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  bhsnare  |  0

well sadly most cars these days are just too good looking for us car fanatics. I bet you're beautiful, but the purr of a shiny car outweighs your looks by a long shot, sorry! maybe try purring like one? ;)

  yazmi_09  |  3

86 challengers are nice but they're too big and heavy it weighs it down, shelbys are bad ass but I would have to say my favorite is the camaro ss, it's not the fastest but I like the body styling so much better, and I think 426HP is more than enough for me

  Link_Asriel  |  0

hey you would fit right in here on Okinawa,Japan. every stupid ass here that cant drive for shit that is an American has a damned skyline. I have an AE86 but you wouldnt know anything about that unless you actually watch drift racing and knew who Keiichi Tsuchiya was.

  Palmless  |  0

I think the R35 looks nice.
That automatically says I own one, and that I'm a bad driver?
And I don't see what I said, has anything to do with drifting. At all.