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  deathmajestic  |  0

the true question is once you were awake

was he smiling?
was your blanket removed?
did he have a boner and and a small wet spot on his shorts?
did your ass hurt?

if you answer yes to any of these,..-
-be afraid, be very afraid

By  Squadoosh  |  0

That would be so freaky for someone to just walk into your house, and wake you up.

He must have been really determined to change your filter. When repairmen come to my house, and I am asleep or not home, they just leave a note and leave.

By  crazy_vet_tech  |  10

this is kind of like what happened to me at school, my roommates let the repairmen in but didnt mention that I was upstairs sleeping and I wake up hearing the repair guys talking right outside my door...I was so thanksul that I was wearing something halfway yeah, it can happen, and it sucks when it does