By ktin - 19/08/2010 12:02 - Australia

Today, I got wii fit, wii Mario kart and wii Mario galaxy for my birthday, I don't have a wii. FML
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just sell the games and use the money to buy something you can use :)


You don't have a wii???!!! FYL! No but seriously you're not missing out on much

TheAwesomeMarchi 0

shut the **** up!! woo are for *******. real mens plays xbox and ps3

FYL hard for having retards for family/friends. but on the upside take those brand new games sell em back and get a good system like the new 360. get ready for Kinect to kick PS3 and Wii in the giggle berries.

6-hem hem I am a female and I love to play xbox and ps3. sexist. lol jk. but I seriously do. and no I don't play games like pretty pink princess dress up I play cod and mw2 and on ps3 I play MLB 10 the show. love those games.

Every system has it's pros and cons. Rate this comment up if you own all 3 systems and enjoy them equally.

Like maybe it means you will get a wii. *hint* *hint*

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me and OP have the same name :D

Yeah, this reminds me of an FML I saw a long time ago, something about the OP's boyfriend's birthday, the bf's entire family assuming OP was buying him a PS3, and them buying him nothing but games.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

Damn they got you some old ass games!!! Probably regifts. Anyways, the wii is really fun to play in groups with the titles you have. Mario G2 is the shit and nintendo is actually going to roll out some premium first party games this year. @ dumbass on the top kinect doesn't have shit for titles even though the idea is cool. I mean unless you want to play kinectimals and some dancing game. they downgraded the tech to make it cheaper and now kinect is basically the PSEye 2. At least the move has a lightsabre game in dev.

I think the people who gifted you are trying to tell you to GET a Wii. it could have been worse, they could have NOT given you the games.

rohosoccer08 1

we have all 3 game systems, my hubby collects the xboxes and has the cod and halo and white and black 360 and the regular one, kinda ridiculous I know, and we don't even use our ps3 for anything but blu Ray and the Internet, and I love playing the wii, at least it is active video games... either way they are all cool!

it's funny became you can't use your gifts without a wii

bh0p 0

who says Wii Mario Galaxy? and something similar happened to me, I was givin Sonic Adventures and Jet Grind Radio but had no Dreamcast.

hawkmcge3 0

i have xbox and sux for u, op probs has a system but they got games for wrong one

LightningLadyy 0

34, if your name is Victoria.. I really hope you know that's a city in Australia....

yea I'm with 15 I play mw2 an army of two the fourtieth day. I don't play no Mario or Barbie shit lmfao

Shookitup 0

maybe it's a Christmas present ^,^

KVKdragon 26

amen to that. mario galaxy 2 is such an awesome game. it's fun for 2 players too since they improved it from Mario galaxy 1. what kind of primo games are coming out for wii anyway besides l of z: skyward sword?

Oscar_Wilde 0

Get a refund for that stuff, get a Wii, bannerbomb it, and there you go. @_@

Buy a Wii. You already have two of the most fun games for it. MKW is awesome on Wi-fi. :D

alien491 0

fyl at 13 for being a fanboy and thinking the kincet is worth the money. it will only work without controlers if it's a family game

let me tell you...super mario galaxy 2 is a HARD GAME. i never thought i'd be saying this about any mario game, but let's just say that safety is paramount. >_* |the kid|

@54: i hope you know that "victoria" is simply a rendering of "victory." random fact: it's actually a stop on the greek subway system. |the kid|

I'm not a fan of the wii, the only video game I play is modern warfare 2. I'd rather go drive my jeep or do something outside then play video games... sell the wii shit and get something better

brice_garrett 0

psmove is gona absolutely destroy wii and xbox and i have all three so im not biased

go purplellama! add me on ps3 I'm therealbmw I'm a cod fan

mellovesyuh 0

mario galaxyy is THE bestt gameeeee :D haha js

quent10 0

send em too me n stop ur bitchin!

FunnyWeasel 7

I'm pretty sure there's always a "super" before mario, not wii mario galaxy

ok honestly wii is shit. the graphics are like taking a step back to the gamecube or ps2, make ur money worth it and buy the 360 or ps2. especially if you have an HD tv, then it's just beautiful.

Dude, Mario is THE shit, don't diss it

NInjaElephant277 0

Really #13? Not saying I'm a wii fanboy (because I'm not), but i severely doubt that kinect will overtake wii for the family/motion games monopoly. Wii is a hell of a lot cheaper, and has a much broader game selection. Your fanboy-esque optimism is rather startling.

57... seriously? You're comparing a classic video game series that has been popular for over 20 years with games based off toys for little girls?

maybe they were trying to give you hints

I agree. WTF mods? It's "Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 1" (to distinguish it from SMG2.

chuggsx02 0

give the games to me dumbass

Best console - Fresh air. Not being stuck inside playing Wii. (Even though it is fun)

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Yeah, I can tell you don't have a Wii from the way you said 'Wii Mario Kart' and 'Wii Mario Galaxy'. *Mario Kart Wii *Super Mario Galaxy Sorry for being the video game title freak, but... this FML is self explanatory. YDI for not knowing what to call the games. FYL for getting useless birthday gifts.

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34... how wasted were your parents to name you Ktin  :O

84 - It will work by yourself you fucktard.

Giggle berries? God I wish I could  more than once.

christa953 12

so? I don't have a wii either but my friends do and it's not that great. ydi for being ungrateful

Shadow_Phantom 26

@7: The games are useless without the system to play on. They're not being ungrateful.

Why would the OP be greatful for gifts she can't use?

BoyFromTheFuture 0

because it's the thought that counts. unless it's my birthday then it's the presents.

PaintTheStars 2

Well if they are brand new and un-opened the op can trade them in for games that work for the gaming system the op has. If op doesn't have any video gaming systems op can sell the games for something op wants. I'd be gratefull if I got a video game for xbox even though I don't have an xbox.

So get a wii. If you get it used they are cheaper. Or sell the games and use the cash for something else.

carly426 0

you should buy a wii. or return the stuff. but dont be ungrateful!