By feartheend511 / Thursday 19 August 2010 15:48 / United States
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  2kool4skoolyo  |  0

my comment was moderated because I wrote in caps? I didn't know that was a rule... I write it again. Are you gonna turn into a vampire like Edward Cullen and have golden eyes and sparkle?!? I am so jealous...(Without caps it loses it impact:( )

  JustJess666  |  0

don't feel bad op my mom used to do that too before she died. she was a heavy drug addict and it's really sad when that happens. I'm sorry that you had that happen to you i can feel your pain.

  JustJess666  |  0

actually he didn't die from the pills she was already told that she was gonna die from hep. c and drinking. she opted to stay fucked up while she was still alive and it sucked cuz I had to play mom. it's not okay I was just saying that op isn't alone.

  milo2113  |  0

stfu dumb bitch ohh and your fat and ugly and you should change your picture to one where you dont look like a self centered prostitute ohhhh waaaait, you are one!