By feartheend511 - 19/08/2010 15:48 - United States

Today, while my friends were over, my mom took too many of her pills and walked around the house nude. She then bit me. FML
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I knew Twilight was a problem, just didn't know it was this serious. We're all screwed.


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You should have said, "mom! None of this kinky stuff in front of my friends! Save it for the bedroom." and winked at your friends.

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I wonder what kind of pills your mum takes.. They must be fun! jk (:

oh shit I'm from Maryland too I was there your mom is hott she can bite me

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I knew Twilight was a problem, just didn't know it was this serious. We're all screwed.

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All the while my friend's were over? Uhm. Maybe I don't know my English too well, but that makes no sense.


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I doubt she even knew what she was doing. My girlfriend tells me all sorts of weird shit I did when I'm on my ambien, probably about the same.

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Epic Win for ur friends if ur Moms a MILF!! and is it just me or is #13 like SMOKIN HOT!!!

What's your problem, OP? How do you think you were conceived?

my comment was moderated because I wrote in caps? I didn't know that was a rule... I write it again. Are you gonna turn into a vampire like Edward Cullen and have golden eyes and sparkle?!? I am so jealous...(Without caps it loses it impact:( )

it could have been worse, she coulda done more than just bite you. :)

yeah ^^ she could have blown/licked u ( is OP guy or girl?)

it's funny because your friends saw your mom nude you just better hope she want nice and moist

Drug addiction is killing the American family. Get her into help or get away.

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Don't worry your friends are into cougs. especially ones that bite.

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that's sexy. did you get turned on?

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haha your mom sounds fun to party with ;)

FreshPie, you're stories WERE amusing. Now they just keep getting longer & it's annoying as hades!!!!

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don't feel bad op my mom used to do that too before she died. she was a heavy drug addict and it's really sad when that happens. I'm sorry that you had that happen to you i can feel your pain.

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She'll probably be well more embarrassed when she realises what she's done

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i like FreshPie's stories, though that one made no sense to me.

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damn! im down, hit me up next time your mom takes some of those pills

damn I've seen people do some funny shit messed up on pills but that's pretty damn hilarious. fyl lol

77. you basically say "don't feel bad, my mom died from it." that must be really encouraging to the op lolz.

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actually he didn't die from the pills she was already told that she was gonna die from hep. c and drinking. she opted to stay ****** up while she was still alive and it sucked cuz I had to play mom. it's not okay I was just saying that op isn't alone.

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stfu dumb bitch ohh and your fat and ugly and you should change your picture to one where you dont look like a self centered prostitute ohhhh waaaait, you are one!

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lmao....momma bear was highh as **** 8)

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completely agreed. ******* Edward.. :/

Holy hell, batman!!! sooo humiliating. fyl hard!!

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Atleast you and your friends didn't get boners that'd be a fyl

who said no boners? who said no surprise buttsex?

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lol why would she do that? is she a vampire?

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hahaha! Nice mom you have there. :b

its funny because no one has reposted the fml yet...

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and youu guys stayed in the house? uhh wow. you and your friends couldve just went in your room and locked the door or so something.

LOL The dangers of are endless.

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I bet your friends are traumatized for life. unless your mom is a MILF

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