By yup okay - 19/08/2010 15:28 - United States

Today, my boyfriend admitted that he finds his car more attractive than me. FML
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deebo77 0

maybe because it's easier for him to turn his car on than to turn you on.

alekim 1

What kind of car is it?? ...but fyl


wickedsorcerer 0

it's okay you just have to look more like a car. go get a pain job and a nice... lube

Chaith 16

Mechaphile .. legit sexual preference! Tough luck, hahaha.

#3 not if it's a lamborghini, they're so pretteh :D but otherwise, he's stupid.

lol yah fyl..I hope it's a hott ass car.! if it isn't..then srry.! ha

Okay nothing is more beautiful than Italian super cars, but if he has like a Camry, then you need like plastic surgery or something.

well sadly most cars these days are just too good looking for us car fanatics. I bet you're beautiful, but the purr of a shiny car outweighs your looks by a long shot, sorry! maybe try purring like one? ;)

it could be worse,he could have actually had sex with the car, have little car babies...:)

PanteraRules 0

What type of car is it? After that is settled the people can determine if it is indeed an FML

it's funny because he likes an inanimate object more than his you. wash the car so it makes him nice and moist

ohhhhhhhhh man I would beat him up to the maxx

KiddNYC1O 20

cars will always be more attractive, even in the morning.

KiddNYC1O 20
idkmyusername 0

post a pic of his car. i wanna see if it really is more attractive

twinny_sc 13

Sucks for you, my boyfriend finds his car and I equally attractive.


honesty is a BITCH aint it..... the truth hurts...ect

Chrisskiies 0

The challenger is better, but not quite as beast the shelby mustang gt. :D

bigblue95 0

i wonder how he pleasures the car. i guess the gas pump is the equivalent of a ***** or a enema...kinky

y dont these posters get it. if the guy aint treaten u right dump his ass. do u not think u deserve it?

yazmi_09 3

86 challengers are nice but they're too big and heavy it weighs it down, shelbys are bad ass but I would have to say my favorite is the camaro ss, it's not the fastest but I like the body styling so much better, and I think 426HP is more than enough for me

Chrisskiies 0

WTF my comment was supposed to be under 24's... Damn comment bug...

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Jokro_fml 0

haha szlafarski we think alike

megamandude455 10

ydi, op, for not being hotter than your boyfriend's car jk

I agree with 116. if anyone touched my jeep or eclipse over something like that, holy shit.

Palmless 0

Nah. Only acceptable if it was a Lexus LFA or Nissan GT-R. Those two cars... D;

hey you would fit right in here on Okinawa,Japan. every stupid ass here that cant drive for shit that is an American has a damned skyline. I have an AE86 but you wouldnt know anything about that unless you actually watch drift racing and knew who Keiichi Tsuchiya was.

Palmless 0

Okay. I think the R35 looks nice. That automatically says I own one, and that I'm a bad driver? And I don't see what I said, has anything to do with drifting. At all.

Specterk50 0

well looks like the only thing he will be sleeping in tonight is his car..which is a good thing apparently

lmao fer some reason I always find #15 comments histerical xD

X18GirlX 0

op shouldve been like "haha u're so funny! next time when you're in the mood go have sex with ur car"

Koenigsegg rapes all European sportscars. In looks and performance.

alekim 1

What kind of car is it?? ...but fyl

I think this needs to be answered as well because then maybe the boyfriends comment is justified?

Agreed. You can't compete with perfection, sweetie...

lmao. I gues yu don't have enogh curves?

what a douche!! tell him he can kiss the car from now on!!

deebo77 0

maybe because it's easier for him to turn his car on than to turn you on.

I_have_no_clue 0

I find his car more attractive than you.

that's pretty messed up. u can't have sex with a car

ever notice how a fleshlight is the same width as a tailpipe??