know that

  brianr09  |  0

See? this is why people wont try paintball is because of stupid ass lies like this. You CANNOT break a bone from a paintball. Unless its like frozen and at point blank. Try it sometime and dont dwell on stupid lies that people like the OP post about paintball.

  PsycheNZ  |  0

Just thought I should add I didn't see the shooting, but I saw the finger afterwards at the hospital. It was dislocated. I heard it though, they kind of surprised each other.

By  mxv13  |  0

Thats just about the most impossible story I've ever heard. The most she would get is a welt on her finger considering paintballs are basically paint and gelatin and made to break easly; unless you were shooting marbles or something...

  jackyjoker  |  2

To be honest I never heard of such incident before myself. But in term of physic theory it is still possible. Maybe you can try it by putting yr last finger right at the end of the barrel and pull the trigger. Tell me if it possible. :)

  jason2468  |  0

unless it's frozen at point blank u can't even break the pinky from a piantball I've been shot at point blank 2feet away with unfrozen paintball in the pinky all it did was welt up

By  argentos  |  0

i've played paintball for years, i dont see how this is possible, you have to have your barrel right next to her finger and then be dumb enough to pull the trigger