By minecraftwilldie - 02/06/2011 16:52 - United States

Today, I gave my husband an ultimatum: either he could have sex with me or play Minecraft. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the evening playing Minecraft. FML
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Correction: he's a creeper.

im guessing you havent either?


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Well whats better then building a virtual world?

JacksonCampbell 9

No other 8-bit game can even compare to Minecraft.

Correction: he's a creeper.

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MineCraft is an awesome game. I don't blame him.

I guess he'd rather make a journey into a virtual mine than yours, OP.

more like a creeper!

There are many tough choices in life, this was not one of them. MINECRAFT ALL THE WAY!

1- Is that Sasha Peirterese (spelling is off?) from Pretty Little Liars.

wow what a nerd !

cockblocked by notch.. ouch

#69 stfu, minecraft rules

If my gf were playing minecraft and I wanted to do her, I'd just eat her out or something and she would die by a creeper, give up, and we'd do our own mining and crafting

well old mcdonald just wanted to sit around playing minecraft instead if do his wife, and now he lives alone on a farm with singing animals

I like your profile pic :) best band ever

MC is the best game eva

if u play minecraft play on this server

I'd hand cuff him and do what I want. His game can get stuffed.

wrong, he's a creeper.... you'll know if you played minecraft

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you must suck?? idk what to say here

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67- it is :)

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ultimatums are dumb and selfish. anyways, he sure showed your a$$. Mincraft rules

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start a server with him that will really make him happy

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well next time he wants to have sex tell him your to busy watching dr. Phil and see how he feels.

#85 you stfu SEX rules !!

253 - have you played minecraft?! I don't think there's a single person that has played it and not loved it. In minecraft you can mine til lava and bedrock, but if you're in a chicks cave and you see lava gtfo and stay out of there til her periods over :/

#263 have you done sex ? well i dont think so !

#253 I agree with you. I love Minecraft, but if sex or a general 'life' is on the table, I'd take that over minecraft any day. Sorry Minecraft lovers, the truth hurts sometimes.

you can hand cuff me and do what you want...

i can hear it now on Bob and Tom: Time now for the man who would rather play Minecraft than have sex.

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**** yeah minecraft!!

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He's actually a creeper :0

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Is your husband Junkyard129?

#23 That was perfect xD

Minecraft isn't 8 bit buddy just so you know.

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u obviously havent played before

I should Google Minecraft now, I'm curious. Anyways, OP, you gave him a choice and he chose. Maybe he just wasn't up for sex.

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76- He probably said no to spite her. Even if he wanted sex he still probably wanted to play Minecraft and if he caved now she would probably use getting sex as a weapon to get her way all the time. So I think he made the right decision!

145 is right. And Minecraft is really fun. I don't blame him.

#3- ops not a dick,his gf is kinda a bitch. why couldn't she just hang out w him for a while until he felt like sex? seriously, even if she wasn't really interested in it if she truly cared about him she could at least humor op and spend some time enjoying his company rather just his dick, no? ^_^

iTerrorized 4 join my minecraft server :D

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well, minecraft IS pretty awesome....

it's seems women complain on here when their men only want sex. they ALSO complain when their men DON'T want sex. it's kinda like if we lie we are ass holes, if we tell the truth, we are ass holes...

Op, hug a creeper, they're your best friends!

208- Women will do anything and everything to get a man in trouble with her. Well, MOST women will, not all of them. There are women that are understanding and things like that.

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im guessing youve never had sex ?lol

im guessing you havent either?

^ They call me one stroke wonder..... because I am really good at golf.

haha I don't really play minecraft. I just said it for the joke. and no I havnt had sex. but I'm 14 so no big deal. what's ur excuse?

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I know for a fact that's not true. I wish it was thought. =

36 are you talking to me?

Minecraft is fun but not THAT fun. Now if it was Portal we were talking about... then I would understand.

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10- I'm guessing you've had plenty right before your sweet sixteen. Daddy's so proud! See, assumption with part sarcasm. =D /sarcasm

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compare the two.

now world of know you need that new gear.....

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Minecraft is the shit!

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portal sucks

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i was just playing minecraft a few minuites ago, but i would take sex over it ALMOST every day

maybe this was the exception to your "almost any day" theory SYNTAX ERROR: 438

If you think portal sucks it's probably because you're too dumb to figure it out.

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yes 88 he was very proud especially siitting in hs jail cell. and i know it was a joke i was just kidding as well. thx :)

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you realize that portal and minecraft are different games right? btw, portal is AWESOME!

I know they're different. I've played minecraft before and enjoyed it. But my games of choice have puzzles/mazes (Portal & Mirrors Edge) or interesting stories (Fallout, Elder Scrolls series, Assassins Creed).

Aaand youve never played Minecraft. Seriously, sex is one of the few things that can motivate me to stop playing Minecraft.

at least he's not hooked on Terraria

I feel for OP but I read this comment and it made me giggle.


MINECRAFT ALL THE WAY. Beta1.6 is out and I can't stop playing I don't blame him.

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If you played minecraft you would understand.

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go on

I agree, maybe he should buy you an account?

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I see what you did there

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139 I agree but that's cause I've never been laid..... I am only 15 though....

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Terraria's better

I think you should sell his computer on eBay and use the money to hire a hooker to have sex with.

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whiteboy7thst fanboy eh?

hey whiteboy love your vids. question, are you still on jx23s server?

53 it might not be him. I saw other people pose as other YouTube celebrities. It might be him though or might be a fanboy. Or a fangirl... meow! JK... not really... (=^_^=)

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He's a fanboy

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smd you're comments are on all the recents and they're all stupid

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jk I luv u

hes not whiteboy if hes black

it's either a fanboy or a gold medal champion.

lol, read his bio. it says :Funny thing is, I'm black

Never knew you were 16 WhiteBoy

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You can tell they will be together forever.

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Just jump his bones! Something is seriously wrong if he doesn't want to have with you!

she could just be horrible.

or ugly. or fat. or a bitch.

Bitch minecraft is sick as hell, no one would ever choose your fat ass over minecraft.

Well bitch shouldn't be ****** with Minecraft

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Maybe he likes minecraft more than your passion

what a coinkydink. I was just playin that

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cockblocked !

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No this is the future for birth control

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ill have sex with you. to make him jealous.

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again hot chi ca! and down with the bi ftw!

I think it's a good idea!!!

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u in rancho San Diego ?

I'll have sex with u too babe ;)