By ObeseCaveDweller - 16/01/2010 07:26 - United States

Today, I found out what I look like drunk and naked while swinging a tennis racket thanks to a picture message forwarded to just about everyone I know and some I don't. Among the numbers the text was sent to was a familiar one. My mom's. FML
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This sounds strangely familiar. Oh, that's right, it was me that this happened to

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perdix 29

At least your mom will know that all that money she spent on tennis lessons has finally paid off! I hope you demonstrated the proper grip and follow-through.

DanielleTheOne 3

LOL everyones hating on you man :( lol dont worry about it.. Everyone will get over it haha. And dont listen to these fucknuts saying "YDI for being drunk" because people get drunk all the time and you sound like a funny drunk where as i know a lot of angry drunks and violent drunks. Your better off making people laugh then making them cry lol.


dotsdesu 0

Swinging your racket while naked? I hope you were smacking really hard. Wave it around, baby!

YDI, for abusing alcohol.. Too much alcohol is poison and it makes people stupid.. It doesn't make things fun or funny.. It slows your brain, so the boring things seem fun or funny..

_cheeseballs 0

No one cares, probably not even your 'mom' considering she's seen it all before. This one isnt even remotely amusing.

inconvienentgurl 0

Agreed... YDI for getting could of stopped and then you wouldn't be in that situation so its not even close to an FML or funny.... Who clicked yes when moderating???

....then don't comment if you dont think it's funny. Just go on and read the next FML

That's because it wasn't for OP which is why it's an FML for OP.

perdix 29

At least your mom will know that all that money she spent on tennis lessons has finally paid off! I hope you demonstrated the proper grip and follow-through.

Consider yourself lucky, now that you know how pathetic you are when you drink, maybe you'll turn your life around. if you can't drink without getting drunk then you are an alcoholic and need to join AA.

Vacant 7

Yeah, because one night of getting drunk really leans toward the idea that the OP is a raging alcoholic and needs AA. What is with people jumping so ahead of everything?

Yeah, because everyone who gets drunk once in a while is an alcoholic. You don't even know the definition of an alcoholic if you think that.

yourkiddingright_fml 0

Not true, wiseguy! One is allowed to get drunk as long as when they are drunk they do not do stupid things or harm other people AND getting drunk is not something they do every time they drink. Then it's a problem.

Just enjoy the FMLs everybody. Don't lecture trying to fix lives.. What's done is done.

I LMAO'd. I've definitely been one of these photo takers and it's hilarious.

YDI it for being retarded. Alcohol isn't license to be an idiot. If you can't control yourself, don't drink. Better you got this picture now than sentenced for rape later, because the courts don't care about "I was drunk LOL!"

him making a giant fool of himself is a pretty large leap away from rape...

If you think that everyone who acts like a moron every now and then is a rapist, than I'm sorry, your just a ******* idiot. A self righteous idiot. Which is like 20,000 times worse. Accusing people you don't know of being rapists is just...unacceptable.