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  WhoopteDo  |  26

Maybe the boyfriend isn't about butts ass much ass he is maybe say her chest? either way, not the girl's job to entertain the guy.. if there's a problem then they need to communicate but their sexy time isn't even the point of the FML.

  EverestMelting  |  23

I just meant if she cares about it, then do something about it. What's wrong with two people in a relationship entertaining each other? I never said anything about the woman having to entertain him. Obviously she cares about so why not do something about it? Makes sense right?

  Marcella1016  |  31

Lol I love how so many people's first thought is jealousy. My first thought was that the sister liked her ass. A girl can look at another girl's body parts without feeling jealous lol


I meant admiration....not jealousy, in my original comment. Damn it, sorry guys.

And I didn't mean looking at your partner's body is disrespectful. But when all someone does is look at their partner's body, it gets sort of old and can become disrespectful.