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  satomi_ishida  |  0

No, 1 used the correct one. :P "Then he could act on it."

FYL OP. Stand up for yourself and tell him in a mature manner how well the relationship is going and that you're both in love. It's not like you and his dad are dating. (Ew)

Then poop in his shoes. JK!

By  Stepherrss  |  0

If your boyfriend can't stand up and tell him to stop and that he will date whoever the fuck he wants ... something's wrong. Move on while you still have the chance.

By  CMC_LOVES_MGM  |  19

Well he can suck lemons, if your Boyfriend is with you, hes with you for you! so don't listen to that bastard. I hope your boyfriend didn't agree so if he didn't you two can still be happy just no mentioning of his father! ha! :D GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR RELATION remember its you and your boyfriend, not you,your boyfriend and his father!

By  stephaniegeezy  |  0

I really hate grammar Nazis, but I Need to do it...

Today, I went for a drive with my boyfriend and his dad. His dad was kind enough to point out, at every opportunity, girls "that would be better for him than me". FML