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  katieemerr  |  15

At first I read the FML that OP's boyfriend realised how hot she was after putting the glasses on..

Then I realised it was when he took them off. Shame on him!

Calling him a c*nt is a bit harsh though..

  devildog562  |  33

18 I though the same thing until I re-read it . And yea cunt is a little aggressive, more like a dingle berry. Who says that to their girlfriend? (Rhetorical) you think he'd have a little more brains and class then to insult the person he's dating.

  Rababco  |  29

I thought she was referring to herself but it's also possible she was referring to her boyfriend as well. Actually it would probably make more sense since Aspergers is much more common in males than females and the FML is about the boyfriend. Her username is like me, I mean well but I'll often say or do something annoying or offensive without meaning to.

By  Seabiscuit218  |  12

As someone with bad vision I find this boyfriend of yours amazingly rude.. When you take your glasses off, nothing looks pretty. It all kinda mushed into a blur of moving featureless blobs of colour. Basically, he's an asshole.

  Rababco  |  29

Well, considering OP's username, the boyfriend probably has Aspergers and is a sweet guy who means well but genuinely doesn't know any different. He probably also doesn't recognize that OP is offended or at least doesn't understand why she's upset. He